Cameroon Receives First Returning Asylum-Seekers, Ex-Separatists from Nigeria

VOA | A chartered plane from the Nigerian city of Lagos landed at Yaounde’s international airport late Tuesday with 87 Cameroonian asylum-seekers and former separatists on board.

The group of mainly women and children was the first to return to Cameroon after fleeing to Nigeria to escape fighting between government troops and separatists in Cameroon’s troubled western regions.

Cameroon authorities say they returned voluntarily under an agreement with Nigeria and that at least 700 asylum-seekers and rebels are expected to return before the end of February.

Marie Nash, 29, fled the English-speaking southwestern town of Mamfe two years ago when fighting first broke out, but returned amid renewed talk of peace.

“Because of the war, I have experienced a lot of things,” she said. “I just thank God because they want to bring peace to Cameroon, and I am very happy for that. I want everybody to come back so that we should not fight again. Let us make peace.”

Among the returnees are former separatist fighters like Success Nkongho, who led an armed group called “Ground Zero” before fleeing to Nigeria in October.

He said he returned to Cameroon after the government showed efforts to address the conflict, including October’s national dialogue.

“Prior to the national dialogue, I was invited though I did not come there,” he said. “Today I am here with other combatants (ex fighters) and refugees, asylum seekers. We have come home, and we wish to say please kindly give us another chance.”

Former rebel Leonard Nyambere said he is still in touch with separatists who want to surrender but do not trust authorities’ offer of reintegration.

“Some of us (the fighters) think that the government wants to trick us or to kill us,” he said. “That is why most of our brothers are still in the forest. My friends and my brothers understand that the Cameroon of yesterday is not the Cameroon of today. Everything cannot be solved by the gun.”

On social media, other separatist fighters describe Nyambere and Nkongho as sell-outs to Cameroon’s government and call for their capture.

The former rebels will enter rehabilitation and reintegration programs before being released.

Despite the risk and ongoing conflict, Cameroon authorities are urging the asylum-seekers to return to their homes in the English-speaking, western regions.

Cameroon Territorial Administration Minister Paul Atanga Nji said there is peace in areas where they have been distributing aid, with no attacks from separatist fighters.

“It is a clear indication that there is no humanitarian crisis in Cameroon,” he said. “I think about 5,000 families have gone back to the northwest and the southwest regions of Cameroon, which is a clear indication that everything is coming back to normalcy.”

But the returnees are staying with relatives in Yaoundé and say they are reluctant to go home until all fighting ends and authorities reconstruct villages and towns destroyed in the conflict.

In December, Cameroon’s parliament gave special status for the English-speaking regions in a further effort to halt the conflict.

The special status creates more elected, local leader positions for the two English-speaking regions. It also cedes some powers to elected mayors, such as authority to recruit hospital staff and teachers.

Unrest erupted in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions in 2017 after teachers and lawyers protested discrimination by the country’s French-speaking majority. Cameroon’s military cracked down hard as separatists took up arms.

The UN says the conflict has left at least 3,000 people dead, displaced half a million, and led tens of thousands to flee to neighboring Nigeria.

Credit : Voice of America (VOA)

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  1. I said it the other day, and was almost eaten raw by those who cherish lies telling.
    Dr Success and Nambere, two of the enablers, we all know where they hail from.
    Soon, it will be the turn of Eric / Bareta , then Taaaaanku.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @ dumb lying terrorist Joshua

      Success Nkongho is from Manyu in the South West Province!

      Leonard Nambere is also from the South West!

      Joshua the dumb one, proclaimed the other day that all graffi people are not to be trusted. Joshua said only South Westerners like Success Nkongho and Leonard Nambere should be trusted. The ambazombie excombatants and refugees trust Success Nkongho and Leonard Nambere!

      This Joshua is a complete idiot. No wonder the terrorist is living a miserable and wretched life!

