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René Emmanuel Sadi

Cameroon rejects U.S. report of rights abuses by Cameroon security forces

YAOUNDE, Nov. 1 Xinhua | Cameroon said Friday that it firmly opposed what it called “bias” report by the U.S. on human rights abuses committed by Cameroon security forces.

On Thursday, U.S president Donald Trump made known his intention to scrap trade benefits for Cameroon citing “persistent gross violations of internationally recognized human rights” by Cameroonian soldiers.

“The government of Cameroon categorically rejects these allegations against its professional forces,” said Cameroon’s Minister of Communication and government spokesman Emmanuel Rene Sadi in a statement read on state broadcaster Cameroon Radio Television.

“We strongly condemn attacks against Cameroon which reflect a desire to weaken our institutions and undermine the morale of our defence and security forces in their mission to restore order and preserve our territorial integrity.” Sadi added.

Cameroon security forces are facing a separatist conflict in its English-speaking regions of Northwest and Southwest where separatists want to create an independent nation and in its Far North region where terror group, Boko Haram continues to attack their barracks.

Sadi said the security forces where in the conflict zones to rescue the population of the terror “and not to be their executioners” stressing that the situation in the English-speaking regions of the country is “getting to normalcy”.

Armed separatists fighting for the “independence” of the two Anglophone regions in Cameroon have been clashing with government forces since November 2017.

The United Nations estimates that more than 530,000 people have been displaced internally by the conflict.

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  1. Why, is the military protecting the population when there is no Anglophone problem?
    Continue to tell lies so as to kill all the young boys / girls who dare protest to challenge
    almighty Biya. Cameroon, is no island. The world, knows what is going on there.

  2. This Sadi man like Tchiroma should be protecting his dear soul because the worse is yet to reach LRC . Run if i were you instead of making empty noise

  3. Trump should be impeached quickly so a Democratic White House will roast these Eric Tataw and tapang Ivo terrorist in Maryland. Trump is just as corrupt as the IG. Birds of same feather flock together.

    • I see stupidity and ignorance at it’s apex. You say President Trump is corrupt and your President Paul Biya is fine. You must be on some cheap drugs.

    • This evil Mark Berrito aka Mbappe imbecile must be coming from that Beti-Bulu hell. With your rotting teeth like impeach. Go impeach Biya and stop his genocide madness if you are sane at all. Will you also impeach the Senators and Congressmen that came to Yaounde yo hand your dictator an indicting report or the American Doctors at Mbingo and Shisong hospitals that had to call their embassy when patients were dragged off their hospital beds and extrajudicially murders few metres from the hospital. Shortly after that the terrorist genocidal army stormed the same hospital holding them at gun point and a State Department warning was issued to tie junta on a direct phone line to leave the hospital staff alone. Maximum Biya has is 2 years. He will be caged at the ICC little idiot.

  4. Satan has settled in Cameroon. God save my beloved country. How can this man shamelessly say the Cameroon army is professional and it’s not committing any crimes against humanity. The burning of villages has been documented. The torture has been documented. It all started with the torture of girls in Buea University
    Why has the Cameroon (mis) government sold its soul to the Devil
    God help Cameroon.

  5. When you see a dictator and close associates who are suppose to be enjoying retirement still trying to defend the integrity of a failed state, then you see Africa is still where it is today. Thanks to President Trump for this move. Cameroon definitely needs more sanctions. Whoever is defending Cameroon military should go talk to the refugees and hear their stories. People sit in Yaounde and call security forces ‘professional’ even after satellite images and testimonies speak contrary. Dementiated brains

    • Sanctions never affect the ones in power, but the little guy.
      Please think before spewing nonsense.
      Sanctions on Russia, Venezuela have affected who?
      How about Irak during the 90x and 200x?
      Dude things have to change in that triangle, but sanctions will impact the wrong targets.
      Btw Cameroon does not really use or take advantage of AGOA.
      No big deal

  6. Give me a break you can’t seriously be supporting the failed junta back home if you are then you need intervention. Come impeach him if you can CPDM troll

  7. Shethole country with shethole liars as civil ministers. Perhaps the Les devils defending evil were well educatod a la Kawa Yanick. The curtain is closing fast on you devils. Good job Pa Trump and more fire Amba Boys.

  8. Cameroonians should pray for the South Province aka Grand South. Events of the previous fortnight first in Sangmelima and now in Ebolowa have conveniently earned for that region the moniker of “secessionists”!!!!!!!

    It is so easy to migrate to and Lord it over Victoria. But to allow reverse migration and settlement in the Grand South is proving to be problematic. Vivre Ensemble is facing hurdles from local elites, local sous-prefet, local gangsters all acting in unison to keep out the aliens.

    • This is a natural reaction to guys like yourself and the like of nganang.
      You harvest what you sow

      • Mbappe
        They have not seen anything yet.
        They will soon need a laissez-passé to enter the Betiland.
        When we start kicking them out of Yaoundé, then they will understand that you don’t wake a slipping lion up!
        People are still burried under the mud in Bafoussam, and the pigs are running to the beautiful and peaceful south to bring dirt and provoque the lions???
        They were lucky they didn’t enter Ebolowa.

  9. “….. stressing that the situation in the English-speaking regions of the country is “getting to normalcy”.


  10. Long live the USA qui ont sauvé des vies Ambazoniennes.
    Long Live the USA qui aident l’Ambazonie
    Long Live the USA for helping AMBAZONIA to emerge from the darkness of la ripoublique francophone du Cameroun.

    Ambazonia shall be FREE.

    • Do you know that that same USA is the one helping and training the military and special forces in the NOSO?
      Why are you Africans so stupid?

  11. We will never yield.

  12. The government of Cameroon is very dishonest.They think that the world is full of dull and blind people.Hundreds of internally displaced people and refugees who have fled from the English speaking regions have testified to the fact that the Cameron army is responsible for 95% of the atrocities committed on the population of these regions..The government is busy defending itself instead of acknowledging their crimes.My little nephew was shot dead by the Cameron army in Matoh village.I lost two friends in Bole Bakundu.Allbof them killed by the army.The army has killed thousands of our people and burnt down hundreds of villages and private homes in towns.Rene Sadi minister of communication has nothing to say.All what he is saying isblies and propaganda.His role is to misinform the world.The B

  13. How, many persons(Civilians)are taking shelter in military camps
    in Southern Cameroon’s?
    President Trump just read the first page of the documented reports of humans rights abuses in La Republique Due Cameroun. When President Trump will complete reading the document,others sanctions will follow. LRC should tighten her belt for more sanctions.
    U.S.A isn’t France. OK.

  14. The earlier Biya Regime restore the two states federarion that was created by the UN the better for the country. If not UN will grant Southern Cameroon their independence and French Cameroon will suffer the consequences. Southern Cameroon is too rich with natural resources.Years of marginalization is over.No matter how hard France tried to support Biya ,America be it Democrats or Republican will fight for Southern Cameroon.Southern Cameroon are God’s chosen people and God will use America to fight for their liberation. Nevertheless there are millions of educated and southern Cameroonians out here who are fighting underground .

  15. What is American Army doing all over the flat Earth? Wona chop fine chop I beg.

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