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Cameroon opposition party cancels protests after government ban

FRANCE 24 | The main opposition Movement for the Rebirth of Cameroon called off demonstrations planned in several cities on Saturday, a party leader said, following a government ban on protests.ADVERTISING

“The MRC will not demonstrate today,” said Emmanuel Simh, one of the vice presidents of the movement led by Maurice Kamto, the runner-up in last year’s presidential election who was arrested this week.

Authorities on Thursday banned planned protests in the capital Yaounde after a series of unauthorized anti-government demonstrations and some 200 arrests.

Former government minister Kamto, who claims to have been cheated out of the presidency, was arrested in the economic capital Douala on Monday.

His lawyers have said he is under investigation for alleged insurrection

Four planned marches, scheduled for Friday and Saturday and the following week, were prohibited for public order reasons.

Opposition marches took place in several towns last weekend, against the re-election of Cameroon’s veteran leader Paul Biya.

Biya, 85, who has held power for 36 years, won a seventh consecutive term last October. Kamto came second in the election with 14 percent.


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  1. *Mémoire sélective ou manipulation des masses?*

    Bonjour mon monde.

    Je lis ci et là que Vision 4 véhicule la haine tribale… la haine de quelle tribu? sérieux ? On oublie de dire que le projet vision 4 naît en réplique à ce que véhicule Équinoxe tv, la haine des “Nkwas” en général depuis les années 2002 – 2003.

    Les “nkwas”… les esclaves… tous ceux qui ne sont pas Bamilekes.

    Ce n’est pas tribaliste parce que ça concerne plusieurs tribus?

    On a l’habitude de parler du mouvement *Essingan* mais on oublie de dire qu’en 1991 ce mouvement naît en réplique à celui appelé *Laakam* qui distillait déjà dans les journaux son fiel tribaliste ?

    Qui ne se souvient pas des articles incendiaires publiés par *Shanda Tonme* dans le journal la *Nouvelle Expression de Severin Tchounkeu

    • et le journal *le Messager de Pius Njawe*? Articles au vitriol auxquels a fini par répondre *Bedzigui* le susceptible président du PAL?

      *Shanda Tonme* écrivait non pas pour critiquer un régime ou une gouvernance mais pour dire que la malgouvernance trouvait son origine ou ses racines dans le fait que Biya est Bulu-beti. Les bulus étant d’après lui un “peuple de gaspilleurs et d’irresponsables”. Tout part de là.

      *Severin Tchounkeu,* l’un des precurseurs du tribalisme dans ce pays, créée par la suite Equinoxe Tv à la suite de la loi de 2000 libéralisant l’audiovisuel.

      Ce n’est que en 2008 alors que Équinoxe TV se démarque comme la télé anti Bulu-Beti qu’on crée Vision 4 avec la ligne éditoriale qu’on lui connaît.

      2008, l’année des manifestations contre la faim…

      • présentées par Équinoxe TV comme les manifestations contre le régime Beti-bulu et non pas comme des manifestations contre la vie chère. Le Diable est dans le détail.

        C’est l’occasion pour moi de rappeler le travail remarquable fait par STV 2 et en particulier par Thierry Ngongang pour couvrir ces événements et dire aux camerounais ce qu’il en était vraiment. Comme quoi tous les Bamilekes ne se sentent pas concernés par les guerres tribales acerbes dans lesquels on veut absolument les enfermer.

        Le Cameroun ne peut pas être pris en otage par 18,3% (estimation des Bamilekes-bamouns dans l’ensemble de la population du Cameroun, cf chiffres publiés par l’université de Laval) ou même par 19,6% des betis bulus fang. Non! À eux deux ces groupes tribaux ne représentent que 37, 9% du Cameroun.

        • Il est temps que ceux qui se proclament de ces 2 groupes tribaux pour nous polluer l’environnement social avec leurs velléités sur le pouvoir politique, cessent leurs bêtises.

          Il est temps que tous les autres leur disent ÇA SUFFIT!

          Moi je fais partie de tous les autres et je leur dis : ÇA SUFFIT !!!

          *Jeana Naskova Nsoga*

        • The Beti-Bulu clan are simply put “Spoilers”.

    • see how onesided u think..
      I have been following your comments in this forum and can just say:
      – u are one of those people cameroon will be proud not to have..
      In a new camwroon we dont want bias thinkers..We dont want people who try to reject simple things through denials and hide behind a created tribe problem..
      These BETI_BULU gorillas have no doubt caused lots of problems in the country..They know it and are now hiding to potray KAMTO as a racist..I am not a francophone but i can tell you that we are tired o this divide and rule brought by these BULU Gorillas..
      We want a free country with equal rights and justice for all cameroonians..
      We want a cameroon where jobs are given on merit..Not whwre a 30 year old Gorilaa leads ENAM because he is BULU or BETI gorilla.

  2. Yellow jackets in France are able to protest their grievances and their civilized government respected that.
    Black Africans were protesting infront of the ICC in the Netherlands for the release of Bagbo and the white European government respected their right to protest.
    In Equatorial Africa, a tribal government has used all tribal operatives in the media, in government and anywhere possible to prevent ordinary Cameroonians the right to protest just so the minority tribalist can stay in power forever.
    After Anglophonephobia, Bamiphobia is the new reason to prevent Cameroonians from protesting against their incompetence.
    Who is fooling who?
    No amount of repression will prevent a volcanic eruption, time is running out.
    Very Low IQ approach

    • Your write ups are exposing your low iq madame.
      The MRC cancelled those meetings.
      Btw laws are to be followed.
      Laws can be imperfect but they are still laws

      • Le MRC a renonce a sa marche et non l’opposition.
        L’opposition camerounaise n’est pas reuni sous la baniere MRC. Informez l’opinion nationale et internationale, ne l’a desinformez pas.
        Vous tout comme votre equinox tv.

      • if we define a law as :a rule defining correct procedure or behaviour in a sport.
        will you say cameroon has a law that is respoected..?
        Dont come and be fooling youself with what you dont know..
        Those fake thieves in Etoudi dont even respect the law and you claim KAMTO should respect the law?..
        Are you ok?..
        I see you are getting nervous because your divide and rule game is soon over?..
        You can fool the people sometimes, but you cant foll them all the time..
        The leader of the MRC is the smartest cameroon and the best person who can take us out of the crisis..
        he won the elections as we all know…
        These Thieves and gangsters in Etoudi will be chased out of cameroon, a country they have plundered for over 40 years…Its game over my friend..

        • Dude get off those pills.
          The make you look stupid.
          “Kamto the smartest person in Cameroon” lol you are so confused and stop taking those pills. You have been high since October.
          Time to get off of them.
          He is just proving every day how naive he is.
          Read my leaps: Kamto will never président of Cameroon.
          Cabral has a better chance

  3. Every generation has it’s share of quirks and weirdos. What an over-zealous Mbappe is going into overdrive to prove has been done before.

    During El Hadj Ahmadou Ahidjo’s reign. the landscape was littered with perfumed, gandoura-wearing young men doing exactly the same thing.

  4. No tell them not to cancel this rally as they have decided to defy the government like Bamenda 2years ago anyone who mess up with the Yaounde regime will get his reward bi Mvondo is the only “patron” the presidential seat is not a school bench there is only one seat for one man.