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Cameroon opposition leader charged with ‘rebellion’

Cameroon opposition leader Maurice Kamto, who says he was cheated out of the presidency in elections last year, has been charged with “rebellion” and “insurrection”, one of his lawyers said Wednesday.

Douala (AFP) | The former government minister was arrested in the economic capital Douala on January 28.

The prosecutor’s office of the Yaounde military court filed the charges against Kamto, who was transferred to a prison in the capital of Yaounde during the night, according to lawyer Emmanuel Simh.

Simh, who is also vice president of Kamto’s Movement for the Rebirth of Cameroon (MRC), said 28 of Kamto’s supporters were also charged.

About 100 others supporters are to appear on Wednesday before the military court, which will decide whether to charge them.

Kamto has said he was the rightful winner of presidential elections last October won by the West African country’s veteran leader Paul Biya.

Biya won a seventh consecutive term in the polls, which the MRC has slammed as an “electoral hold-up”.

Kamto won 14.23 percent of the vote to place second, according to the official figures.

MRC supporters turned out in several towns and cities on January 26 to dispute the official result. The demonstrations were suppressed by the police and at least six protesters were injured.

The MRC has said that around 200 people arrested during the protests are still being held in Yaounde.

Some of them, including MRC treasurer Alain Fogue, have launched hunger strikes.

The European Union has condemned Cameroon for the “disproportionate use of force” in dispersing the protests.

Biya has ruled the West African country since 1982 with support from the army, government administrations and the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (RDPC) that he created in 1985.

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  1. If convicted, it could result in death penalty with firing squad involved.
    Have we noticed, there is no more noice from so-called brigade anti sardinards.
    There was synchronization

    • Killing a university professor who defended Cameroon against Nigeria in the Bakassi case only goes to further show that President Biya is the worst dictator in the world.Biya is jealoused of Prof. Kamto that is why he wants to destroy him.

    • Conscience prisoner

      This recalcitrant fellow @mbappe is nothing but a disgrace. The system of government that you are so bent on defending has converted the 2 best lawyers in the country; Muna and Kamto into prisoners. These are people whose quality takes an entire generation to produce but you have nothing to sink them into the mud because the shake your tribal conviction. Keep drumming the nepotistic drum as your country become object of ridicule. Horrendous!

      • Look at this one.
        Being a law professor does not make you a super human.
        You are still a law abiding citizen at least you should be.
        Listen like I said the country is above one individual.
        And I will disappoint you telling you Ibam not a fan of biya and his regime; but I am giants usurpation.
        Kamto and his ilks are “rebels” and should be treated as such.
        Btw these laws were enacted by KAMTO

    • @ Mpappe why don’t you use your Bulu name. Mbappe is a Douala name and no Douala man will ever support Biya. You are a disgrace to this our forum. Elang mibi.

  2. Our dear Professor was adviced by @ZamZam and Co, that the best way to change Cameroon is through elections;And our dear professsor hit his advice and want to take power through elections.Kikiikiki….Sisiku is more honourable than u.He is a war prisoner,but u are a rebel.Lets see if @ZamZam,@Pharone and @Bobbjazz and will carry guns and fight for u like Amba boys are fighting for their president and his cabinet that are in jail in a neighbouring country.

    • @ Kongosa, destroying the entire anglophone economy, kidnapping anglophones from the diaspora who visit their families, killing anglophones who don’t support your madness, kidnapping and demanding ransom from anglophones, beheading anglophones, burning down anglophone hospitals, burning down anglophone schools etc. etc. will never defeat the Biya regime. Your terrorist organisation is useless. The Burkinabes didn’t use any guns to take out their dictator. They used intelligence and civility. your terrorist organization is composed of foolish Cameroonians and Cameroonians with tainted Biafra blood (nyangi mami and Cameroon papa) is taking us back to the dark days in Rwanda which every civilized African country has ran away from. God can never ever allow evil people like you to succeed.

  3. He made a tragic strategic mistake, and will pay a heavy price for lack of proper thoughtful strategic calculation. You don’t declare war on a superior opponent without certainty to win base on rational thinking, not believe.