  2. I pray these refugee don’t make LRC their homeland.

    • The new status will be IDP(Internally Displaced Persons) unless they go right back to their original homes in Manyu where the same “Chef de Terre” reigns supreme, ready to order them on exile once more.

  3. The Amba girls who neutralised Fraudster Ekema Esunge have been activated to take care of Nambere and Fake Pastor Success.

    • Der Krieg ist vorbei, Kumpel. Unterschreibt einfach euren Kapitulationsbrief und schickt ihn per Post.

      • Träumen ist keine verlorene Zeit, sondern ein Auftanken der Seele. Dann kannst du weiter träumen.

  4. Welcome back home. Yaounde is much better than the refugee camp in Nigeria.

  5. Nkongho played his part with lrc to see to it that the Nera ten are where they are today.he might have denied it then but his recent actions have proven that he had been a sellout all along.

    Nambere on his part,hasn’t been in this fight for more than a year now,and our fighters have been just fine in taking the fight to the enemy with enormous success.his being in yaounde wouldn’t change the dynamics on the field,it rathers proves a feeble minded individual with regards to our struggle,and the great warriors that we have.

    Lrc should be rest assured that we are in this to win the war they declared on us.yaounde can keep on with its games,but our guerillas will keep on outsmarting them.ask the Russians if they ever defeated the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Terrorist palapala

      War is not fought on facebook! Go fight in Cameroon! Nyamfukah!

      Main Successes of Ambazombie Terrorists:

      1) Successfully stealing 4 years of education from the poorest children of the NW/SW of Cameroon.
      2) Amputated the arms of hundreds of CDC workers from the NW/SW
      3) Amputated the arms of hundreds of young girls for going to school
      4) Burnt down hospitals, schools and churches
      5) Rape, torture, and beheading of innocent women from the NW/SW like Ma Florence Ayafor.
      6)The biggest success of the ambazombie terrorists is the fact that they have collected over 400 million frances in ransom money from people of the North West and South West and sent the money to Criz Anuz, Ayaba Choke, Tapang, Mark Baretta, Akwanga et al.

      • Kumkum

        Education is the aquisition of knowledge,skills,values,beliefs and habits.
        Most of our kids who haven’t been to school for four years are fortunate enough to possess one of the above qualities while a troll like you possesses none.

        Pathetic you should mention Florence Ayafor here after what you did to her,am sure her ghost or sleepless nights wouldn’t let you first it was the fake burial,and after that was debunked,you had please your masters by beheading a good low can you sink scum bag.

        You might think we don’t know you,but you are mistaken.lets wait and see how all these turns out.
        May the soul of Florence RIP only after it has seen to it that yours is in hell.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        @Palapala the wonderful international Idiot Terrorists

        You are so dumb that you think that depriving your own children from education is the first step to independence.

        You are so dumb that you believe that depriving children from education for 4 years will give the children more skills and habits. How dumb do you have to be to think like that?

        How can this idiot claim that the children of the NW/SW have acquired more skills from being deprived from education by terorists. Why do you terrorists keep decapitating students who are desperate for the education that you do not have?

        I continjue to say the ambazombies are the most foolish people from Cameroon. Otherwise how can this idiot Palapala claim that children are better off without education?

        Nyamfukah! Shumbu! Shegue! Death to you

        • @ Kumkum

          Death will first visit those who wish others dead.

        • Kumkum Pass Garrri

          @ Vonjesco That is why death will first visit all the ambazombie terrorists and enablers who have been trying to kill me and all other proud Cameroonians from the NW/SW (Aka black legs) just because we do not agree with their stupid ambazombie terrorism!

          Death to the terrorists who first wished me death! Vonjesco just told you that death will visit you first!

      • Terrorist Palapala you are certainly lacking in knowledge and you have no values.

        Ambazombies are the most foolish Cameroonians.

