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Cameroon president-elect to be sworn-in on Tuesday

YAOUNDE, Nov. 5 Xinhua | Cameroon president-elect is scheduled to take the oath of office on Tuesday, according to a program released by the National Assembly.

The swearing-in ceremony will begin at 11 a.m. local time at the National Assembly in capital Yaounde, the program indicates.

On Monday, the final leg of preparations for the president’s swearing-in were underway at the National Assembly.

The ruling party, Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM), is mobilizing members and sympathizers to honour the official ceremony in a “special way”, Jean Nkuete, secretary general of the party told Xinhua.

According to the Constitutional Council, 85-year-old Paul Biya won the presidential poll in October.

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    They will still have seven more years andcounting with Dictator Biya and his crime.

    • I am the one who feels very very sorry for you terrorist kikikikikikikikikiki bastard, you needs to take your psych medication.


      Thank God that Southern Cameroonians have FINALLY taken their collective destiny into their own hands to SEPARATE from the sh*thole Dictator Biya and his sh*thole so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.




      Cameroun: A la faveur de sa prestation de serment, Paul Biya déclare le mardi 06 novembre 2018 journée fériée et chômée

    • i feel more sorry for my people in SW but am very sure this guy wont make it .

  2. Wonder if “meilleur eleve” ever watches TV to see the marked contrast between street demonstrations against him in France( guided and escorted by the police) and those in his own Cameroon y(charged and dispersed by armed gendares, police and soldiers).

    • New Caledonia just voted in a referendum to leave France…the independence fighters lost.
      Maybe the meilleur eleve can learn?

  3. Treacherous people end up in treachery.
    France use Adhijo to appoint Biya as president as they had used him to destroy anything and everyone from West Cameroon who talked of Federation.
    Biya is France in Cameroon, protected by thousands of bodyguards and intelligence provided by the same France.
    Thomas Sankara who stood for his people received a different kind of intelligence and outcome from France.
    After 100yrs of French rule in Cameroon people have been totally brainwashed to think that they actually have elections in Cameroon.
    Who can believe that a nation of free people with over 20million is only capable after 60yrs of independence to choose 2 leaders?
    How come Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, even Liberia and Sierra Leone post civil war are able to choose new presidents but Cameroon?

  4. What a wicked old man @86 plus wanted to be in power for ever. All what is happening in LRC, Ahidjo takes 50% of the blame for imposing on the people of this beautiful country the evilest old man ever to be alive! Many people killed, children suffering and never has this evil come on lying CRTV to say enough is enough let us talk!

  5. Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    Wish this brother, Emmanuel Mbela Lifafa Endeley is alive to see what Ahmadu Bello warn him of, that will befell his people if he lead them to form a union with the French Republic.

    Marginalization, oppression and deprivation is what the people are subjected to.

    Ahmadu Bello saw it coming indeed.

    • You’re so right. That was the darkest day for West-Cameroon, thinking there was love at the other side but little did they know that evil and carnage was lurking them especially with lucifer-Biya. The Brits didn’t care either, the third stand alone option for independence was ignored. Mbivondo is invokes the worst instincts of evil. A lethal liar, a lugubrious soul, a catholic processed infidel, a French errand boy and dimwitted despot.

      • What carnage are you talking about? In Nigeria, over 2 million Biafra people were slaughtered, and 3 million ‘Nigerians have fled to Cameroon never to return to Nigeria!

        We were never part of Nigeria, and even if Endeley miraculously succeeded in his escapade, we would be fighting to liberate ourselves from Nigeria like the Biafra people are still doing today.

    • You dis little Biafra boy… Mind your business, man!

      All is rosy over there in Nigeria… and your people still refer to Nigeria as The Zoo! Can you explain that logic?

      Tell us why Mazi Nnamdi Kanu still wants several more millions of your people massacred like dogs, even after you have your own autonomous states! Besides, while Nnamdi Kanu is running his mouth, his Biafra comrade, Tony Elumelu is making billions in Nigeria!

      Oh, before I forget, none of those your folks that left your country and are amputating our people will escape. Many have been slain… many have been captured, and they will all be buried in Cameroon.

    • Before I forget, that French Republic is derived from the same France that fought your silly Biafra war! This time, you will have to look for different backers… No more France for Biafra… No more racist South Africa and Rhodesia… Even that Israel you are counting on will not stand by you! This probably explains why you are hanging desperately around a Cameroonian forum like a homeless child.

