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Cameroon rebels issue virtual currency to fund independence

The AmbaCoin is named after the so-called Republic of Ambazonia, a self-declared independent state in Cameroon.

Anglophone separatists in Cameroon have announced the launch of a virtual currency to help fund their campaign for independence and provide humanitarian aid.

The AmbaCoin, a bitcoin-like currency based on the blockchain software principle, is named after the so-called “Republic of Ambazonia”, a self-declared independent state in Cameroon’s Northwest and Southwest Regions.

“The People of Ambazonia has created AmbaCoin, a tradeable digital token that can be used as a currency, a representation of an asset, a virtual share, a proof of patriotic citizenship,” according to the currency’s website.

“All sales of the AmbaCoin will be directed to fund the Ambazonian Cause, to assist Refugees & Internally Displaced Persons, to rebuild homes destroyed by occupying military forces, and to defend communities from the repressive regime of La Republique Du Cameroun.”

According to a clock on the currency’s website, the AmbaCoin became operational on Friday.

It said there had been more than 28,000 pre-orders for the currency, a figure that could not be verified independently.

Buying one “amba” for the “Ambazonian Crypto Bond” costs 25 US cents.

Declared independence last year

In October 2017, separatist anglophone leaders declared a “Republic of Ambazonia” in two regions that were incorporated into predominantly French-speaking Cameroon in 1961.

The central government in Yaounde launched a crackdown, deploying thousands of troops against the fighters.

More than 200 members of the security forces and at least 500 civilians have been killed, according to the International Crisis Group think-tank, while the UN estimates that more than 437,000 people have fled their homes.

The two English-speaking regions were previously ruled by Britain as the Southern Cameroons.

Over the years, anglophones have chafed at perceived discrimination at the hands of the francophone majority, especially in law, education and economic opportunities.

Resentment built into demands for a return to Cameroon’s federal state, which then snowballed into a declaration of independence as the situation polarised.

The purported state – whose name is taken from Ambas Bay on the coast – also has a flag, a national anthem and a president, but has not been internationally recognised.

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  1. Go,Ambazonia Go….

    • More money for Ayaba Cho to finish all remaining generals on GZ, who have begun posing him real questions about the essence of the fight.

      Kongosa, be warming up, Cho is merciless when it comes to securing his oil deals…

  2. Crypto Currency is freedom-Hon Chris Anu

  3. What a bunch of idiots. Do they really think somebody will be interested in it?

    • A product must first get to the market to test the degree of demand. Our civilization is influenced and driven by inventors and discoverers. If you cannot invent or discover, you still can play the third option – use the inventions and discoveries of others to serve your society.

      • @John Dinga
        It’s unfortunate when you continue to distant youslef from the reality. What sense does that make to a failed struggle? Just another aspect of ignorance. Are you aware ´that must of the ignorant aglo who initially supported this mess have come to realise themselves. The ambazonia days are numbered.

    • yes. people are buying it now and not only Ambazonians but their well wishers.

      • And then one fine morning, you will just wake up and hear that the money is not traceable… GONE!!! Then you will start lamenting as you fellows always do.

        The world of today is for sharp people, not for spectators and folks who can only recite what others have done for themselves. If you are not sharp you will die like rabid dog, as the zombie warriors are dying in Cameroon.

        • @RAS: this is a very good point..
          But I think you should have been making this critical points long ago ?..
          Have you imagined how much money have gone missing under the 35 years of the old despot Biya?..
          Have you imagined that no project have been completed in Cameroon since this Old despot with his diapers came to power?
          Cameroon has taken thousands steps backward since this foolish man from Mvog meka came in with a gang of thieves..
          Lets welcome anx new wxperiment that might remove the country from this mess.
          Why can the government not look for an alternative to beat the Amba movement- say by implementing economic reforms and innovation?
          Today its better for some kids to die fighting for Amba than stay home, why?..because they have no future ..
          Lets think before making some noise….