        Ambazombies have shown that they have no valuies in the following ways:
        – Torturing, raping and beheading innocent people from the NW/SW!
        – Amputaing the a want to go to school
        – Amputating the arms of CDC workers
        – Burning down schools and hospitals
        – Kidnapping innocent people from NW/SW for ransom. YOu have extorted over 500 million frances in the last 4 months and rest assured you will be brought to justice for that
        – Lyiing to youth that the school year will be cancelled so that they should not go to school
        – Depriving pregnant women and children from emergency health care

        These are not the actions of knowledgeable people.

        You are a shumbu and idiot!

        • Kumkum

          It seems i have touched a nerve and the troll has come out wailing miserably.

          Before i even start a conversation with a moron like you,could you please give me the yearly statistical data university graduates per employment in your banana republic.

          Going to school and being educated are two different things.a scum bag like you might have gone through the four wall of a classroom but ended up with just the coconut head that you have, mbut man and killer.

          Those kids are being home schooled and at least given one form of education by their smart parents,not dullards like you,which is why i maintain that they are still better off than you even where they are.

          Your kleptocratic government keeps churning out white collard thieves/killers like yourself(Ayafor Florence) from their

        • Universities with absolutely no clue on how to employ them,except turn them to thieves/killers like yourself and your good friend Atango.

          Ambazonians have no lessons to learn from your type because we’ve been run home like the bad boy that you are and cry on your mothers laps.Ambazonians know you keep on commiting your atrocious acts.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          I will continue to expose yuour stupidity

          You want Cameroonians to believe that those odeshi clad, tramadol and marijuana intoxicated illiterates, who can not make one correct sentence in English are better than the teachers of the mission schools and trained teachers from ENS!

          Only an absolute fool will think that Cameroonians from the NW/SW will prefer to be educated by illiterates like Field Marchsall, Obi, Ivo, RK, Sinna Rambo rather than be educated in schools like Sasse, SAHECO and BGS Molyko!

          Cameroonians are not stupid like ambazombies! The schools in Douala/Yaounde are flooded with hundreds of thousands of children from the NW/SW who prefer not to be educated to be rapists, drug addicts and beheaders like you!

          Nyamfukah! Shumbu

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @Palapala, you ambazombie idiots are victims of believing your own lies!

          You amputated the leg of the young lady in Tiko because she was trying to organise home schooling for kids!

          Palapala you are amputating the arms of girls who want to go to school! You are beheading teachers who attempt to go to school and you are amputating the legs of private citizens who try to home school kids.

          You ambazombies are the most foolish people on earth! Your ambazombie terrorists have given the world an abundance of evidence of their attrocities! The whole world is aware that you are depriving children from education using beheading tactics that have never been used by the ISIS movement, so we do not care what delusional, dumb idiots like palapala think!

          Dr Success is the Black Legs man of the year!

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          IPalapala, I will continue to expose your stupidity:

          Why are you so dumb to assume that universities are supposed to give employment to all their graduates? You are an absolute fool!

          Universities give education and the students are supposed to use that education to find employment anywhere in this global village called the world!

          Thousands of Cameroonians graduate every year from university and a good proportion of them are able to land good jobs!

          Palapala do not blame Cameroon for your stupidity! If you cannot use your education from Cameroon then you are just dumb and do not blame others for having a very slow brain! A form 3 kid from the NW won the google coding competition. The kid learned reading and comprehension in school and applied it!

          Apply your education! Nyam


        • Kumkum

          Where you born and fed with sheep milk?

          I thought coutries are supposed to maintain talent,but per kumkum the dullard with the lowest iq on this forum,that’s for the global village.

          Ok pa fool can you please give us a scientific data of how many graduates from lrcs universities that do land international jobs upon graduation?

          You are not ashamed to say that you are training the best for the international market to end up with dullards like you and Atango wander your head is so stuck up in Atangos ars you can’t reason scum bag.

          Who ever talked of universities employing their graduates in your banana republic?i asked for simple statistics of graduates per government employment,and you start jumping all over the place,monkey.

          You killed Florence Ayafor in cold blood,

        • and think that you and your friends in yaounde can run away from that,shame on you scoundrel.

