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Cameroon ranked 16th in CPIA 2017 report (World Bank)

Business in Cameroon | Totaling 3.3 points over 6, Cameroon was ranked 16th out of 38 countries ahead of Madagascar and Niger in World Bank’s Country Policy and Institution Assessment (CPIA) report for 2017.

Albert G. Zeufack
In detail, the country scored 3.7 points in “economic management” which includes monetary and exchange rate policies, fiscal policy, debt management and an average of 3.3 points in “Structural Policies” (trade, financial sector and corporate regulatory framework).

Still, the country obtained 3.1 points in “Anti-social exclusion and equity promotion policies” (gender equality, equity in the use of public resources, human capital development, social protection and labor, policies and institutions on environmental sustainability).

A score of 3 was obtained in the “Public Sector Management and Institutions” which includes property rights and rule-based governance, quality of budgetary and financial management, revenue mobilization efficiency, quality of public administration, transparency, accountability and corruption in the public sector.

Each criterion is rated out of 6 points. Grades depend, among other things, on concrete policies and performance, rather than promises or intentions. During the period under review, Rwanda maintained its position atop the list both regionally and globally, with a score of 4 points, the last being Southern Sudan with 1.5 points.

“CPIA is an important tool for African countries because not only does a higher score increase the amount of concessional financing provided by the World Bank, but it also helps develop and monitor public policies,” said Albert Zeufack (photo), World Bank’s Chief Economist for Africa.

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  1. these ranking is baseless, visit Cameroon and see what is on the ground, the entire county’s infrastructure is non existence,it’s citizens are lacking in BASIC HUMAN NECESSITIES such as good jobs,drinkable water, modern equip healthcare,good roads with transport system,social and welfare care,better modern educational establishment with technology,efficient electricity, recreational amenities,The regime is good at borrowing and embezzling into private government officials banks account abroad,bribery,corruption, has kept the country poor including government lies, cover up cosmetics solutions, the entire country is a embarrassing slum from entry to exit, the people are scared of dictator tyrant biya and his cronies murderers bandits in power for over 45 years as regressive politicians