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Cameroon priest was assassinated, stray bullet claim untrue – Buea bishop

africanews | The Bishop of Buea says a priest who died in the July 2018 in the restive South-West region of the country was assassinated disputing claims that the death was as a result of a stray bullet.

His Lordship Immanuel Bushu is reported by local press to have said Rev. Fr. Nougi Alexander Sob was assassinated. “Father Sob was with two other people in his car when he was shot at close range with a silencer gun.”

The Cameroon Catholic church reported the death of the parish priest of Bomaka, a district of Buea, at the time the report said by “unidentified individuals.”

“We have received photographs of the body of the deceased priest, Alexander Sob Nougi,’‘ an official communication by the church issued in Yaoundé read, specifying that the perpetrators of the murder remain unknown and that the body is mutilated.

Security in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions, the north-west and south-west, has deteriorated considerably.

Fighting became daily between the security forces and armed separatists demanding the creation of an independent English-speaking state.

Catholic Church as conflict mediator

The Catholic Church is the only actor capable of “promoting dialogue” between the insurgents and the government, according to the International Crisis Group (ICG) research centre in April.

Rev. Fr. Alexander Sob

It represents almost a third of the Cameroonian population, according to the ICG, which deplored the Catholic Church’s “divergent positions” on the Anglophone question and invited it to “overcome its divisions and display its neutrality”.

This increasingly violent armed conflict in the English-speaking zone, as well as that against the jihadist group Boko Haram in the north of the country, could disrupt the presidential elections scheduled for 7 October, according to analysts.

President Paul Biya, 85, declared his candidature last week for a seventh consecutive term.

His supporters believe that he is best able to respond to the English-speaking crisis, his opponents accusing him of being responsible for the crisis.

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  1. RIP Father!
    Your assassins will be unveiled soon.
    We are grateful to his lordship Bashu for speaking the truth about the circumstances of your death.
    Daily indiscriminate killings, daily burning of villagers and villages, daily intimidation, harassment and torture.
    The people in West Cameroon are not safe anywhere and they know it.
    We are waiting for civilized Cameroonians to come and tells us that what is happening in West Cameroon is not wat but an attempt by the good faith government in securing peace by killing indiscriminately.
    Who is fooling who?
    About 10,000 Anglophones killed since 2016
    More than 70,000 refugees in Nigeria
    200,000 internally displaced
    More than 5000 missing
    About 180 villages burnt
    Children no school!
    How do you define war?
    RIP Father!

  2. @lum GoD bless u , May his soul RIP and all those innocent Anglo civilians has been killed by the terrorists moronic rapist army of biya, my soul bleeding with anger and blood when I see pictures of the teenage children slaughtered in cold blood in Pete bakundu Meme southern zone GoD willing we shall fight until total liberation from dis despotic moronic corrupt Regime

  3. And yet forumites @zz, bikutsi et al still see it wrong for the people of s-cmr to stand-up for themselves when such indiscriminate killings are rampant. Father Sob (whom I consider a friend) was shot at close range 6 times to the chest by forces of lrc- his only crime being driving to muyuka to visit his parents. If he could be cold-bloodedly murdered like this, then one can just begin to imagine what beholds the fate of other helpless residents in s-cmr.

    If the state- who’s supposed to guarantee protection to the population has instead chosen to wreak havoc and terror, what then should the people do? so you guys expect residents of s-cmr to sit & fold their arms and watch or better still chant dialogue and march with olive branches……you must be very disconnected from the reality.

    • Nasty,

      being against IG is not being against SC or Anglophone.

      I’ll fight for Anglos at all times, but at no time for IG—they are not different from Biya—they are even worse…


    The quest of LRC for a “Vivre ensemble” with SC is simply because of the abundant natural resources in SC. LRC needs the abundant natural resources in SC to survive. Citizens of LRC hate Southern Cameroonians with a passion. However, they love and cherish the abundant natural resources in SC.

    SC is also a market for the goods manufactured in LRC. As a reminder, all manufacturing and production companies are located in LRC. They only use SC as a market for their goods. All cement, beer, electricity, water, etc, factories are located only in LRC.

    The so-called “Vivre-ensemble” is to retain this market and also to control the abundant natural resources in SC.

    Southern Cameroonians should therefore be prepared for a long war since LRC can NEVER survive without SC.

  5. Not even the catholic church or whichever in that devil possessed country, can bring
    about lasting peace or a solution to the ongoing crisis that has gripped it, due to
    biya and co wickedness. Why then was the UN, that is so so corrupt today, created
    in the first place?
    The press, is not honest enough in this crisis and should take the last seat.
    Are the churches, not enermies to the president and gov`t. Does Biya, take from whichever
    church leader or men of God as they now want us honor them?
    Away with fooling the people in the various ways, press and church peoples.

  6. Who caused schools not to function in SC?
    We shall continue to learn the french so long as
    this goes on as our children are being moved to
    french speaking zones and AB are burning our schools.
    Ambazonians,let our children not be 2nd. fiddle to those in the diaspora

    • Since after the civil war in Nigeria, there is no trace of Ibo children ever being
      what you are trying to portray. I lived there and i know it. Look for another
      excuse, to continue to be a slave, please.

  7. je suis dans l’eau Bishop Benoit was just one of many assassinations of catholic church men in the LRC and Pope continues to support the regime in LRC. What a sad thing as the World Turns?

  8. Truth stands we shall never yield.
    Freedom and justice for Ambalanders.
    Wata NA wata

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