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Cameroon pride hurt by CAF tournament snub

APAnews | National pride in Cameroon has been left profoundly hurt by the decision of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to withdraw the country’s right to host the prestigious Africa Cup of Nations tournament next year.

Friday’s decision left the nation in shock, its citizens who take pride in their country’s football exploits have been struggling for answers from a government whose reaction has been a deafening silence.

CAF’s executive emerged from a meeting in Accra, Ghana on Friday with a decision to abandon Cameroon as host of the continent’s most prestigious football showpiece, citing fears that the country was falling behind schedule to prepare for the tournament in June 2019.

While there has been official silence from the government in Yaoune, the opposition and ordinary citizens of Cameroon have reacted with bewilderment at the turn of events which came to many as unexpected.

Social media has been awash with heated exchanges by those critical of what they see as the incompetence of the government incapable of meeting the expectations of CAF after it gave Cameroon the right to host the football tournament in September 2014,.

“The sadness and desolation are gripping the hearts of Cameroonians tonight. Our country did not deserve that, no, no and no! And yet it happened” Jean Michel Nintcheu, a member of the National Assembly and the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF) wrote.

“I am very sad for my country. What can I say that has not been said? Let me suffer in silence” Emmanuel Simh, a lawyer at the Cameroon Bar lamented.

Communicator Jean Claude Bilana demanded that those responsible for the incompetence be arrested, describing them as imposter.

For Baba Wame, a tutor of journalism, the government is to blame for taking two years after CAF awarded Cameroon the hosting right before they began infrastructure works.

“What must be said without any equivocation is that there are people who have failed. What must be said without blinking is that since 2014, we have had at least four years to avoid the imbroglio. What must be said with force is that active diplomacy in the direction of the CAF just saved the furniture from a humiliation that could have been greater” said sports journalist, Martin Camus Mimb.

He claimed that although he is a member of the Local Organizing Committee (COCAN) charged with preparing for the tournament, he “was never invited to a single meeting.

Jean Lambert Nang, a former head of the sport service on national television said: “Our honor is flouted, our pride sold by leaders who only live for money… They are unable to tell the truth to the President of the Republic because their ambition is to last in power and to last again. They have no concern for the people who ask only for bread and games”.

Meanwhile, a cloak of embarrassment seems to be enveloping the corridors of power in Yaoundé where the state media did not make any reference to CAF’s decision to withhold 2019 tournament from Cameroon.

Although CAF said it had given Cameroon time to prepare for the tournament, it was seen as struggling to complete its infrastructure works connected to hosting the event from June 15 to July 13 next year.

Its members were meeting on the sidelines of the women’s African Cup of Nations taking place in Ghana.

CAF president Ahmad Ahmad said a replacement host will be determined by a body which would be appointed to develop a tender for that purpose.

Morocco along with South Africa are the clear favourites to win the bid to host the next Africa Cup of Nations in its expanded format, featuring 24 instead of 16 teams for the first time.

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    Believe me or not, “Le Cameroun est définitivement devenu la risée du monde entier”.


      This international humiliation of the country and people is what Dictator Biya and his apologists refer to as « La Force de l’Expérience ».

      Thank God that I am not a citizen of that God-forsaken ISLAND OF HUMILIATION.

      • So, why bother?
        You are Not Cameroonian.


          I bother because terrorists from your ISLAND OF EVIL are perpetrating genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in the land of my ancestors.

        • YOU destroyed the Land that your ancestors build for you, with your own hands, greed and stupidity.
          I don’t think your ancestors hade a virtual Republic in their minds when they settled in the NO and SO of Cameroon.



          “La chute du regime Biya est proche. Tous les signes sont la.
          @Cameroon Tribune, faut un peu arreter de tout romantiser.
          Le remaniement dans l’armee veut dire que les choses vont mal.” ( Bikutsi, 2014)

          **** MY TAKE ****

          1. @Bikutsi pretends to be the spokeswoman for Beti supremacy on this forum
          2. However, the same @Bikutsi predicted in 2014 the collapse of the Beti Government of Paul Biya
          3. This is proof that @Bikutsi is an opportunist par excellence
          4. @Bikutsi and company are indeed ” LES VRAIES ENEMIES DANS LA MAISON ”
          5. You be the judge

  2. “Our honor is flouted, our pride sold by leaders who only live for money… They are unable to tell the truth to the President of the Republic because their ambition is to last in power and to last again. They have no concern for the people who ask only for bread and games”.Jean Lambert Nang.

  3. When people see a leak in an ocean-going vessel but choose to ignore it because, in their view, the leaking spot is not near them, that is an elementary case of myopia. All the water that enters through such a leak can sink the whole vessel ! The entire Cameroon nation has been plunged into this mess, thanks to a few who arrogated to themselves the destiny of the nation. But they were myopic….very myopic.

    Yes, it is all nice and good to lock up any newsman or woman who dares to paint a picture of the nation as it is, any citizen who raises an eyebrow about shortcomings here and there, any politician clad in outfit other than that of the RDPC.


