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Cameroon: Registration on electoral roll underway

APAnews | Voter registration throughout Cameroon and in the country’s diplomatic representations abroad began on Wednesday, under the supervision of ELECAM, the body in charge of organizing and managing the electoral process, APA can report.

“The process we launched today is part of the revision, not the redesign of the voters’ lists,” ELECAM boss Erik Essousse said.

The Electoral Code provides for the grooming of the electoral lists between January 1 and August 31 each year.

During the exercise, which has just been completed, 6,667,754 people were registered, including 19,420 abroad. 3.5 million Cameroonians voted in the presidential election of October 7, 2018, representing a turnout rate of 53.85 percent.

Essousse invited “all young people who have reached the age of voting i.e. 20 years of age, to register on the electoral rolls as well as other undecided persons in order to exercise the right to vote and to participate in the choice of the country’s leaders.”

According to the electoral calendar, Cameroon will hold at least two elections in 2019, including legislative and municipal elections scheduled for September.

As part of strengthening its decentralization, Cameroon could hold its first regional elections this year with the establishment of regional councils in all ten regions of the country.

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  1. Another Franco-Colonial Napoleonic failed system.
    What is decentralization? Sheep to slaughter house called elecam.
    The people of Fako will elect an indigenous governor of Fako who has their best interests in a federal system.
    All these tribal appointees from ENAM who went to ENAM by tribal connections and then appointed to rule over people they have no interest in will not work.
    The colonial mafia Called ENAM and all the tribal graduates you send to Anglophone Cameroon to continue the process Francophonization apartheid will not succeed.
    Before the Germans we elected our own leaders, before the English we elected our own leaders and after franco-African Governors we will elect our on leaders.
    Desire to be free is innate.
    No amount of manipulation by elecam will fix it.

    • A window dressing election body, a staged attempt of legitimacy by pretending to be doing something useful. Francophones are resistant to the formulation of a creative, socially competent, economically dynamic and knowledge-based economic institutions that protect the rights of the ordinary Cameroonian for the benefit of their slave master, France. How francophones can keep buying this buffoonery is something that is astoundingly and profoundly mesmerizing. This can only be seen as a people suffering from identity issues and so they proudly appropriate the identity of another. For the sake of tribalism, they have sold their souls to the devil and are bent on remaining under depravity for the benefit of colonial ideas that stifle their own growth and development. Wake up East Cameroon!

  2. Cameroonians who resent it when their compatriots make constructive criticisms ought to be asking themselves why ELECAM, like MINFI would do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome.

    Is it any secret that from well back in time, when Inoni Ephraim was still in the good books, ANTILOPE (Application Nationale de Traitement Informatique des Personnels de l’Etat) was introduced to solve this matter of workers featuring on the payroll but not at their jobs?
    ANTILOPE made way for three generations of SIGIPES ( I, II, III) for the same ailment of “ghost workers”. Outcome?????
    And now the new music is called COPPE (Comptage Physique des Personnels de l’Etat) with plenty of ululation. Will this be the final magic wand? Only time will tell.


    In SC, there will be:


    Amba boys will enforce the above-mentioned ZEROS.

lectus in dapibus mi, facilisis at Sed elit. id, ut