          Talking of atrocities on ground zero,why is your government so afraid to allow independent bodies to come in and gather the facts?if people don’t respond to you here,it’s because you are very noisy and stupid.and no matter the amount of noise you make,no body takes you seriously yam head or na pounded kumkum head.

          Bla bla bla with the same useless talking points all the time run along like the bad boy that you are,and cry on your mummys laps monkey boy.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          Wonderful international idiot Palapala. I WILL CONTINUE TO EXPOSE YOUR STUPIDITY!

          Can you tell us how tonsend our children to the ambazombie schools. I have three children in Bello Kom that I will like to enroll! You lying scum bag! You decapitate children and teachers to prevent them fro acquiring/diseminating education because the university does not give employment to all ts graduates. I do not need to say more to show the world how stupod you are!

          Only an absolute fool like you will argue that the world is not a glo al village. If you are dumb and lazy do not assume that others are as dumb and lazy as you!

          If you are hardworking the sky is your limit. If you are a lazy ambazombie terrorist then your dumbness and stupidity is your limit! NYAMFUKAH! Wretched DIOT SHUMBU!

        • Kumkum

          When we talk of an empty calabash,that’s really what you have for a head.
          Common statistics oh,you can’t give.
          At least you are in lrc now,so tell Atango to give it to you.

          Reading comprehension too don pass you?i di still prepare mulongo for whip that ya koki buttocks,or you want make i talk na ya contry talk dullard.

          Your head is so much stuck up in Atangos ars,so much so that you only say what he farts.

          Stay down there and behead more Ambazonians as it is your job,but you will never escape justice.your hands are soaked in innocent Ambazonian blood,and you will pay for that scum bag.

          Global village,and children you want to send to school,why don’t you take them to London,or your global village starts and ends in Ambazonia.with your head in Atangos ars,how can you reason.

  6. Let them go back and rebuild their lives. People on the ground have started opening their eyes to the lies told by facebook tropical anglo-saxons. The other day, the people in Bali Kumbat gave some hot kumkum. Others have done the same in Tiko, Bui etc.

    Ova don na mbut. mttb has made circuits flourish in maryland. Kikikikikikikikikikiki

  7. Welcome home, bros and sis….that is the land of your birth.

    Nice move from Success and Nambere, you guys have taken the wisest decision of your lives. A person like Nambere is father of seven—who can take care of those kids other than Nambere?

    Sako and large mouthed Anu-s have all opened accounts for their kids in NGR and LRC, short man Cho wanted to secure his own share, unfortunately his ignorance didn’t allow him to comprehend that oil cannot be sold on the streets.

    I know Tapang is already in contacts with LRC—I trust that coni man…

  8. Amen. Kumkum pass gari. And the Cameroon army did all the right things. Protected the Anglophones, built schools and hospitals and roads. Protected babies, women and children. No abuse. Nothing. Grand professional army. God Bless Cameroon

    With this kind of thinking Cameroon can only be going down the path of self-destruction where the country is.
    The likes of kumkum pas gari are real patriots

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Muna Mbua

      I am a proud Cameroonian from the Noth West who stands for the total annihilation of all ambazombie terorists and their enablers. I am a Black Leg who was a target of ambazombie terrorism!

      I am here to expose the scams of the ambazombie conmen in the diaspora called leaders.
      I am here to expose the stupidity of the ambazombie supporters and enablers.
      I am here to expose the violent acts of terrorism commited by ambazombie terrorists every day on innocent people of the NW/SW. I am here to expose the daily beheading of innocent people from the NW/SW by ambazombie terrorists!
      I am here to expose the fact that ambazombie terrorists have extorted over 500 million CFA from innocent people of the NW/SW over the last 4 months!

      Muna Mbua, we will annihilate ambazombies not Cameroon!

      • I’ll applause your patriotism if you can go and rally people in the NW/SW to march on any of the ghost town or locked down days instead of vibrating and exposing your gross ignorant on social media.

