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Cameroon president’s staff arrested for alleged journalist assault

swissinfo | Six members of Cameroon president Paul Biya’s staff have been arrested by Swiss police investigating a reported attack on a journalist in Geneva last week. Five of them are being questioned by prosecutors while the sixth was released because she held a diplomatic passport.

The arrests took place on Tuesday, according to a statement external link from canton Geneva’s justice department.

A journalist from Swiss public broadcaster RTS filed the complaint following an incident on June 26 outside the InterContinental hotel in the city. The journalist says he was assaulted by members of Biya’s security team who took his bag containing a mobile phone and wallet. The seized items were later returned.

The incident took place during a demonstration outside of the hotel, where Biya was staying, by a group of protesters. The alleged assault prompted Switzerland to summon the ambassador of Cameroon to Bern, where he was told that “such incidents are unacceptable, and that freedom of the press is protected and must be respected.”

At around the same time, the Swiss foreign ministry announced that Switzerland was acting as a facilitator in the crisis in north-western and south-western Cameroon.

Some 250 anti-Biya protesters returned to the hotel on Saturday and were dispersed by tear gas and water cannons after some tried to break through police lines.

A 2018 report by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) accused Biya of spending a considerable amount of his time abroad since coming to power in Cameroon in 1982, much of it at luxury hotels in Geneva.


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  1. Ah, so the ambassador was summoned to be taught lessons on freedom of the
    press, in a democracy. But this should not serve as a destraction to the Ambazonia
    struggle. Why can`t they deport Biya for causing disturbances in their country?
    They continue to protect thieves, stollen monies and tyrants over time and one, can
    no forget the cold blooded death of Dr. Mounie in one of their hotels.

  2. ah how can they detend the untouchables?

    L’état de santé de Paul Biya, se serait dangereusement dégradé dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche. Ce serait ce qui explique, la venue aux nouvelles de Jean Kuété , à la tête d’une importante délégation d’une vingtaine des barons du régime. Le dictateur aurait été admis tard dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche, de toute urgence dans une clinique Genevoise, ou son diagnostic vital serait engagé. Ce qui dans le médical, signifie qu’il serait plongé dans un coma artificiel, pour tenter de le ramener à la vie.

    • Those beti bulu thugs took their barbarism to Switzerland and now look at the results. Let the full arm of swiss law be applied on those gorillas.

  4. Washington Goodman

    All.those Biya and CPDM apologists present in this forum I hope you are now seeing reality.Many of you are living in darkness and that is why your gangsters went to Geneva to fight.Unfortunately for them they have learnt what it means to live in a democracy.This is just the beginning.

  5. The truth shall always prevail.
    Long live the brave people of AMBAZONIA.
    You have opened the eyes of the world.
    Blessed, you shall always be.

  6. Where are the Biya supporters in this forum? Man no run massa Nkumkum chop ngarri.

    • Are you not one of them @bobbyjazz Santa Mafia? Blood of vipers! Ambazonia shall put you all where you belong including that chief ENABLER John Fru Ndi.

      • @L’enemie,

        so it is no longer fake Amba boys who kidnapped Ni?

        Now that BAS is taking the fight to Etoudi gangsters, your group has begun panicking again simply cos your show will soon be over.

        Why such fear? Visionaries have been warning you here for the past 3 years not to dare a solo-fight—bot eske ova trong head go lef wuna group?

        Jes non wuna di find a leader wey yi go fit shidong down witi pipo on a dialogue table then tok book without charging—wuna hobby.

        When we go finally create correct federal system, then unite wa kontri, we go musto cam back for wuna group. Wuna go receive at least 10yrs exile-sentence each.

