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Cameroon Protests US Criticism During Nagy Visit

YAOUNDE VOA | As the top U.S. diplomat for Africa visits Cameroon, pro-government groups are protesting what they call Tibor Nagy’s interference in Cameroon’s internal affairs.

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Nagy and the European Union representative Federica Mogherini recently called on Cameroon to free opposition leader Maurice Kamto and 150 of his supporters.

They also urged Cameroon authorities to work harder to stop the violence in its western, anglophone separatist regions.

The coordinator for Monday’s protest, Lilian Koulou Engoulou, said the demonstrators want Nagy to hear them and take their message back to Washington.

America should stop interfering in Cameroon’s internal issues, Engoulou said, and should help end the crisis in the English-speaking northwest and southwest regions by stopping Cameroonians based in the U.S. from funding what he calls terrorists and destabilizing Cameroon.

The last comment refers to separatist leaders based in the U.S. who have appealed on social media for contributions to help the fighters back home.

Communications Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi, who has previously accused the U.S. of harboring separatist leaders, said last week that Cameroon was outraged by Nagy’s statements.

One Cameroonian newspaper reports that U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Tibor Nagy is visiting Cameroon in order to free opposition leader Maurice Kamto, chase President Paul Biya and destabilize the country.

Aime Manga of Cameroon Rights Watch, a local group, said officials should take Nagy’s comments as helpful suggestions rather than criticism.

It is public knowledge that Cameroon has a serious political and social crisis, he said, and Nagy’s comments bring hope to many who want democracy.

Cameroon has detained Kamto and his supporters since January for taking part in anti-government demonstrations. They are being tried in military courts for charges that include rebellion and could face the death penalty.

In comments made days before his arrival Sunday in Yaounde, Nagy said it’s not always positive to arrest opposition members during times of crisis.

He also called the death and suffering in Cameroon’s rebellion heartbreaking and urged authorities to do more to end the fighting.

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  1. Good signs:- no golden statue, no cries from “Politologue” Banda Kani to send the man back in a coffin. This means people have learnt something from past mistakes.

    It is now the time for honorable parliamentarians and senators (Cavaye Yeguie Djibril, Marcel Niat Njifendji) to pass laws defining “interference in internal affairs of the nation, stating clearly how it applies to requests for financial, military, medical support from IMF, World Bank, EU, Hotel International, La Baule, etc

  2. No peace no CAN in LRC

  3. Tibor is a Trump appointee …if Trump would have his way Hillary would be in jail , so whats the bitching about Kamto. If Trump would have his way Putin’s Russia can do away with American democracy and can keep Crimea , the same crime Ambazonia is perpetrating. So let’s talk about another shit hole country. Not this one.

  4. NotAmba-NeverPopol

    Biya is full of animosity for his country. He is the originator of violence and he fears his own prosecution & persecution. The thought of it sickens the monster to the core.
    He looks for Westerners to kowtow in exchange for backing his continued stay in office illegitimately. A hopeless villain, a scoundrel & an evil soul who is destined for hell. His military needs to turn on him & this moron should be given the same treatment he has perpetrated on Cameroonians. He may end up like Samuel Doe & Charles Taylor. Even his French masters see no value in this reprobate in spite of themselves. The French government has blood in their hands and as times passes Africa will turn its back on France, the terror sponsor and her leeching ways through sponsored despots like Biya. Sooner than later.

  5. The terror that has reigned in the short time Amabazonians have had to try their hand in governing is next to madness to the extreme. Cutting their own people’s heads , fingers , hands , burning their own hospital serving over 6000 helpless poeple.Who demos that ….and kidnapping and asking for ransom from helpless people. The heck we will prefer Biya to remain in office rather than be governed by such extreme evil madness. The hell that awaits the YouTube and Facebook talking heads in the diaspora. .. I can’t even speak it. Soon even the USA of Donald Trump , the world and the history books , will equate Ambazonia to Boko Haram.

    • That’s disingenuous. The choice in Cameroon is not between Amba and Biya, not even in the Anglophone regions. They reject both of them and for someone to assert that Biya should remain in power (not to be insulting) is patently naive and irresponsible because his governing style created this mess. Find the courage to speak up against both of these evils. Biya has set a precedence that when you have power, rig elections, appoint your cronies and stay on. Look at countries like Sierra Leone, Cote D’Ivoire, Liberia, Libya, Egypt or presently Algeria and note what generated uprisings.
      Cameroon can do better without Biya or Amba and we have way too many alternatives. Arresting and locking up Kamto and opposition leaders creates friction. Biya is the first terrorist. Stop this narrative !!

  6. Malaam, when you say ‘we’ we who? Did Ambazonians say Biya should leave LRC? Ambazonians want him to leave us alone. Whether you like it or not, Ambazonia shall be free. Why are LRC DOs now running away from areas they used to stay and take bribes all the time. To sign a piece of paper, the DO’s office asks for 100,000frs.

    The governor’s wife was marching in Bamenda in bullet proof vests why? The occasion lasted 15 minutes.

    Why did Biya not go to Buea and campaign as he wanted?

    Why did Biya not stop the lock-down?

    Why are timber companies in LRC not going into Ambazonia and harvesting trees again?

    Why has Biya not stopped ghost-town Monday?

