Cameroon plans to create export promotion agency to capitalize on AfCFTA

Business in Cameroon | The government of Cameroon plans to create an export promotion agency to capitalize on the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) being created. This was revealed during the audience granted by Trade Minister Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana to Antonio Pedro, Director of the UNECA’s subregional office in Central Africa, on June 25 in Yaoundé.

Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana
“It is imperative to revive the major cocoa, coffee, banana, cashew nut, pepper, honey, etc., export channels. The quantities [currently exchanged] are small so, let us set a special plan for cereals, aquaculture, and fish farming based on the sacrosanct principle of economic patriotism. We need to create the Export Promotion Agency (…) since we are entering a new phase and you can’t have a trading strategy if you don’t solve the supply problem,” the official said.

In response to the official’s revelation, Antonio Pedro promised that the UNECA would provide capacity building support to Cameroon in preparation for the commencement of the AfCFTA, whose inception date has been postponed to January 2021 due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. In order to export products, we must first produce. Now that our francophonised and anglo americansed copycat aleads wants to stay in air conditioned offices speaking occupation tongues no one understand, signing empty pappers. Who will take a cutlass and hoe to, the farm to clear, toil, face ? snakes and produce what we shall export?or do we have production industries? our aleads do not even know what an industry is, apart from wearing EH CHE KAH (CRICKET ? JACKETS) in 35 degrees KIKIKIKI

    • Bah Cho, the garbage you post is horribly nauseating.

      Do you ever edit your sentences to ensure that they make sense? Do you ever read what you write before hitting the submit button?

      “copycat aleads wants” What is aleads? and if “aleads” is plural why then do you have “wants” instead of want?

      “production industries” Are there industries that are built not to produce?

      “speaking occupation tongues” What does this mean?

      “empty pappers”

      A few months ago, in response to an argument regarding the difficulty in obtaining land titles in Bamenda, you stated that you bought land and easily acquired land title, and that you were building an irrigation system. We are still waiting. You also lied that India was facing shorting of onions – a lie.

      You are schmuck of the first order.

      • AMBAMAN,,,,you write as if i am here to please,What i write is the result of my own can you know that there was a shortage of onions in India when you are busy with the same diversion every day? Those who concentrate on the essential benefit from such immense opportunities. For your information turkey exported one hundred thousand tonnes of onion to india, same with china. Right now Thailand is in short of ? apples? So i should show you where my irrigation system is for you to send bandits to destroy everything?

  2. I do not know if we are talking about the same Cameroon. but from my experience buying farmland is the easiest thing to do in cameroon.the problem with many of us in the diaspora is that we are too alienated. our minds are controlled by futilities that will bring us nothing except self destruction. The result is that we do not know where the world is going to better position ourselves, build defend and advance our interest.instead of watching cnn and bbc that will make you more ignorant, invest your time in reading good books that will make you less naive. Here is a book recently published by Singaporean thinker KISHORE MAHBUBANI, titled has china won.reading this kind of books will help you see how naive we are in wasting time with nonsense like democracy, ambazonia, human rights.

  3. We don`t need to attack the honourable Bah Acho, headon. It is just to read and
    understand to which direction he is heading to, and understand or follow his point.
    He makes points like Adam Smith, Pythagoras etc used to make. Today, scholars,
    are still working on them. He may be wrong or right, though.

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