Cameroon road construction project commencing

World Highways | A key road construction project in Cameroon is now commencing.

Work is starting on an important road link in Cameroon. An Italian contractor, ICM-Construction, is handling the project.

The plan is to improve the 179km route connecting Kribi, on the coast in South Cameroon, with Ebolowa, which lies inland. This road project is costing an estimated US$225.6 million.

Funding is being provided by the Standard Chartered Bank as well as the UK export credit agency, UKEF. Improving this road link is expected to take three years to complete.

The town of Ebolowa is the capital of Cameroon’s South Region. Meanwhile Kribi is a busy resort town in the south of the country. Improving the road link will help develop the country’s tourist trade.

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  1. Can some one tell the last time Biya traveled to Europe? They’ve saved some money from his regular trips to Europe and want to build road now. Hahaha

    Constructing A 179KM road for 3 years what are the doing? site seeing or what.

  2. Do tourist land in Ebolowa? How about tourist landing in Douala and going to Limbe? How about those tourist who want to see the old slave last stop in Bimbia? Who is fooling who? It.s almost time to leave so start parking your backs because the milking cow is gonna spit you out any time from now.You will not complete any of those projects you are hurrying to accomplish because, the Ambassonians wouldn’t let you get any resources from their country anymore.

    • But bro, i think there is a well paved road linking Douala and Limbe? Even right to Bimbia?

      • that man have lived out of cameroon until he is confused .he doesnt know there’s a tarred road to limbe.

    • By the way the strategy of projecting the industry of tourism as engine of growth is a strategy designed to distract us from agriculture and manufacturing where super growth can be generated with millions of jobs in record time.

    • Here is the kind of idiot that creates havoc in Cameroon. He hasn’t been to Cameroon for decades and has no idea of facts on the ground, but yet sends youngsters to die for a cause he himself don’t know a thing about.

  3. Kribi to Ebolowa ; 179KM in 3 years, Doula Yaoundé 60 KM in 10 years and work suspended because of non payment of bills. Another ploy to borrow and pay for imported fish, rice, palm oi, petrol, French wine and champagne, sardine and bread! Once they get the money they tell the bank its our money and we decide how to use!!!!!! Broke lrc

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