  4. Lets see how those internet warriors who called themselves Cameroon opposition will rise up,contribute money,buy guns and fight for their belove leader who is in jail.
    That is how the likes of @Zam Zam and @Bobbjazz deceive this useless opposition leaders in Cameroon and send them to jail,while they wrap their tails and continue their normal business.Mr Professor,u have been deceived by your supporters like @ZamZam and @Bobbjazz who are mere internet warriors.

    • Hahahaha, Kongosa…they can keep Kamto, in fact they are doing him a favour. It no longer depends on Kamto, there is a new wave of ferocious patriots who are ready to take things into their hands and put Etoudi under hot fire without a bullet.
      EU is now out of bounce for Etoudi gangsters.
      Younger soldiers are being groomed on patriotism, on the urgency of Now or Never, and on either to let Rwanda repeat itself or do what patriots ought 2 do. And 1 of such urgency is whether or not they, yonger soldiers, can keep on participating in seeing CMR sink cos they’re defending a system of gangsters?

      CMR must be reclaimed b4 it partly falls into ur mov’t’s stained hands, or that of Etoudi’s hungry cubs.

      Patriots will save 1CMR, and Anglo prob w be solved, 2 the taste of authentic Anglos tho…

      • Best write up ever. Well said mate.

        Poor Kamto,

        The authorities have only jail as a solution to any problem in cameroon. Pathetic

    • @ Kongosa man, This was the best opportunity to take out Biya if you useless Ambazonians didn’t start your foolishness. I never said I supported this guy. I don’t even know who he is. My idea was for Cameroonians to fall behind one single opposition party like they did in 1992 with SDF to fight Biya and then follow the Burkinabes way when Biya rigs the election. For your information Biya was very happy when you guys started your foolishness for he knew it was going to help him win the election without any major opposition. Kamto doesn’t have any support from Cameroonians like Ni John Fru Ndi did in 1992. He is of Biya’s generation and we don’t need any more of his type. Biya has successfully used you guys to win and he will soon eliminate you as he has no more use for your distraction.

  5. How about terrorism? I hear CameroUn is confused any one who holds a contrary view from that of the lazy-diaper-wearing dying imbecile dictator is considered a terrorist. CameroUn is a funny republic, they boast of being bilingual country but the language of the military is French. How rediculous! The diaper man wants to silence disent. CameroUnese has to act forcefully.

    • His illiterate whorish lavish spending wife has silently overthrown the confuse imbecile. Reason for the numerous political disgrace multiplying by the day.

  6. Anglophones are a HARD NUT TO CRACK. Biya couldn’t do this to NFrudi. He tried but met with draconian resistance from Bamenda people. Now He has taken Kamto so easily just like a mosquito. His followers have gone in hiddings. I thought the arrest of Kamto and his eventual charged with rebellion was going to fuel an unquenchable uprising nation wide. We can’t help them anymore because we are gone.

  7. Sisiku is not just a war prisoner,who do not understand a word in French spoken in the LRC’s military court,he has been seen on several occasions,carrying bleu and white flag,singing an Anthem different from that of LRC.Kamto is a pure rebel,and is now on his own.kiki ki ki ki……

    • Kikiki Kongosa! What language did Sissiku use to steal money at sonel? Douala pidgin?

      I can see you LOVE Kamto….hahahahahaha…no way. Patriots are not going to allow an inch of CMR fall into ur mov’t’s hands. We’ve seen their limitations.

      Besides, has Ayuk survived the coup that was masterminded by the large mouthed Anu and his boyfried, Sakko? Keep on paying Sakko’s rents for 1000USD…wuna nova see anything yet…


    Francophones are indeed COWARDS. They do not have BALLS.