      I told you that Bakassi is gone for good… So your little vapid dreams are just a waste of time. We know what you want… Our military is doing an impeccable job in defending our territory.

      • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

        You see every Nigerian on this platform as Biafran.

        Isn’t that ridiculous how shallow minded you have become lately, your ignorance is truly a bliss Rat-Tug.

        What Sir. Ahmadu Bello saw, while sitting down before the 1961 unification with the French, and warn Endeley of the grave consequence should he go ahead, with the disguise romance.

        Well, the rest is history. What he fear most, is glaring in our eyes today.

        With regards, the biafra agitation to secede from 9ja, is just a fluke. With some factors below

        – Geographically, Biafra is a landlock entity conceived within a large body of 9ja.

        – Resource control, the vast resources and mineral deposit along the coaster region from Calabar to Lagos is out of the reach of Biafra now, as with the case then, when the minority tribes

        • You don’t know your own country. Biafra is not landlocked, and we all know you are Biafran. You failed to explain why your people refer to your Almighty Nigeria as The ZOO!

          Little coon, perhaps you should invest your energies more on your country that is bedeviled by numerous problems. Oh well, your Ahmadu Bello’s eyes were so healthy that he could only foresee the future in Cameroon, and not in his OWN backyard where BOKO HARAM has cut the country into pieces… and it is CAMEROON that has always helped to keep that zoo of yours as a country. Back off, man!

        • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

          Are all under the larger Igbo tribe, when Regional System of government is the form of government practiced before the civil war.
          With the advent of Federalism, every tribes now have sense of belonging and are all confirmed in their various states where the rule and develop their state and promote their culture peacefully and see no need, to join the agitation.

          – Landmass, the 5 Eastern States dominanted by Igbos is just the size of Benue State, in Nigeria. That is another factor, why you see IPOB forcefully dragging other minority tribes who were once part of the agitation, but, now see every reasons why they shouldn’t be part of it, given the fact that, most of this tribes now understand that, the fight and forceful inclusion is all about their resources. That was what Ojukwu wanted

        • Gosh, this Nigerian impostor is still talking!!!!

          ‘Geographically, Biafra is a landlocked entity…’, states the fumbling impostor!

          Go back to school, my friend and read your books. You are Biafra and you don’t even know what Biafra is! What a disgrace.

          I can teach you about the history of Nigeria from 1884 till today.

    • @Brown Sugar,

      Endeley’s wife was a NGR, she is said to have influenced his longing to stay in NGR.

      Besides, joining LRC was the best and wise choice. Your Gov’t wanted to transform us into NGRs.

      Lion no fit turn arata no one day…

      • Brown Sugar (Abuja)

        If LRC is the best choice we won’t be here wasting time and data discussing this issues in the first place.

        Keep living in that enclave overseas, and think all is well back home.

        • @Brown Sugar,

          history can never lie, and until that history is taught to CMR children of tomorrow, perpetual lies would be passed down from generation to generation.

          Tell Buhari to come and take Amba boys+IG-diaspora back to your Ahmadu Bello—we dash wuna–wuna even need pipo wey dem go hellep reduce NGR population…

  6. An old, infirm infidel in his twilight years to be sworn in after another massive rigging. A narcissistic ignoramus without any regard for his country and stops at nothing to commit crimes. Thankfully, time is inexorable and he will be extinguished soon. Guess how much this despot will leave behind? Everything!! Risible, right? The people can only expect something better after the passing of this scourge. Africans sympathized terror victims in France but France’s sponsored terror through their surrogate happens in Cameroon. How duplicitous can Biya & France be in such blatant animosity?
    Ahidjo, though a dictator, at 58, handed this catholic profane boy power, now this villain at 86 wants to die protecting his colonial masters. His death and mortal remains will be mocked. Hopeless monster!

  7. biya the counterfauiter, the forger can not produce anything. He is the head of a gang .he will talk as he did since several years…

    • Biya`s dream plan for 2035, will never ever materialize. He will be dead by then,
      Ambas will never surrender, the loans and finacial gifts shall be wasted on his
      immaginary war victory etc etc. What a divine curse.
      His only acheivement, will be to keep himself and co on the throne for now. And
      like he who goes a borrowing, sorrowing, is awaiting.

      • Joshua, you might also be dead by then… and you may never know what becomes of Biya’s 2035 plan. But then of course, your spectral presence shall always be felt by your fellow termite warriors… if they will still be part of this world civilised by then.

        Be careful what you wish on others, my friend. Da palava na njangi, as old time people dem say!