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Cameroon opposition leader released after abduction in Anglophone region [+video]

YAOUNDE (Reuters) – The leader of one of Cameroon’s main opposition parties was released by his captors on Saturday after being abducted by unidentified gunmen in the country’s restive Anglophone region a day earlier, his party said.

Separatist rebels have been battling government forces for nearly two years over perceived marginalization of English speakers by the central African country’s Francophone-dominated government.

John Fru Ndi, who heads the Social Democratic Front (SDF) and finished runner-up to President Paul Biya in the 2011 election, was taken from his home in the city of Bamenda on Friday, the second time in two months he had been kidnapped.

Jean Robert Wafo, an SDF official, said in a statement that Fru Ndi had been released on Saturday evening. He provided no details about who had taken him or where he had been held.

The SDF blamed his previous abduction in April, which lasted a few hours, on Anglophone secessionist rebels. The SDF has criticized Biya, who has served as president since 1982, for his handling of the crisis, but has not endorsed separatist demands for an independent English-speaking state.

The United Nations estimates the conflict has killed about 1,800 people and displaced over 500,000 since 2017.

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  1. Our mistake was to have fallen in the strategic trap of multipartism.in competition between nations and civilizations. Each side tries to trick the other to commit strategic mistakes that will take them one hundred years behind. All we have to think about is how to generate enough finance that will enable us recraft an authentic system from our group oriented tradition while incorporating some aspects from outside. But the structure must be African.

    • mbah!i your writeups are always right. but don’t forget for Africa to get out of this tragic situations we found ourselves in we need leaders with visions,patriotic leaders who are ready and willing to sacrifice for Africa like Thomas Sankara,Limumba etc not buffoons like Paul biya,sassou Nguesso bongo’s.

      • In a country with a Christian Islamic alead that identifies with aggressors. You expect patriotic leadership? For your information that is not going to happen. We must return to the farm. It is from here that we can build something counting on ourselves. The rest is pure waste of time.

  2. Leave Fru Ndi alone, whoever is disturbing the man. His greatness, must not
    be compromised by giving any dumbite, a chance. He has more points to his
    credit, than Biya Paul, even without sitting at Etoudi.
    The abduction, is staged and their demands, are not that from Ambazonians,
    although we once said it. Our youths, who went down the streets running with
    peace plants and were killed by the dumb military on Biya`s orders. We all saw
    how Atanga Nji, copied same dancing like he was the one who introduced the
    peace plant idea. Again, Atanga Nji and co, you have messed up alot. Please,
    respect yourselves.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Dumb Terrorist Joshua

      This is the second time that you ambazombie terrorists have kidnapped this Old Pa Fru Ndi.

      Your desperate terrorists in Cameroon with whom you do not have two way communication are not reading comments on this forum. They are back in the forest fighting with mosquitoes.

      Their demands are clearly ambazombie demands. Just ask Fon Gorji Dinka. There is a viral video that you ambafools have been circulating in Cameroon of this numb skull on esteem tv asking the amba scammers/leaders in the diaspora to tell their terrorists to target parliamentarians and Fru Ndi.

      Joshua, you and your terrorist friend kidnapped and killed my brother Aaron Animbom Akiambom and you will personally pay for that.


      • Coward slave bread,sardine beer fools,lrc called Ambazonians terrorists, the International communities refuse, forced lrc to call them separatists/ restorationists groups,people who are being subjugated for 59 years, now fighting for their independence via self defense which is a human right, your brother’s life is not more important that those innocent youths, babies killed by lrc terrorists military,traitors, those who disobey Amba law will be kiill, anglophone bameliki now sidling with lrc are finish in Amba land, come Independence their entire families will be forced to return to their dirty lrc,bafoussam because they are all money minded, ungateful cowards who were slaugtered by the same regime, yet their pathetic,coward male, able women forefathers had no guts to fight,

  3. unidentified gunmen = FAKE Amba boys of ex-convict Nji

    Ex-convict Nji criminals to abduct the Chairman to serve as a distraction to the humiliation of Dictator Biya in Geneva.
    The FAKE-BAS activists that ex-convict sent to Geneva could not accomplish their mission because the police separated the pro-Biya militants from the BAS activists. They could therefore not commit crimes impersonating as BAS militants.
    LRC is a country ruled by ex-convicts(e.g. Atanga Nji), murderers of men of God ( e.g. Belinga Eboutou) war criminals ( e.g. Beti Asomo) and embezzlers of public funds ( e.g.Dictator Biya)

    • Ex-convict Nji’s criminals abducted the Chairman to serve as a distraction for the humiliation of Dictator Biya in Geneva.

    • «Samedi, à RFI, Joshua Osih, député et vice-président du SDF, précisait que la plupart des groupes sécessionnistes se sont désolidarisés de cette action… Nous savons qu’il a été enlevé chez lui, par des hommes en civil cagoulés, avec des kalachnikovs, ce qui n’est pas le modus opérandi normal des sécessionnistes ambazoniens»

      * MY TAKE *

      Joshua Ossih has also confessed that GENUINE Amba boys were not involved in the abduction of the Chairman.
      He knows that it was the handiwork of the FAKE Amba boys created and controlled by conman Atanga Nji.
      FYI, most, if not all, of the FAKE Amba boys of ex-convict Atanga Nji are members of the BIR

  4. Kumkum Pass Garri

    Stupid terrorist Mvomeka Elecam

    Joshua Osih was not kidnapped.

    Fru Ndi was kidnapped by ambazombie terrorists, according to Fru Ndi!

    L’état de santé de Paul Biya, se serait dangereusement dégradé dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche. Ce serait ce qui explique, la venue aux nouvelles de Jean Kuété , à la tête d’une importante délégation d’une vingtaine des barons du régime. Le dictateur aurait été admis tard dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche, de toute urgence dans une clinique Genevoise, ou son diagnostic vital serait engagé. Ce qui dans le médical, signifie qu’il serait plongé dans un coma artificiel, pour tenter de le ramener à la vie.

  6. Dans la nuit du mardi au mercredi, il avait à la suite d’un malaise survenu tard dans la nuit, exigé qu’on fasse venir un confesseur, vraisemblablement pour lui administrer le sacrement de l’extrême onction, avant par la suite, de raviser face à l’angoisse et au désarroi de sa femme, soudainement devenue inconsolable, et très agitée.

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