    That is why Dictator Biya:

    1. has spent 37 years and counting as President
    2. abuses and violates the constitution with impunity
    2. could single-handedly change the Name of his own Country
    3. always waste taxpayers’ Money on phoney elections
    4. distorts and manipulates the history of his own Country.
    5. uses taxpayers’ Money to pay ransoms to Boko Haram
    6. masterminds, aids and abets corruption in his own country
    7. masterminds, aids and abets the systemic marginalisation of the Anglophones
    8. has hijacked the other branches of the state
    9. declared war from a foreign country, France, against a faceless entity, Boko Haram
    10. could have “constipated” the constitution in order to cling to power forever



      ****LRC General Bouba NEUTRALISED BY AMBA BOYS****

      “History will not forget that the Southern Cameroons Restoration Forces in Lebialem locally known as the Red Dragons ambushed and killed Cameroun best known General.

      Cameroun Government after Secretary Chris Anu revelation has been forced to accept this news. The people of Ambazonia continue to thank all Restoration Forces across Ambazonia for defending the homeland and special 27 gun salutes to the Dragons.”


      1. After the elections, Biya will do THIS…..
      2. After the elections, Biya will do THAT….


      After the elections, Amba boys have NEUTRALISED:

      1. General Buba
      2. Colonel Suleman
      3. Captain Melingui
      4. countless of LRC terrorist soldiers

      LRC terrorist soldiers have also neutralised many Amba generals.
      Simply put, the killing is on both sides. However, Dictator Biya thought that only his terrorist soldiers have the monopoly to kill. He was dead wrong. He underestimated the determination of Amba boys.

      His so-called Commission on disarmament is a NON-ENTITY:

      There will be ZERO “VIVRE ENSEMBLE”.



      “Brigadier General Bouba Dobekreo has died in an ambush by separatists in Lebialem, Southwest region of Cameroon. His body lies now in Dschang Hospital Mortuary. Bouba was of Cameroon’s most reputed army warfront officers in the past two decades. He took up his new duty post as Commander of the First Sector of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MJTF) put in place by member States of the Lake Chad Basin Commission to fight the group, Boko Haram, according to a release by Cameroon’s Defence Ministry on August 14, 2015. Prior to his designation on August 14, 2015, by the Head of State, Paul Biya, the Coordinator of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), Colonel Bouba Dobekreo was promoted a day before to the rank of Brigadier General, alongside four other officers. “ Source: MINDEF

  9. @Zam-Zam ” What language did Sissiku use to steal money at sonel? Douala pidgin?”…Ha ha ha ha..so Sisiku stole money at sonel,hmm? …Was he the director of sonel?or was he controlling any budget at sonel to have stolen money like Niat Njifenji?.If he stole money at sonel,why is Y’de wasting time to bring up those charges instead of wasting time with nationality this,nationality,that?
    U don’t have any case against that brave young man.He is not a Cameroonian and u cannot force Cameroonian nationality on him.

  10. If trully Kamto was law prof, he should use his own wisdom now to set himself
    free. He acted late, reason why, he is suffering now.

    • his Bamileke sense to wait and see which side is winning first decieved him this time. They wanted to play politics with the devil. let them pick up the pieces. No body can win Biya in politics given the status quo. Hard lesson learned. John Fru Ndi must be smiling now in hiding and pretending during the day.

      • In his days (and even now), Ni John Fru Ndi was/is refered as Anglo
        Now we are referring to Kamto as Bamileke
        Others say I quote “Un Bamileke ne sera jamais president du Cameroun”
        When are we going to become wise?
        in the 1990-1993, when we(students at the sole university in Cameroon at the time = Yde University) were chanting as foot soldiers for Ni John, we did not see an Anglo but a Cameroonian, I am sure most of Cameroonians today do not see a Bamileke but a Cameronian called Kamto (although I have to be honest and recognise that most of the Cameronian elite =actual government is going beyond possible to dress Cameronians one against other).
        One advice , there need being happy today from what Kamto might be going through nor was it right being happy about Ni John demise in the past

  11. @Kamto
    The silent majority of Cameroonian are hoping that your action (no matter how we see them) will put Cameroon on the good path or at least the beginning of something good for the country
    Keep yourself well

  12. Bamelike power can overturn the banana republic. All CameroUnese should as a matter of urgency face the DOs causing the pain. How can they allow this to happen with out a fight?