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @ALex the ambafool mugu

          Why are you so dumb to assume that I care whether or not you applaud me?

          Why are you so stupid to think that I care about idiots like you? I am here to expose your stupidity and not top get applauds from you! You are an irrelevant ambazombie fool who is as goos as non-existent.

          Nyamfukah!Dullness go kill you! Reserve your applauds for Sicksiku, Criz Anuz, Ayaba Choke, Akwanga and your ambazombie terrorists and scammers. Shumbu!!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Muna Mbua, since you are an amazombie trying to distract me, I will use this opportunity to expose your stupidity.

      You have abolished education for the poorest children of the NW/SW and claim that you are fighting for freedom. You are either a conman or an absolute fool! Education is freedom. There is no freedom without education! You cannot be enslaving millions of Cameroonian children and at the same time claim that you are fighting for their freedom! That is absolute stupidity!

      You label people like me who do not agree with your stupidity ‘Black Leg’ and then target me for kidnap torture and beheading yet you are so stupid and delusional that you think that will endear you to me. Muna Mbua, You are an absolute fool.

      The Black legs vs Ambazombie terrorists fight is on!! Nyamfukah!

  9. Good move from Success and Nambere. Any man weh this hot he make he go down for GZ fight. people are suffering brothers and sisters. just coming from GZ for holidays. you just have to see what our brothers and sisters are going through in D’la and Y’de because of this. I do not support Biya’s government but from the sufferings our brothers are going through i think i will prefer our boys to drop the guns. Also the leaders of ambazonia are making things worst with poor managment. Ambazonia can still archive independence by using diplomatic procedure.

  10. Larepublique can do what they want.
    It is autonomy or a fight until autonomy or independence is achieved.

    • @Epée,

      Success Nkongoh is negotiating a safe corridor leading to Eyumojock, so your bros can regain their homes and farms. Is that not a great move? Our Ejagham folks that crossed over to Awala are also no refugees, they are simply on vocation at their Ekoi-cousins’ homes in Cross River State.

      On another note Nambere is going back to Awala to fly about 300 fighters back home. At this pace, we’ll need a Boeing 747. Our government should open individual accounts for fund raising to help those bros and sis—some of us are very ready to right the wrongs of that diaspora having a life-ban in CMR…

  11. As UN stats 279,000 refugees in Nigeria 925,000 internally displaced persons.
    A plane to bring back 87 persons from Nigeria brings about a 1 week Propaganda celebration In hypercentralized tribal Yaoundé.
    There are hundreds of LRC citizens in Libya being auctioned as slaves and the so concerned government is unable to send a plane to bring them back
    Who is fooling who?
    Why are refugees in Nigeria?
    The hypercentralized Francophone tribal Yaoundé government declared war on minority Anglophones in Southern Cameroons.
    Today 4million affected
    350 villages burnt down
    855,000 children no school
    279,000 refugees in Nigeria
    925,000 internal refugees
    All these cosmetic solutions are just a distraction to the real problem
    Southern Cameroons shall be free!

  12. Hey Hey Hey, Ambazonia is done. Mbut people wey no fit use their head. Welcome home fellow brothers and sisters.

  13. Its much better to be a refugee in LRC that to be a refugee in Nigeria. Please send more planes to bring some people to Yaounde. Let them make Yaounde their home till the war is over.

  14. @bobjazz See how stupid u are? a refugee voluntarily returns home,no anywhere else.Is Yaounde,Nambere’s home? how different is Nigeria and Yaounde? Nambere is still a refugee,or u may want to called him an IDP.He is not different from the other SC politicians who have remained in Yaounde and cannot go back to their base becos of the war.As for the other brother and sisters,was Yoaunde their base? If yes,then they have never been refugees becos there is no war in Yaounde(LRC).If SC was their base before the war,then i am sorry to inform u that they are now IDPs. So,nothing new has happen.The dynamics have still not changed.