    Why has Biya not restarted CDC, PAMOL?

    Why are CPDM militants not wearing their uniforms and walking freely in Ambazonia?

  7. @Ambaman

    who are you nymfuka , this platform belongs to the Republic of Cameroon. we are not here to answer your stupid questions.

    chakaboom chakaboom chakaboom chakaboom chakaboom chakaboom its the solution with terrorist like you .

    we are winning biggggggggggggggggg time .

  8. @Ambaman
    Notice. Buea is more than you. You are now changing your capital to widikum. Bamenda can leave the Union we don’t care.
    The mountain race took place with no problems.

    In Buea it is business as usual.

    Ekema Patric is still there waiting for you.

    The same way field marshal was scrubbed out and is now field marshal of rats , roaches lizards and praying mantises….

    There is a plan to scrub amba fools from the bushes. All your so called camps have been mapped out ….there has been too much casualties and it is just out of pity for the brainwashed 17 year olds .

    For cutting people’s heads , fingers , limbs. And asking hundreds of thousand from people who can barely eat they need to be chopped off into little bits and put on soya sticks and roasted .

  9. @Ambaman with your strategy you are punishing your own grandfathers and mothers , the very villagers you have to help can’t farm , do market or sleep in their homes. This is madness.

    The Nigerian Biafra war lasted 30 months. About 1 Million people died . 800 thousand died from starvation . In the end there is still no independent Biafra.

    Biafra had its own anthem , currency , flag , was supported by a diaspora , a handful of countries even considered it an independent state at the time. It’s all history now.

    You are wasting lives

    China , USA, France and many other western countries continue to invest billions in Cameroon. They don’t want to kill the 17 year olds in the bushes. they know where they are. But the time will come when they will scrubbed the bushes clean

  10. @ TrueCamer
    Thanks to you, one of the few bright spots in our firmament. Your enlightened reasoning is quite helpful.
    In general when an argument is contorted and circuitous around the issue being discussed, is probably not true.
    and whenever anything can be described as “too good to be true”, a second look will reveal that it is not good enough.
    Scammers live on falsehood but only for so long. Thank you for your intervention. The Yaounde regime could have used the famous weapon at its command – shut down the Internet to keep everyone in the dark about the visit of the US official and the ensuing talks.

  11. I Told Biya to End Violence and organize an inclusive dialogue in the “North West and South West Regions”- Tibor Naggy

    ?Contrary to the piece of Propaganda put up to the public by pro Biya regime Media, CRTV claiming that Tibor Nagy’s stay in Yaounde has been strictly for business purposes, the truth has emerged from the horse’s mouth. As usual, the CRTV, La Republique state media had it interest in the story, to cover up Nagy’s real purpose and shadow it with what will derail everyone from the focus of the visit. Afterall, its the only media outfit stationed at Etoudi. Though private media were not allowed to asked him questions, Tibor stated that diplomatic discussions are usually private and confidential. However, prior to his visit and statements made, and his late yesterday tweet ab

  12. @TrueCamer. Of course there are other viable alternatives to the Biya Regime . However What we can all agree on is that no rational person can sit down with insects and termites that would chop off heads , limbs, fingers and whole hands of their own people , demand ransoms of hundreds of thousands and even millions from helpless jobless people causing untold suffering ..To such cockroaches and lizards we want the Biya regime to fry and roast everyone of them alive if possible. When such things are wiped off from the face of the earth then humans can sit down and talk. We think the Biya regime is specialized at carrying out such task. So they can stay and do the job for now.

  13. The idea of Biya staying and doing the massacre is as delusional & misguided as the philosophy of Amba adherents and it plays to the very thinking of Biya and his successor. It is a shame that some individuals display such blatant schadenfreude and believe that it is a way out of a delicate situation. It reveals such deep-seated and uncontrollable emotions of some Cameroonians with an equal desire to either commit or support carnage. How anyone with a brain would assign the task of restoring calm to an almost 90 yr old tyrant in power for close to four decades, is in deed bewildering and tells you a lot about the psyche of such wimps.
    That language is reckless, sadistic and vile and reduces them to the limb-choppers they so much decry. Cameroon needs calm heads not adrenalized numbskulls.

  14. @ Herr Lyonga,
    Sie sprechen Deutsch, nicht wahr? Das it gut. Bitte wo wohnen Sie? Und was haben Sie fur Beruf?

    • Hallo Herr Dinga, ich verstehe ein bisschen Deutsch (ich habe das meiste davon verloren), dass ich mit der hoffnung der Reise nach Deutschland gelernt habe. Allerdings zog ich stattdessen nach Toronto und studierte Ingenieurwissenschaften, Informatik und Netzwerksicherheit. Im Moment, bin ich in Perth zu einem Arbeitsbesuch.

  15. This message is clear and should be very clear now..
    Papa , despot, Diapers BIYA- time is over..
    You cannot take those retarded forest people to come and kill the economy of such a country..
    Please leave this big rich country to people who are hard working..
    To people who love the country..
    To people who dont practice divide and rule..
    To people who have a brain to think and dont have the chop broke pot mentality..
    If we look at where Rwanda is today, we still have hope that taking away the lazy and non creative BETI/BULU clique, we might take the next 20 years to build what this despot Killer couldnt achieve for over 35 years.,..

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