  4. The pride may be hurt, but Cameroon still is and remain the most beautiful country in the world.

    • Bro, what is “beautiful” by ur definition in this case?

    • why lie to yourself Bikutsi? Cameroon is just a shadow of its past glory and anyone who lives in the past just like Tshiroma said, is a fool and a dreamer. Wake up.

  5. Centralized regimes with gerontocrats displaying paternalistic behavior & referencing a despot by risible superlatives & primitive characterizations like “Pere de la nation” & ” La force de l’experience” often forget the one crucial thing, how to govern/manage projects. This is a tournament E. Guinea hosted twice, the second at short notice after Morocco deferred due to Ebola.
    The electoral fraud had this tournament in mind as some speculated & the regime couldn’t imagine Kamto getting this glory 6 months into office.
    Eto’o, who recently displayed signs of “wrong-headedness” was to accompany R. Milla in being celebrated veterans, and rushed to endorse a dictator, a move that was mocked worldwide.
    Now what? well, dictatorship fails. Centralization is bad. Federation is better with autonomy.

  6. The problems in West Cameroons will bring down CameroUn ( wirba)

  7. Hahahahaha.That is all i will be doing for now

  8. Low IQ Equatorial Africans!
    They think if you decree that AFCON will be successful in Cameroon so it shall be.
    You don’t have work, plan or do anything, the god of the forest has decreed it and off to Switzerland he goes and all shall be perfect.
    Imaginary stadia, hotels, roads, hospitals, etc by decree!
    How many trips did the tribal government entourage make to Geneva Switzerland since 2014?
    How many trips did the tribal government make to the different hosting cities to assess the work being done for a successful AFCON? None… they outsourced it to their decree Ministry!
    Using French as a weapon of colonization, using French military weapons to kill minority Anglophones and celebrate is their strength!
    Who is fooling who?
    The blood of the Anglophone child slaughtered in vain.

    • No no no, my dear… Na da blood fo all da pikin dem dey you dan killam inside belle di wori you so. Ita go trouble you even more! Woman no want pikin fo see him papa… If na wata you drink and carry da belle nobi wego know?

  9. Cameroonian people must learn to move on! All you require is introspection and not unending lamentation over decisions you have no possibility of reversing.

    There was ample time to prepare… we didn’t do the logistical work and now, we are called upon to embrace the unenviable effects of inefficiency.

    What has happened has happened… Now we must aspire for brighter days as we work towards greater clarity. Progressive people neither lament nor sulk; they pick themselves up; dust themselves off, and start all over! The future looks bright.

    • @ Ras, Progressive people do that with new ideas to improve on the old. Where are new ideas going to come from an 87 years old dictator who has been in power for nearly 40 yrs

      • Well Bobjazz, firstly, let me ask you this simple question, and I hope you can give a prompt answer in just one sentence. What is the role of a leader?

        Secondly, I wonder if you have ever heard of the word ‘REINVENT’.

        The aspects mentioned above are based on the question you posed and they are in no way related to my opinion on the issue.

        • The role of a leader is to lead his country to prosperity and this can only be achieved by surrounding himself or herself with competent administrators.
          AN 87 YEARS OLD DICTATOR CAN NEVER EVER REINVENT. Please Ras don’t abuse that word.

        • Sorry Ras, I just answered your question but was not posted by the administrator. I wonder why. You know me, I don’t use foul or abusive language in my write-ups. All I did was define the role of a leader and questioned how an 87 years old can reinvent.

        • Ok Bobjazz,

          So now comes the interesting part…

          1. HOW does a leader LEAD his people to PROSPERITY once he has surrounded himself/herself with COMPETENT ‘administrators’?

          2. Who is responsible for reinventing the country?

    • Dull Rat Thug on to it again. You claimed earlier that Cameroon will host this very competition come 2019 in your land of SW. little did you know that NOSO today is different of that of yesterday. Get your senses in order before you wreck yourself. Nothing good will come with this same system in place. This badly dictatorial government has shown that they are experts in reinventing themselves for the worst. They are perfect competitors to see who is worst than the other. The only expectation of the future is one that is worst that what we have seen and are living. Get your bugged mind right…

  10. Thirty-six years of a despot called Mbivondo, 29 years of another moron called Issa Ayatou at CAF & the two nincompoops could not host a tournament that Mali, Burkina F, E. Guinea & Gabon have hosted, some even twice? How can any free-minded Cameroonian be so delusional not to see the failings of this regime irregardless of your views whether foolishly pro-RDPC, fanatically pro-Amba or just another same-old same-old myopic Cameroonian.
    Until this “evil”, Swiss hotel manager called Mbivondo Biya is gone, don’t expect anything good from a shithole regime. Expect him to run in 2025 (if he makes it) on another false slogan, ” La force de quoi..?
    I see some irascible scalawags trying so badly to suppress reasoning and common sense and find any trace of glory with a rogue gerontocracy. Amazing!!