  13. Atangana Manda, atangana nji, Eric nguini, nyamding, Rene Sadi, Meka, the Arab army communication Man are planer s in coup to silence kamto. They have the plan with sdo s

  14. The people { cameroonians} are to blame for this mess. This is not 300 – 500 AD, when
    Pharoahs used to rein. Wake up sleeping lazy dogs and put the country on the right path.
    This, is what comes, when majority of the people, are ignorant, especially, when women
    form the majority.

  15. Where are the 100k patriotic non tribal Cameroonians on the streets of Douala and Yaoundé to force this regime to the dust bin?
    The Venezuelans are on the streets to take back their nation, the Burkinabes were on the streets to force 27yr in power France pupet to exile, The Gambians forced Yaya to a costal vacation in Equatorial Guinea.
    Where are the Cameroonians East of the Mongo?
    How can people sit and watch Kamto in jail now for 2plus weeks?
    Anglophones are still trying to burry their dead? How can we come to your funeral if you are not willing to organize one?
    So because of Bamiphobia the majority are willing to play dumb so Kamto can rot in jail?
    Which is more important, the rights of the majority or the tribe of one man?
    The collective IQ is very Low in this country

    • And who tells you the majority of Cameroonians want biya gone.
      It could be they actually want him there

      • @Mbappe
        I’ve just came back from Cameroon where I spent 3 weeks.
        Biya is more popular now then never before among the average Cameroonian.
        There is One Cameroon on social media and an other Cameroon in real life.
        People should stop writing nonsens and go to 237 and se for themselves.

        • Bikutsi, you are a disappointment. I thought you were reasonable but have just realized that you are very tribalistic as Mpappe. You don’t give a damn about the sufferings of Cameroonians. There is no reasonable Cameroonian that can support Biya. My neighbor is a lady from Mvomeka and thinks Biya is evil. I also just came back from Cameroon and didn’t find anybody supporting Biya. Most people hate Biya just as they hate the Ambazonians. STOP SPREADING LIES MY SISTER, RESPECT YOURSELF. BIYA HAS TO GO FOR CAMEROON TO PROSPER.

        • so U really think Biya is popular in cameroon?
          Are you retarded , blind or lost sense of reality?..
          Biya has never won any elections..
          He has plundered cameroons economy the last 35 years…No major project completed, Douala still has only one bridge..etc etc..
          No roads , No common and simple basic necessities and you say Biya is popular?..
          He is hated in the North west and south west region..Not love nor respected in the western region, the grand north hates him…
          And you go to your small BULU village, come back and fool yourself that Biya is popular..
          Worse of all you even go to claim that cameroon is one?..
          Stop this madness and be realistic..

    • Could it be you are the one with a very low IQ?
      You are very emotional and that won’t take you anywhere.

      • Love for President Paul Biya must not only be manifested by hurling missiles at his purported opponents. How about also looking him in the eyes and telling some home truths?????

        Paul Biya rules over a bit more national territory today, thanks to Prof. Maurice Kamto’s performance at litigation during the Bakassi Peninsula conflict. Cameroon’s favorite weapon, “Might Makes Right” would not stand Nigeria’s might, would it??????

      • If Biya is as popular as you say outside Yaoundé then there will be no need for the BIR torturing everyone who doesn’t support his dictatorship.
        Mobutu was popular too in Kinshasa,
        Saddam in Baghdad, Bokassa in Bangui, and Amin in Kampala!
        Who is fooling who?
        You have a President afraid of his own people to the extent that he needed foreigners to train a tribal militia hit squad BIR to attack any Cameroonian who is more intelligent, progressive, hardworking and full of great ideas aka Kamto.
        He needed to fabricate charges to arrest and destroy him.
        The Yaoundé only Cameroon you think is a country is a myth and it will fall apart with time!
        There are 2 Cameroons, in one the tribal militia is killing innocent civilians to keep the tribal president in power.
        Very low IQ approach!

        • No need to argue with you.
          There no reasoning with you at this point.
          You are in the wrong and biya or no biya Cameroon will stay one.

  16. Like i say always, cameroon, is a fools paradice. And it shows.

  17. We are not going to take it.
    Period Amba is free

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