Cameroon president calls for school attackers to be brought to justice

cgtn | Cameroonian President Paul Biya called for the individuals behind the fatal attack on a school in the country’s Southwest region to be arrested and face the law.

Last week, attackers armed with guns and machetes killed at least eight children during a raid on a school in Kumba, according to the United Nations. The attack, described as one of the worst in the region to date, also left at least twelve others injured.

No group claimed responsibility for the attack which drew widespread condemnation from local and international leaders.

Biya made the remarks on Saturday as the nation observed a day of national mourning in honour of the victims.

Biya condemned the attack and instructed that “appropriate measures be taken diligently to ensure that the perpetrators of these despicable acts are apprehended by our Defence and Security Forces and brought to justice.’’

The national flag was also flown at half-mast all day long throughout the country.

Cameroon has been plagued by protests and violence since 2016 as residents in English-speaking regions claim they have been marginalized for several years by the central government and the French-speaking majority.

The two English-speaking regions, Southwest and Northwest provinces, became the epicentre of the conflict involving separatist militants who have targeted the army and demanded the closure of local government offices and schools.

Over time, the movement became more radicalised and separatists renamed the regions the Republic of Ambazonia, which has never been recognised internationally.

The conflict has claimed more than 3,000 lives and forced over 700,000 people to flee their homes since 2017.

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  1. Biya you started the war, and as an occultist you take pleasure in sacrificing the blood of the innocent.Ngarbu,Bali,Mutengene,Kumba etc have all been done by your birs with instructions from you.

    What are the findings from the commission that you put in place to investigate the Ngarbuh massacre,and were those that carried out the act given instructions from some other quaters to do so?
    Kumba just like the other massacres are all war crimes on an innocent people with direct instructions from yaounde,so the only person that should be brought to justice is you biya.

    • Very correct!

    • I applaud you for that. You see it in the same manner as i do. All these atrocities are committed by a cruel government to its people. They guys are selfish to the extent that they will do all they can to Protray Amba boys as terrorists. Anyone who touched an innocent child is in deep trouble and they will see

  2. Hahahahaha…

    nkukuma, na ya tropical anglo-saxon cousin dem kill dat pikin dem. All thing wey e di happen for facebook republic dem learn am na for wuna

    the only difference na say wuna di pray for oyibo god dem while dem di pray for odeshi god dem.

    Sako, Akwanga, Tapang, Tataw, Anu, Bareta, Ndong, Nilong, Ayaba etc don learn well well from you…

    after wuna don finish domo sotay kill each other, we go fix dat pays.

    MTTB, War Draft Oye!!


  3. The UN and other foreign bodies, still do not yet understand Biya and his plans.
    Do Cameroonians, not have a right, to know what happened to thier first lady
    Mrs. Irene Biya? Has he and will he ever tell us? This man, should be arrested,
    and asked resonable questions. He is not the statesman, that the UN, EU, AU etc,
    see him. Where is he now?

  4. So will more soldiers be arrested? Biya does not know that the soldiers claim to have killed the ring leaders?

  5. When King Georges Floyd were murdered in the United Snakes of AmeriKKKa, the hole black world went gaga!
    We ALL were affected and in rage and made our voice heard to the world, we still are doing just that….
    Kids get killed in dayligt by coward devils in Cameroon, the only thing Cameroonians could do, is to cry and call out for white Jesus or Arab Mohamed to come and save them!
    Something is really wrong with you people. Are there still any MEN in that Country?
    A country where there are no Men left who can protect the women and the children, is condemned to fall.
    In other countries in Africa, the men are fighting, taking back their Country.
    Cameroonian men are on social media crying and gossiping…

  6. **** BREAKING SWEET NEWS ****

    “La ville de Yaoundé a enregistré le dimanche 1er novembre 2020, la cinquième explosion d’une bombe artisanale depuis le début de l’année.

    Il s’agit d’un engin explosif improvisé (EEI) qui a été actionné dans le bar «Secteur A», à 200 mètres du Carrefour Nsam, situé dans l’arrondissement de Yaoundé 3è. L’incident qui s’est produit aux environs de 20 heures, à un moment de forte fréquentation dudit établissement, a fait neuf blessés, indique le porte-parole du gouvernement dans un communiqué publié le 2 novembre.”

    * MY TAKE *

    “he who lives by the sword dies by the sword”

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