      • Buy what? Amba now killing Amba. What a bunch of lunatics. Your days are numbered.

    • Just see what a senior citizen with a supposed ‘PhD’ is writing! I mean, this is terrible… You trying to dabble in crypto currency when you don’t understand monetary policy! These are the sort of people that are plunging the so-called Anglophones in darkness, just like Professor Carlson Any anger who has suddenly vanished from the scenes, leaving inexperienced adventurers like Eric Tataw, Ayaba Cho, Akwanga Ebenezer, Sako Ikome and others to speak on behalf of the delusional termite nation!

      We understand people raised money and some zombie rats are up the money like cheese… and you fellows can’t even hold them accountable when you know them well. With AmbaCoin, it will be PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to even identify any rat that steals your poor money, let alone hold anybody accountable!!

  4. The National Interest(TNI)

    These folks have a passport that cannot cross ndop since 5years they have a flag only known on social media, they are independent since two years but only face book Twitter etc.. recognized it they now have a crypto currency another scam wèèèèhhhhhh its better for them to go to Nigeria is there that people are easy to fool like all these so called pastors robbing in broad daylight on vous connaìt.

    • @The National Interest(TNI)

      You re the best 100 percents corrects

      • Of coarse he is right but many people in the NW and SW are crazy about that idiot TB Joshua. I’m sure most of those who call themselves Ambazonian are also believing in TB Joshua. Brainless people!

  5. Le chien aboie la caravane passe.
    Ambazonia is leading the way with innovations.
    I need to go buy me some ambacoins

  6. I`m sure we can use this virtual currency to buy virtual goods ki ki ki. This Amba nonsense is the biggest joke in mordern times, and I`d be laughing if not for the disastrous consequences wrought on the common folk.

    People with a simplistic mind set tend to equate denouncement of this barbarity with support for the establishment. It`s a pity that all this ragtag army of incompetents with no mandate have succeeded in doing, is render the current gov`t, even more popular than it could ever dream. The general public is so war-weary, they`d rather surrender their basic liberties for the sake of nomalcy.

  7. As the new year creeps in immediately, the IG, should open a fund even with the
    barest of $ 50,000 as start payment of stipend, to any defecting Amba BIR. The IG,
    should have direct control of the administration and disbursement of this fund and
    project. We shall all see the merits of this noble idea.
    No one, should be fooled, that it can`t work or it will become a scam. Total control
    and coordination by the IG will give the defectors great assurances. The rest of the plan
    or programme, is kept confidential for now.
    Ambazonians should like one man, study this noble move and should also shut their
    ears from distractors. The details of this plan, shall be discussed with our CS.
    Best wishes to all my fellow AMBALANDERS, wherever you may be in the coming

  8. Ambaland BIRs, should start thinking of defection come the new year.
    You can`t continue, to kill your own. Bad judgement.

    • No, Joshua… It’s time for you to go to the field and find some eternal peace. Why must you expect others to pay the ultimate price for you?

      All of you, including the Achu-cooking madam Lum must go and reinforce your dying zombies as soon as possible…. Otherwise, just send an apology to your poor mother who spent Christmas in the bushes just because the good Lord is punishing you for following the devil’s command.

      It doesn’t look good for your people, Joshua.

  9. The world is changing, those who innovate may not always succeed on their first try but they are bound to succeed overtime
    An entire generation has been inculcated with the idea of resistance to freedom then self rule.
    Nothing will change that, the hypercentralized Napoleonic Yaoundé government with its 1950 Franco-African colonial play book is out of touch with the reality in Anglophone Cameroon.
    White apartheid South Africans could not kill the dream of freedom and self rule in majority Black South Africans for over 50yrs, why would the Yaoundé Napoleonic regime succeed.
    Amba coin is part of the journey to freedom and self rule, the seed has been planted, freedom and self rule will be the final product.
    There are 2 Cameroons, how long can we deny it?

