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Cameroon says armed separatist commander among 4 killed in troubled Anglophone zone

YAOUNDE (Rahnuma | ): Cameroon said on Friday that the commander of the Ambazonia Defense Force (ADF), popularly known as General Ivo, and three other armed separatists were killed early Friday in a clash in Teke, a remote locality in Southwest, one of the two English-speaking regions of the country.

General Ivo

“Chief terrorist called General Ivo was killed during an operation early this morning at Teke,” an army statement said. “His corpse has been brought to the military camp in Mabanda.”

The death was immediately confirmed by Ambazonia Governing Council (AGC), the main sponsor of ADF.

“This morning, one of Ambazonia’s bravest and finest breed was killed in action. General Ivo died in the battle of Teke,” AGC leader Ayaba Cho posted on his Facebook page.

There were conflicting reports about who killed the separatist leader. Locals told Xinhua he was killed when a local armed vigilante group attacked his camp but the army said he was killed by Cameroon’s elite Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR).

Ivo, one of the very first separatists who took up arms to fight the Cameroonian army, was controlling over 30 camps of armed separatists across the restive Anglophone regions, a military source told Xinhua.

ADF is among about 20 armed separatist groups, the source said.

Since November last year, government forces have been clashing with armed separatist forces who want the two regions to secede from the majority French-speaking nation and form a new country called “Ambazonia.”

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  1. i often here people saying on this forum that the government is commiting genocide.but the question we should ask is,before taking arms against gorvenment,what did they think will be governments reaction?this is something that was very easy to see ahead of time.simple pragmatic strategic thinking enable people to avoid making mistakes that cause tragedies like this.
    infact this is nothing but self inflicted wounds that result from extreme ignorance.before fighting somebody you aught to weigh both forces objectively and be certain of victory before starting.
    the failure and success of people is in the quality of information that control their minds.what is the quality of information controlling our minds today?

    • I hear, hear, hear, hear, hear, hear!

      Please consider the harm your peculiar dyslexicon does to adversely impact what others write/read! There is nothing wrong with returning to school, learning to do it well before coming out to practice.

    • You finished your post with a very important point. You are a smart guy. What is the quality of information controlling our minds

  2. Chakaboom Chakaboom Chakaboom Chakaboom

  3. The National Interest(TNI)

    This animal has caused more sorrow to cameroonians of the Nw-Sw than the corrupted government his body must be given to wolves for the burial.

  4. La France déclassifie ses archives diplomatiques sur le Cameroun.

  5. THis is an army deserter, that became a gang leader calling himself “general” and has been terrorizing the populace since.
    He just met his fate.
    There is no war in Cameroon; this is mostly police operations to neutralize these bandits.
    There is another calling himself field Marchal.
    Can you believe these idiots giving themselves pompous titles and extorting the populace.
    These idiots will be history soon

    • Shut the fock up old gorilla. You Mami mbomboh so. Are you seriously lying that those who fight oppression must be deserted Soldiers? Sardinard! It reveals your pushover mentality and why Biya has his penis through your rectum. Brains cocked in sardine cans and hearts in beer bottles but they claim to be very enlightened. You think your weak disciplined brutal weak army are too tough? These were regular men that picked up arms after their homes were burnt. Many more are in the transformation stage bc you keep burning our houses. Mark my words. The most violent stage against you imbecile occupiers haven’t even steered. Ivo shall be avenged. That’s a promise!

  6. Congratulations to the armed forces for taking down this guy. Every country has the right to defend it’s territories and so does Cameroon. I can’t take it again how these seperatists are making life difficult for us.

    • These guys are just a bunch of thieves pretending to be freedom fighters. I really miss the old days when we enjoyed peace in Cameroon. I hope all these idiotes come to their senses and realize that the independent they are fighting for is never gonna happen.

  7. Ayaba Cho and his cohorts are definitely going to pay for what they have inflicted on Anglo youths.

    They cannot escape Den Haag. Akwanga and Tataw are already sure candidates, there are enough evidence on social, where they themselves provide enough evidence for any judge.

    As for the diminutive Ayaba Cho, he should have no chance to sit in front of a judge, zero chance…


    “ADF is among about 20 armed separatist groups”

    ISLAND OF EVIL is celebrating the killing of General Ivo. They even took away the corpse as proof to Dictator Biya of the “success story”. Rumours abound that Dictator Biya after seeing the corpse might even declare a public holiday and increase the “prime de performance” of the BIR.

    The truth of the matter is that General Ivo was the commander of ONE of the TWENTY armed separatist groups operating in SC. Simply put, ISLAND OF EVIL still has to kill the commanders of the remaining NINETEEN separatist groups operating in SC before declaring victory: An impossible mission to accomplish.


  9. I recall Gen. Milingui Nouma talking about ‘some DESERTERS from the Cameroonian army’ and ‘foreign mercenaries that were assisting these Ambazombies. So the military has known for a long time that people like this misled brother had to be eliminated.

