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Cameroon: over 400,000 students in school without birth certificate

APAnews | The National Registration Bureau (BUNEC), in a survey conducted in Maroua (far north) revealed that more than 400,000 students in pre-school and primary education do not have a birth certificate.

“During our various visits to schools, we found that children do not have a birth certificate and that it is generally when they are in the middle second year that, at the initiative of school principals in particular, we’re trying to establish birth certificates for them in order for them to be able to take the Primary School Certificate (CEP) exam,” the survey reported.

As this region is one of the country’s under-schooled areas with an average of 50 percent in primary and nursery education,” it is generally tolerated that children go to school, even if it means requiring these documents later,” the document stated.

According to BUNEC, once children are in school, parents feel lazy to procure birth certificates for them which explain the situation.

International organisations such as the United Nations Children’s Organisation (UNICEF) and NGOs have been campaigning for some time to ensure that the establishment of birth certificates in this part of the country is rooted in the minds of parents.

In addition, the government, with the support of development partners and some “patrons,” organises campaigns to have children’s birth certificates issued as soon as they are born.

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  1. And this is an area, where big name like Cavaye, Tchiroma etc etc come from.
    Wonders, shall never end. Last time that i saw the picture of a school building
    in Cavaye`s home town, built with grass, i said to my self, that God created
    made good, but woman put wickedness in our brains as we were born.


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  3. The story and the pic, don`t match. Those are not school children in the Maroua area.
    That, is how the press distorts stories, to please the dictator.

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