  15. @Gen Ivo ”Its much better to be a refugee in LRC that to be a refugee in Nigeria.”…Of course,it’s better to be a VIP IDP like Nambere,than to be a refugee in Nigeria.We have so many VIP IDPs,Fru Ndi,Mbah Ndam,Mafany Fon Chafah and many others are VIP IDPs.Nambere and Success Nkongho have just joined their ranks.What about those non VIP IDPs that are sleeping on the streets of Douala and Yaounde? what about the thousands of those that are in bushes,in need of humanitarian aid?Well,sorry to burst your bubble,the dynamics have still not changed,we have a serious humanitarian crisis in Cameroon that needs urgent attention.Transforming refugees to VIP IDPs have no impact on the humanitarian disaster that we are currently facing.When will the war be over? any idea?

    • @Kongossa,

      there is no CMR refugee in NGR.

      That was a plan fashioned by Ayaba Cho in border-villages, he ordered Amba boys to threaten any villager that will refuse to either seek refuge in NGR or in the bush. Those villagers are not in NGR cos of LRC but cos of Amba boys.

      Now, the goal Ayaba was aiming at is easy to understand—create a humanitarian crisis so as to invite UN. It has now transpired that Ayaba had at least 6 jokers in his hands, including the beheading of Anglo women to force Anglos to totally submit to his authority. This is where he and Gen Ivo started having probs, cos Ivo swore never to touch the hair of an Anglo, hence Ayaba had to name Ivo’s subaltern as Field Marshall, higher than general. But that was not enough to scare Ivo, death was one of Cho’s jokers…

      • Chai Bamileke JEwish BAstard, you are a master manipulating lair. Ayaba has heard worst lies that his so try your best you stinking crafty koni man. You are an absolute dog head eater. hypocritical bastard.

        • Nkongho has has dared you devils to touch one hair on Nambere’s head and see the wrath that shall befall your families back home…

        • Kumkum Pass Garrri

          Terrorist l’enemie the human head eater!

          What did you and Ayaba Cho do to Ma Ayafor Florence?

  16. Dear tropical anglo-saxons aka citizens of the facebook republic:

    on behalf of the ordinary africans of the regions in cameroon you want to claim as your country, please come and pick up the abandoned corpses of your soldiers. instead of running your mouth on facebook and encouraging terrorism, go bury your rotting dead who you fooled to pick up arms against a state.

    we di beg wuna….kikikikikikikikikikiki


    “The longer the conflict lasts, the less likely that Cameroon will remain a single nation
    Eritreans refused to accept any federation with Ethiopia after three decades of war. There was simply too much bitterness. Even after the independence accords, a two-year border war in 1998 killed hundreds of thousands; it did not officially end until Ethiopia’s new premier Abiy Ahmed made an unexpected, unilateral peace overture last year.
    It may not be too late to return to the UN-approved federation between Anglophone and Francophone Cameroon that existed prior to 1972. That arrangement would provide Anglophones with the autonomy they deserve. But time is running out!.

    By Herman Cohen
    Herman J. Cohen is the former assistant secretary of state for African affairs (1989–1993)

    • It is not uncommon for a drowning man to hold on to a snake for safety.

      Wuna don see weti?

      Herman Cohen na wuna nostradamus? Kikikikikikikikikikikiki

  18. @Brothajoe So u really believed this fake republic that you created in 1984(LRC) was going to stand the test of time?See how it is now crumbling and the international community has no choice but to ask u to negotiate with the face book republic.Yaounde has no diplomatic support,they are counting on their military.The face book Republic have not only won diplomatic battle,they are winning on ground.When LRC rush to Nigeria to bribe some people and present them to the world as ”refugees returning home” then just know they are losing.And i bet u,nobody,including UN believe in that show they just put there on the 31st of December.AMBASONIA IS REAL.GET USED TO IT….

    • Kongosa,

      Show me a state that wasn’t created by humans, then we can start having a conversation. If this fake country was created in london you will be cutting people’s heads for it. Please safe your hatred of fellow africans for your facebook republic cult members.