    Unlike his gang members, this brother had a job in the army just like his delusional gang comrades like Tiger (killed), Field Marshall, Nambere. I believe they all know what the US does to deserters and quislings. It’s almost certain that Nambere and that Divine will be next… then there will be an assault on Lebialem.

    We have scores of Nigerian criminals assisting the zombies and they are all trapped in Cameroon.

    Eric Tataw, Ayaba, Chris Anu, Akwanga, Akuro etc are much worse than the Fonchas, Munas, Fonlons. Pitiful!

    • Listen ancient warlock with your small girly heart. Did you to insinuate that Ivo is a deserted army shows how chicken hearted, weak and uniformed you are. If you want to match the resistance against oppress the put up why not let us bear equal power arms as your untrained undisciplined discriminatory soldiers? 2 weeks you gave to crush us has passed. We are still holding strongz. The struggle is real blood thirsty devil.

      • @mabandaboy,
        Gentleman watch Erick Tataw’s video of yesterday December 21, 2018. Ivo defected from the military. His last assignment before doing so was kolofata.
        Mabanda l can say this without any fear of contradiction that you are one of those who,ve mounted numerous check-points along the Mabanda – Tombel road thereby extorting money and stealing from the people. Gosh! You guys are horrible creatures. The whole place is deserted.

        • Do not worry, my friend… these individuals have no idea who they are chasing after. These testimonies are all over cyberspace but they simply pick what they want, and then they realize that they and their comrades are lost in the wilderness.

          That foolhardy one called Eric Tataw declared that he graduated in 2008… and he is running his rasclaaat mouth all over cyberspace with his baby degree! You can see how inexperienced, frivolous, and reckless he is in life; questioning the journalistic acumen of a veteran like Boh Herbert!

        • Africanas

          You want me to believe Eric Tataw, that mamfe talkative when Ivo Mbah and myself are Kumba boys? You are so upside down, hollow and crowd noise follower. Listen, the objective is to make Ambazonia ungovernable to kick out the occupiers and it is working. The check points shall multiply idiot.,

          As for you Rad Thug, I like it when I multiply your hallucinations. Keep making up people you don’t know instead of countering. You think others don’t read your madness on this forum Wowo Bakossi man. Dirty for rice. We go going all wuna this Biya coloninizers.


    **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

    “The GAME ON GZ HAS CHANGED DRASTICALLY; pushing the world powers to pay serious attention to our case for the FIRST TIME in the history of our struggle. Our victory is that we have effectively denied our adversaries the military victory they promised their western Masters! We have convinced all that Biya cannot retain Ambazonia by use of force any more. Hence the new solution: “DIALOGUE WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS”. From UN to USA, From Uk Parliament to Germany’s Bundestag, From the Scandinavia to Switzerland, the ultimatums are raining on Biya” (Ikome Sako, 2018)

    **** MY TAKE ****

    The calls for “DIALOGUE WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS” from the International Community will continue to increase. The death of General Ivo will NEVER change this statement of facts


      I am happy for LRC. I really do.

      After the AFCON19 international disgrace, the citizens of LRC now have a “success story” to celebrate. The killing of Major General Ivo is being celebrated with pomp and pageantry. Dictator Biya has even asked the soldiers to repatriate the corpse to Etoudi as proof of success. That was the reason the BIR decided to take along the corpse of Major General IVO with them. Rumours abound that Dictator Biya might even declare a public holiday because of the “success story”.

      One more, I am very happy for the citizens of LRC. I really do

  11. Sako Ikome,

    It is obvious that you are extremely inexperienced when it comes to geopolitics. You are definitely not equipped to lead anybody, so I would advise you to stay with your church business.

    Here is the ESSENCE of the US message at the UN:

    1. The STAKES in CAMEROON are TOO HIGH for this CRISIS to continue UNADDRESSED.

    2. CAMEROON remains an ESSENTIAL security partner in the fight against Boko Haram and the Islamic State in WEST AFRICA, including as a member of the Multinational Joint Task Force.

    3. A PEACEFUL and STABLE CAMEROON is CRITICAL to regional stability in CENTRAL AFRICA.

    The words that I highlighted in capital letters should be your guide.

  12. The killing of the general will be retaliated and avenged. The hero has fallen in battle. LRC soldiers will pay dearly

  13. See who is training others in geopolitics. No make I die laugh!
    You heard us when we said it the first time and you will hear us again, and I repeat after Wirba, you did NOT defeat us in battle yesterday and you will not defeat us today.
    No piece of our land will be governed without accountability.
    We are done with larepublique.
    Kill 1,000 General Ivos 10,000 more will rise.
    Besides is that not the one who recently turned arms on other GZ forces?
    Our struggle is noble and we shall overcome.
    Tic, tac, tic,tac

    • It doesn’t matter if 10.000 more rise and still get massacred. All that matters is for opportunistic and clueless coons like you to go to the battle field and be brutally executed. You have spent way too much time on cyberspace ranting like a maggadog. Go to the field and find some rest, coward!