    • Could you start with some innovative ways to cook Achu? That, I think is something you could handle… Just leave the rest to inspired people. You can’t be that Jack of all trades, my dear.

      • Oh, and by the way, you are ‘two Cameroons’, as you say… But you are essentially a BAFUT WOMAN. Why are you ashamed of yourself? I have told you that you are a loser, and you continue to confirm it with every single statement you make.

        Now the vandals are tricking you towards another conspiracy called AmbaCoin, and you are buying it! Weeh mammaaa… If you can’t manage physical cash will you be able to manage AmbaCoin? You know how it works? No no no, my dear… you are seriously bereaved now, and you must focus on mourning the poor boys you trick to their deaths like dogs.

        If you wrote me a letter and told me that you wanted to establish a CENTRAL BANK, then I would gladly offer you advice free of charge on that.

        AmbaCoin is a SCAM! Don’t do it, my dear. But losers never listen!!!!!

        • Ras Tuge,i don’t expect any thing else from you rather than campaigning against the Ambacoins. You have always been a critic of the Anglophone struggle. You are really brainwashed not to see the cause we are fighting for. One day this struggle wil come to an end with our victory. It started before now, and it wil continue till we are free from l LRP.

        • In his marijuana/cocaine stuffed delusional mind he thinks everybody is talking to him.
          The cry for help is ever getting louder.

        • All lies Gentlemanity and kedioh,

          wuna get ballock daso sey we di keep records for dis forum.

          We sabi all man yi position concerning Anglo palava for dis secteur, no man no fit fool some arda man.

          Wuna mov’t dong try very hard for transform man wey yi no di agree witi wuna mov’t into Anglo-hater, but we know da wuna strategy ever since premier école.

          Meik wa ppl know the TRUTH first, then ifi dem decide after sey na ntomoh holl’am, so be it.

          Wuna no go sell oya for on top wa heads, then we turn back clap hands for wuna. Wuna musto finish we opposant dem first…

        • @ Ras AKA small penis syndrome
          I this, I that, I know it all
          It is obvious to all it originates from the small penis.
          Learn to Make your points on a public forum and move on, cut off the delusions you have a small penis and it is obvious in all your writings of I this, I that, I know it all.
          My writings here are not about you, they are my opinions about Cameroon.
          So get over yourself.. small penis syndrome.

        • My dear, I love it when you talk dirty!

        • Hahahahahaha, Lum….have you got an accurate penismeter out there?

          Would love to have an exact estimate of mine too, with that very bitter cold outside one begins to wonder if evolution is not taking its toll on the size tho.

          Once your estimate is out, I would have to seek for the next Red lite to have your measurement confirmed tho…

  10. The LEAGUE OF NATIONS failed because member states failed to support it. Same thing is about to happen to the Anglophone struggle. At first it was collective just with a simple protest against the regime,but regime in Yaounde Responded with extreme brutality. Many were frustrated and fade up with the regime in Yaounde. My people then took up what available weapon they could lay their hands on to fight the Yaounde regime and the only option was secession and be independent. Judging from the kind of weapons used den guns,rifles, knives and matchets by AmbaBoys you could see the frustration and dejection on their faces. The struggle is failing because ALL ANGLOPHONES have not thrown their weight behind the struggle-some totally against it, some rainning blames against the very Boy who are

  11. @Gentlemanity Of course,not every Eritrean supported the independence of Eritrea.Not every South Sudanese supported the independence of South Sudan.Do u know how SCnians left the Enugu house of Assembly,consult your history books,u will notice that some SC politicians like NN Mbile and Motomby Woleta never wanted SCnians to leave the Enugu house of assembly. Even during the 1961 plebiscite,some SCnians,including my late father,voted for SC’s independence by joining Nigeria becos he never wanted to lose our Ejagham brothers in Y’de.But Foncha dragged us to this bad union.We don’t expect every anglophone to support Ambazonia ideology.But we are moving on.Crypto Currency introduction is a welcome idea.