      The gov’t of cameroon is doing what any state will do. If the us can negotiate with the taliban why can’t ours negotiate with the head slicers. If negotiation makes you feel important, then run with it. if not, you can settle it on the battle front like you’re already doing.

      Fight until the last man so africans like myself can help rebuild our country. keep fighting. wata na wata. kikikikikikikikikikikiki

    • Brothajoe is a Metta Satan. The metta criminals are known for their political duplicity and never ending urge to satisfy their tastebuds even if it means selling their own people. From their Ancestor Solomon Tandeng Muna to his children and to this short stupid ugly metta criminal here brothajoe selling is own people for a fake union Ahidjo created and Biya baptized at the expense of his own people, you can see how they think, behave and agitate. There are no other greedy criminals in the Northern zone that gravitate towards such level of extortion compared to these Metta traitors. Brothajoe you time is short. Your wicked satanic maffia self hiding in the USA that was built by people’s blood and at the same time denying your people the freedom they deserve because of greed is closing soon.

      • Listen to this Pinyin man auto-flagellating himself.

        Myondo di laf koki sey dem tie yi neck, bot yi forget sey dem tie na yi whole body.

        Brothajoe, continue for ignore the chor-choro brain thing.

        Eske clock di waka witi dorti bird?…

      • Kumkum Pass Garrri

        L’enemie, the ambazombie terrorist!

        Freedom to l’enemie means:
        – The abolishment of education for the poorest in our communities!
        – Depriving women and children from urgent medical care in the name of terrorist lock downs
        – Raping, torturing and dismembering helpless women from Pinying like Ma Ayafor Florence
        – Amputating the arms of CDC workers
        – Burning down schools and hopitals
        -Kidnapping people from the NW/SW for ransom. Over 500 million frs extorted in the last 6 months from people of the NW/SW
        – Kill and/or destroy the property of anyone who disagrees with l’enemie and Ayabba Cho.

        L’enemie is surprised that Cameroonians are not interested in his type of freedom because he is an absolute delusional and dumb terrorist!

  19. “Refugees and Asylum seekers” returning to LRC.
    First if you’re an Asylum seeker by international/the host country law you’re NOT allowed nor can you be sent back to the country from which you were
    persecuted by you host country- in this case Nigeria.
    Secondly,refugees registers on UNCHR system can’t be handed to an individual (Nkongho) to take back to their country of origin. Only a more member of government (minister) or such of that rank the UNCHR hand -over refugees to him/her. Nkongho Success isn’t a cabinet minister nor LRC government official- hence UNCHR couldn’t have handed refugees to him to bring to LRC. The truth is that those are Francophones – who’re in Nigeria schooling or doing business and decided to come home to LRC for vacation LRC is stooping too low with lies. Shame.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri


      You are so stupid and dumb!

      An asylum seeker can return to their country iof they think that their life is not in danger!

      Why are you so dumb to assume that an asylum seeker or refugee can not be allowed to return to his home country? Why are you ambazombie fools so stupid?

      Why are you so dumb to make assumptions in your head and start arguing against your own dumb assumptions? You can choose to ignore the evidence that these are all ambazombie ex-combatants as confirmed by the ambazombie terrorists and continue to believe your own lies because you are an absolute fool!
      We know the truth! The excombatants know the truth! The returning refugees and their families and friends know the truth.
      So Alex, remain in darkness!! You ambafool idiot!

  20. I’ll applause your patriotism if you can go and rally people in the NW/SW to march on any of the ghost town or locked down days instead of vibrating and exposing your gross ignorant on social media.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Alex the absolute ambazombie fool;
      Please reserve your ambazombie applauds for yourself! I do not value applauds from an absolute fool! Only an absolute fool will value the applauds of an absolute fool like you!

      Please go applaud your ambazombie absolute fools, they will appreciate it not me!

      Dr. Success Nkongho has done it!

      Wata no be H20 na wata!
      Kumkum pass Garri

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