      • Listen ancient warlock with your small girly heart. Did you to insinuate that Ivo is a deserted army shows how chicken hearted, weak and uniformed you are. If you want to match the resistance against oppress the put up why not let us bear equal power arms as your untrained undisciplined discriminatory soldiers? 2 weeks you gave to crush us has passed. We are still holding strongz. The struggle is real blood thirsty devil.

        • Please can you at least make an attempt to use your brain if you have one?
          no wonder your pseudo “movement” is going down the drain

        • Don’t mind the midget. All IT can do is steal my expressions just to impress me in poor English. If the midget was a man with testicles he would have gone to the field and be executed by now. But just like the other Ambazombie cyberspace criminals, the fraud would only exploit the demise of others for his benefit. His gang members are dying like flies back home, and all he can do is think of asylum… that’s a devil!

          That said, the disarming process is underway in the Southwest. Scores of misled individuals are coming forward with their testimonies. They have witnessed the brutal massacre and life must go on.

          Zombi ‘generals’ that have been killed in just a couple of months: Ivo, Ashu, Tiger, Beltus, Amigo, Biabia… Doesn’t look good for them. Let the cyber warriors go home and fight!

        • Rad WARLOCK Thug

          You can calculate all kind calculation my man but eh, we Kumba children shall govern our block and push out the occupier. YOU REALLY CHECK SAY NA YOU GET RIGHT FOR USE THAt WORD JUST LIKE BIYA THINK HE OWNS AMBAZONIA? Every time I put my gun down for rest I go look for you dirty warlock. There are no youths out tidier their guns dirty man. We keep harvesting them from the terrorist army. You can celebrate all our fallen comrades but each time one fall, 10 rises. This fight go continue till we reach Buea. Come and take our gun make we see.

      • @Mabanda Boy

        who cares about so-called ” general IVO ” kill themmmmmmmmmm all .

        who nominated him kikikikikikikikikikikikiikik

  14. @Mabanda Boy

    this nymfuka has nothing to offer, all ambasonias members should be eliminated.

    law and order should be restored by forceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. someone should be the bossssssssss

    • If we had succeeded in this struggle,you would have been singing the praises of General Ivo. Now you are cursing him because he has fallen. He was fighting for us all. All those people who are speaking ill of this struggle are brainwashed. Our men started well,it was going well until division amongst the various regiments came,then lack of collective support from all Southern Cameroonians. the our failure to acquire arms and finance for the struggle has put us in this position.

  15. Biya wants the corps of Gen Ivo for ritual purposes. Biya is an ocultist he is known for drinking human blood. He is evil. Ambazonia will be victorious. Ask CAF for more if you CameroUnese are still dreaming . LRC can never ever be masters of Ambazonia

  16. Funny failed state.
    We cannot all fight on GZ. For many others their battle ground is on cyberspace , on the diplomatic front etc.
    We will never yield and larepublique can only collapse.
    Ambazonia is free

  17. A tribal army sold as professional army kills an untrained civilian turned fighter after the Francophone Yaoundé tribal government declares war on unarmed Anglophones Cameroonians and the tribal army jubilates, takes selfies with the corpse of IVO, speak and curse his dead body in French etc Francophone first then Cameroonians second
    When a Francophone tribal army claiming to fight for national intergrity jubilates the killing of one Anglophone after the same Francophone hypercentralized tribal government declared war on Anglophones, Who is fooling who? One and indivisible brouhaha?
    The anatomy of a tribal Franco-Equatorian colonial army, very Low IQ, indiscipline, incompetent.
    500,000 people displaced
    100,000 refugees in Nigeria
    200 villages burnt
    20,000 killed
    10,000 jailed

  18. I wonder at every turn. These nonetities fighting for the recluse Biya are they suffering from some form of Amnesia or Stockholm syndrome? supporting a failed leader by all signs and indications? His one and indivisible Cameroon disgraced by CAF, he takes revenge on Anglophones. His one and indivisible Cameroon with no roads and ramshackle schools running an outdated colonial curriculum, the core of his illitrate military. A one and indivisible Cameroon that is already divided. By spilling blood instead of fixing the past for the future, Anglophones see you for who you really are. Keeping fueling their rage with your barbarism. Now they will stop at nothing to see change; be they who picked up guns or those who speak online and from afar, Anglophone Cameroon will never be the same again

  19. Anglophone problem did not just start today. It started many years back and it will continue until God’s appointed time. We would never relent in this fight for freedom. I AM STILL TAKEN ABACK that some people are backing the failed regime on power and insulting Anglophones for stiring the fighting and the killing of innocent souls. Everyone was angry and went on streets to protest the how we are being governed by the regime in Yaounde. If it turns out this way,accusing fingers should not be pointed at anyone,unlike if it was successful we would all be rejoicing and thanking those who have sacrifice their lives in the struggle for our victory. I am really writing this with tears flowing on my cheeks because of the failure of our struggle. It hurts me alot.

    • God has a way of revealing his wisdom and his might. It is left to mortal man to admit his limitations and defer to him.
      Merry Christmas to you as you seek the truth