        Kasingo for lass go correct for flying shirt liké you…

        • Zam-Zam

          We arrested Fru Ndi. We didn’t kidnap him you Muppet! Next time he will not return. What if our ancestors remained in Enugu house of Assembly? He remains a principal enabler in the annihilation of Ambazonian by the BIR terrorists with false representation in the house of frauds called Senate/Parliament. Amabazonian contender forces have raised a tactical unit that is capable of arresting every enabler in our land. We will start with those black legs among us before moving to the occupiers representation ie governors and DOs. We will purge out these pests and unify a common front to take on your Bulu-Beti genocidaires. Despite your fake humour, u remain a dangerous liar making up fiction regarding our state of mind then poor stupid defenses at the same time. Typical CPDM lie style

        • @ L’enemie, which ancestors are you talking about? For your information the people of the South West and those from the North West are of completely different ancestry. Don’t use some ____________ a white man created several years ago to share Cameroon’s resources evenly among themselves and try to use to create an ancestral relationship between the two groups of people which doesn’t exist. The SW and the NW people can never form a country as they are people of completely different cultures. They will end up like Southern were the 2 groups are fighting each other.

        • will end up like Southern Sudan where the 2 groups are fighting each other. The Europeans knew the hatred that existed between the NW and SW people and that was why they decided to ask them to either join Nigeria or Cameroon as they knew they couldn’t form a country on their own as a result of this hatred.

        • @L’enemie,

          name one CMR that is not in the diaspora who is not an enabler in your eyes?

          You see Satan everywhere. It is like each time you sense that somebody is struggling to find a solution to the crisis, you immediately start shivering.

          Wehti wuna di really swa? Yarri? Or wuna di swa sey wuna gombo no go fall?

          No be wuna be kick head, meik wuna continue for worry Ni until yi high blood go explode yi brain under wuna captivity. Na for dey wuna go know sey Ni nova bolé as wuna di speculate.

          Authentic Anglos dem no want catch wuna group, bot wuna di so-so want use ngum for force love.

          Ndolo na by force, ma blada?…

      • @ L ‘enemie, You must be the most stupid person in this forum. I guess you don’t understand my write-ups. According to you if somebody doesn’t support your Ambazonia foolishness that person automatically becomes a Biya supporter. I have never supported dictator Biya and your Ambazonia foolishness in this forum as both of you are all birds of the same feather. You are out to destroy my beloved Cameroon. The reason your Ambazonia thugs are hiding in bushes is because they have no support from the majority of the people of the SW and NW provinces and they don’t support Biya either. You have the BAS who hate what your Ambazonia thugs are doing. Are you going to say that because they hate your foolishness they are Biya supporters? Use your f’cking brain my friend.


    Here are the names of the 6 BETI GESTAPOs who received suspended prison sentences in Switzerland.

    1. Atangana Paul
    2. Owona Christian
    3. Onana Martin
    4. Ondoa Jean
    5. Fouda Clement
    6. Mvondo Joseph

    It is worth mentioning that the above-mentioned CONVICTS told the court that they were PROFESSIONALS and t, therefore, could have not attacked the Swiss journalist. They went further to tell the court that the journalist was attacked by BAS militants.
    Unfortunately for Dictator Biya’s CONVICTS, the Swiss police had already collected the CCTV photos of the 6 criminals committing their despicable acts. The identification of the CONVICTS was done beyond a reasonable doubt.

    • The BETI CONVICTS wanted to use the tactic of LRC to deceive the Swiss court.
      This tactic of LRC is based on deception.
      They murder women and their children in the Far North. They accuse the Malian soldiers
      They burn villages, kidnap people for ransom, murder a four months child, etc in SC. They accuse the “secessionists”.

      Without the photos from the CCTV, those BETI CONVICTS would have continued to swear that the journalist was the victim of BAS militants.

      LRC is indeed a sh*thole country ruled by terror, deceit and deception.
      Only UNPATRIOTIC citizens can continue to support the status quo.

      • God bless you, your clairvoyance, your spirit of inquiry and above all, your unrelenting commitment to educate.

  8. Once an idiot, always an idiot. An untamed military running amock in another person’s home. Hope they all burn alive.

  9. Biya got power from ahidjo but clearly as a slave man he is giving it back to aryans…now aryans myst come to settle monkey them palaba again…what a shame…make they give camerooninas french of suisse passport let us become slaves forever!


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