    • Hahahahaha, Kongosa, why didn’t your father cross over to NGR after? How many of SCs had direct blood ties with NGR?

      You see, these are some of the things you’ll never have the courage to explain to school boys.

      The option to join NGR was the worse of both options. Forget about what we spend our time talking about Foncha, he and his team spent weeks reflecting on that. It is not like you sitting on a keyboard and babble the whole day. This was a crucial decision that was to shape the destiny of a whole folk, and to think that the Fonchas just went it there and sold SC, is very unfair.

      NGR’s condition was that SC lose all its CMR identity and become 100% NGR. LRC guaranteed that ID. Don’t ask me what happened thereafter. But that is what the Fonchas went in for, a WISE decision tho…

      • @ Zam
        If you believe that every woman with a ngraffi sounding name on a public forum is talking about you, to you and every opinion is about you then you have your meter with or without cold.
        This is a public forum people can write their opinions.
        You can [email protected] Ras aka small penis syndrome all you want in gest but it is a defense.
        When his Ngraffi woman bashing attacks are here in public your Gest is a meter?
        Those who batter women always seem to have admirers even in gest.

        • @Lum,

          why all the penisolence on my person instead?

          Anyway, I love the Catholic missionary system, any size can get into mass and pray, without necessarily having to genuflect of course…

        • My dear, penis penis penis, you chant… and you are not getting any! Loser with a loose pit!

    • Now, ur mov’t knows very well that if Anglos discover the truth they’ll disown you guys for fooling them.

      Recall other stuffs your late father said, sorry for the loss, but try to recall all what he told you about how NGRs were treating SCs. Or ask any other relative who is honest and is willing 2 talk. NGRs spat on SCs, as they treated SCs like 10th class citizens.

      This is the TRUTH we’ll never say, coz if we do so, it would soon show that joining LRC was a kinda well-thought going back home.

      This is not to justify what later on transpired out of the UNION, but 2 make pple understand that the basis of that UNION was a good DEAL and not a curse.

      Thing wey yi happen after, ALL man get yi hand for inside the matter, and no man no go solve’am for we, but we sef-sef…

  12. Ayaba cho, should be topmost, on the 2019 agenda.
    That serves him and others right.

    • @Joshua,

      Boh Herbert and his Amba Calling has not yet named Ayaba Cho the Nyamfuka of the week, I wonder why.

      He has named Tapang the Nyamfuka of the week—Ayaba’s kuscha man.

      The game those so-called leaders are playing would soon be obsolete.

      Gen. Ivo is gone, but other generals are still going to continue asking IG and their likes very tough questions they don’t want to hear.

      That mago-mago would soon be over…

  13. Good for you this is the way forward

  14. Those raccoons here have nothing to offer , just big talk no action. This 2019 will be a blessing years for the republic of Cameroon.

  15. Wehhhh! Wuna go broke my banja with laughter. How long are you foolish so called Ambazonians willing to let yourselves be deceived by your so called leaders in the diaspora. For your information they have no control whatsoever over what is going on presently in the NW and SW provinces. Most of them have been bribed by the Biya regime like they did with John Fru Ndi and most of them have realized it’s a lost cause and used your monetary contributions to buy their new homes and new cars. This information is coming from Ambazonians I know living in Toronto. There are groups now from Douala in the SW province pretending to be Ambazonians ambushing people for money. OH MY GOD! DO YOU AMBAZONIANS REALIZE THE DESTRUCTION YOU HAVE CAUSED TO OUR ANGLOPHONE PEOPLE AS A RESULT OF YOUR FOOLISHNESS?

  16. @kongossa. Your father made a bad and self centered decision. Did he think about his fellow sk having same ethnic groups with ek? Your mother is surely igbo. Like father like son despite evolution in man iq. I PERSONALLY know thousand of kamerunians living in nigeria for A DECADE BUT BULK THE NUMBER OF KMR REFUGEES IN NIGERIA With their refugee cards. I’m matured enough to give names.