    • Except that these countries u mentioned hosted a 16 team format, not 24. According to new CAF guidelines, more than half of African countries will need more time to come up with beautiful infrastructures to host 24 teams. The problem is, Tombi failed to oppose Ahmad when he changed the format without Cameroon’s consent. If presented at any high court like the CAS, CAF could not win. But since Tombi was an illegal president, he thought opposing might be the beginning of his download, so he kept silent. Clearly, he was wrong. Hope a lesson is learnt here, which I doubt. We keep repeating the same mistakes over and over.


        @Jackson Jr.

        CAF disqualified LRC for two reasons:

        1. late infrastructure completion
        2. Insecurity

        LRC can therefore NEVER defeat CAF before any court since the country is very insecure.

  11. Wunna di craze … Cameroon..u guys travel all over the world and see how things are done but when it comes to ur own ..na waa..massa first things first ..peace and talk of organizing something..maybe we can organize petit goal caf on the pot hole filled roads of this damn state..shiiiiiiiiit hole place

  12. What just happened to Cameroon now could just be a tip of the iceberg. The corrupt government should see this as a sound of warning. If they don´t learn to do things the right way, more of such shocking news will become other of the day in Cameroon. A word to a wise is enough.

  13. Any one who thinks Cameroon deserve to organize anything is living ina fools paradise where he is the only king..island surrounded by joblessness ..senseless killings and hopelessness..u guys think when the inspection came they didn’t notice all that..foul smelling streets .. thieves disguised as leaders pretending all is well whereas it’s a volcanoe waiting to irupt …any one who is sad should slap himself and wake up feom.his slumber

  14. One word: wonderful!

  15. To make good omelette requires breaking some eggs. AFCON 2019 to inaugurate the ultramodern Paul Biya Stadium at Olembe required a lot more than was given. And that is the bigger picture of daily life where most of the contract money is spent elsewhere before reaching the construction site. Ever wonder why so many storey buildings collapse to the ground, taking along human life?

  16. What will Biya do now? He kept his people silent with mimbo and football or decades, the only thing to remain now is mimbo. Will the people of Cameroon finaly remove this old fool or just continue drinking mimbo?

    • When are we ever going to stop entertaining the world with our “NO PROBLEM”? Riches underground, we have it. Riches upstairs, OUR MOTHERLAND gave us. What is then our PROBLEM?

      Our prob is far from being Biya. At least, I don’t buy it. Don’t buy that s***.

      I thought in the 90s that Biya was the problem, but the whole of CMR went out a few years after for a no-Biya. All CMR from all corners, without any exception. But did Biya go?

      We’re all accomplices in our collective choas. We’re all the same, that’s the truth we have got to reckon with. Else, we’ll never have been slaves, we deserve it, anyway.

      If I had the means, I’ll sell the whole of CMR, just that we all disappear and pave way to other folks that have got a visions. Not the visions of the Ayaba chos, but those of Mme Walla…

      • Korup, you’re a son of the soil?

        Let them say…

      • Zam, allow me to comot francy deh :En face des problemes simples ou multi dimensionnelles, il n y a pas de solution qui plaisent a tout le monde (implique), des fois c est le concensus fait l affaire. Donc je respecte ton analyse / solution, mais la majorite des Camair pointe /designe le prob et a donne sa/la solution en 1992 et en Oct 2018. Et nous savons tous qui a refuse ou balaye d une main cette solution ; maintenant, espace ouvert a toi et tout autre forumiste


    • The leaders fell victim to their many praise singers. Praise singers never see anything wrong with the source of their bread and their sardine.

  18. “AFCON 2019, is tomorrow already, you have a rendez-vous with sporting Africa right here in Cameroon. And Cameroon will be ready, I give my word” Said President Paul Biya on August 10, 2017. Business in Cameroon, August 15, 2017.
    How do yo pay back billions when you did not sell one ticket for a match? Borrow again! How will you fix the infrastructure that was part of your problem; neglect it again. Enjoy the merry go round of incompetence!

  19. This is what happens when we sre governed by dead woods or ghosts in the public service and all national institutions. We have 19th century leaders for a 21st century world, powered by rapid globalization. But the francophone culture is a high power distance culture and their leaders are God chosen. Expect no change from the top.

  20. Brown Sugar (Abuja)

    Isaah Hayatou, how market na?, abi na bad market sef.

    Hayatou’s politrics to have handed Cameroon the hosting right, when he knows that, nothing good work in that zoo call Cameroon.

    No thanks to Ahmad, who defeated the King Kong of corruption to become the CAF presido.
    Hayatou would have used his power and office to make Sure Cameroon hosted regardless the poor infrastructure and folly state of the country. A circumstance, he Ahmad rejected.

    Hayatou was there for only God knows how long, and yet, he couldn’t bring sport development to his country Cameroon, not even FIFA or CAF project. Biya is also one of the longest serving president in Africa, under his watch Cameroon has won 5 AFCON, and Cameroon can’t boast of 5 quality stadia. Shame, shame, shame.

    Biya don finish Cameroon.