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Cameroon president vows to restore peace in Anglophone region

cgtn | The Cameroon government has raised concern over growing insecurity in the country’s anglophone regions.

President Paul Biya on Friday said he was very troubled over the issue, vowing to restore peace in the region.

Speaking while presiding over a graduation a graduation ceremony of the Combined Services Military Academy in Yaounde, President Biya said there were increasing calls across the country for peace and stability to be restored.

“I will spare no effort to ensure that this legitimate aspiration to peace is realized. I reiterate my appeal to our young people who have let themselves be dragged into a dead end to return to the right track,” the president said.

Kidnappings and other criminal activities have been on the rise in the country’s English-speaking regions and the mountainous Adamawa region.

Local authorities said last week Adamawa region was going through its “worst moments” in history with about 150 cases of kidnapping recorded in the region last year.

In the two English-speaking regions of Northwest and Southwest of the largely French-speaking African country, armed separatists have been clashing with government forces to create a nation called “Ambazonia.”

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    “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)



      “Cameroon president vows to restore peace in Anglophone region”.

      How can he restore peace if I may ask

      1. By appointing ex-convict Atanga Nji?
      2. With the help of the BIR?
      3. By translating the OHADA text?
      4. With the help of the Commission on bilingualism?
      5. By creating a commission on disarmament?

      Dictator Biya is yet to understand that there is only one path to restoring peace in SC.
      This path is called a GENUINE and INCLUSIVE Dialogue. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS.
      He should, therefore, stop playing to the gallery because the Anglophone Question can NEVER EVER be resolved by presidential decrees or manu militari.
      The earlier Dictator Biya understands this statement of fact the better for him.

      The Anglophone Question will and MUST be resolved this time around come rain come shine

      • #5.. look at who is heading the fake commission. a thief from Nso (former governor) who should be in jail or should have been in jail b4 this time. How can this old man be fouled by even the chickens?


          FAI YENGO’s passport was seized by the GOC because of embezzlement. He was banned from travelling out of the country.
          That notwithstanding, he was appointed by Dictator Biya to disarm GENUINE Amba boys.


          Embezzler Fai Yengo and Ex-convict Atanga Nji have started “disarming” FAKE Amba boys. They present the photos to the International Community as proof that the war will soon end.

          The budget of the so-called disarmament commission will be managed by two renowned criminals, Fai Yengo and Atanga Nji.

  2. Mr. Biya just reads his speeches, without understanding them. Who `dragged the youths
    into a dead end`? Are the people of the SW and NW, so dumb, Mr. Biya? Let your
    military power, not fool you. We are gone, even after your exit.

  3. Keep associating/equating the problems of the NW and SW to that of Boko Haram and pretending it’s resolution is at the final end. Only idiots resort to a military solution in resolving a constitutional problem. Each life you take multiplies the resistance to your perceived invincible brutal massacring genocidal BIRs.

  4. Only in Equatorial Africa where a man in power since 1975 is telling the bread and sardines eating masses he will bring change and they believe him.
    Just like some believed Mobutu will bring peace to Congo others are dreaming Biya will bring peace to Cameroon when he declared war.
    The movie usually ends the same way. Thousands killed, thousands as Refugees, diseases, poverty, then blaming the west for our own incompetence and lack of vision.
    60yrs with the same very low IQ approach expecting different results.
    Who is fooling who?

    • @Lum

      keeps preaching ” terrorist” , you are making a lot of big noise without shows yourself .

  5. Democracy is supposed to be the ideal solution to problems involving human beings and their diverse tastes . Democracy is only a tool to achieve an end . In the right hands a tool can do wonders but in the wrong hands,…well..
    See what There’sa May is doing with BREXIT, Donald Trump with the southern border to Mexico. And there are others.

  6. The biggest impediment to peace is Mr. President, so he might planning to hang his boots naturally.

  7. Suing President Paul Biya at the African Union for electoral fraud, as Prof. Maurice e Kamto of the MRC has done may have some merit but adding the crisis in the NW and SW to such a suit is not such a good idea. He ought to pursue what is dear to his heart, hang his coat where his hands can reach .
    The mix will give the AU enough reason to do nothing about it

  8. Finally the choking tyrant is beginning to hiccup. I thought he was going to languish in silence forever. No military intervention will stop what is now going on in the SW and NW. We only have to look else into the history of revolution and learn.

    A people who were once afraid of the gun have now seen enough blood of their family spilled that there is no turning back. This has darkened the horizon over Ambazonia and Biya should know by now that even if he was to wipe out the Ambaboys, Ambazonians will forever look upon any interaction with Francophone with great suspicious. Living together can never be as it used to be. Something profound, bigger than decentralisation, has to happen and is the only solution to the current crisis.

  9. …any interactions with Francophone Cameroon with great suspicion.

  10. Eyallow!there has never been any good togetherness with these Francofools. All along we have been pretending with them that we are brothers and sisters and that things are good. We have been pushed to the wall,and so we have to turn back and fight.

  11. What is PEACE and how can a president, `restore peace` by way of war? This must be a dumb
    president. Has he really gone old and mad to forget history so soon?

  12. He also vowed to:
    supervise work on the ring road,
    host Afcon,
    provide portable water,
    reliable electricity,
    declare assets,
    reduce minister
    state of the art computers to all students
    Sorry I ran out of space

  13. Everybody likes peace .Mr president started a war today he points his fingers at others and calls them terrorists but he forgets that he (himself) is the number one terrorist.

  14. rt.com/news/449303-france-africa-sanctions-colonializm/

  15. The president of LRC is always vowing.He also vowed that Cameroon will host AFCON 2019.He even told LRC citizens that Cameroon will be ready on the said date…ha ha ha ha.And we have seen how Cameroon is hosting the AFCON 2019.I pity those francophones who are happy to hear him vowing to restore ”peace” in SC, and are taking him seriously.
    I have never seen a president as useless as this Beti Bulu thief..God have cursed Cameroon with this man.What Cameroon needs is justice,not ”peace”.When there is justice,peace will reign…..The beti bulu thief is hoping that after thousands of people must have died during this conflict,”peace”will return.Which means his own definition of peace is the absence of war.Thank God Sisiku and Co have held him by his ball. Useless president of LRC.

  16. Cameroonians should really start asking themselves many questions:
    – Is this old despot the right ruler?
    – Should we continue to sell our votes and voices for bread and sardine and a beer?.
    – Is this half death man able to take cameroon forward?..
    – Is this old , half death despot from the forest of MVOG MEKA a person we can trust after damaging the economy for over 40 years?..
    – Are we still so silly and naiv to believe this old ugly killer can bring peace to cameroon?..
    – Why is he still in Etoudi?..
    -Why can we not chase him out?..
    Our country is below shit hole..We are the most stagnant in Africa while others are progressing..Ours is talk, talk, shout, drink, watch football , dance in the bars and look for women..Are these the qualities to take a country forward??..

    • What you are saying is right but France and franc macon(French secrrt society)have put Biya in power to safeguard their interests.The underdevelopment of.Cameroon is caused by France.If we want to ne free we need to face France.squarely like the vietnamese did.

  17. we will train the mad president. He is president of camerounese and in lrc. Lazy diaper man

  18. The only things he has done effectively were:-
    Slept with his sister inlaw and had Frank to show for,
    Killed his wife- Irene,
    Killed the lover of his present wife and stole the twins whose father is an anglo,
    and has become the biggest thief in the history of La Republic.
    Bravo ben ben foot.