Cameroon Says Explosives Planted by Separatists Killed 5, Including Female Journalist

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON VOA | Officials in Cameroon have ordered the military to hunt down separatist fighters whom authorities blame for planting bombs that killed four soldiers and a female journalist. The attack also injured three others.

Deben Tchoffo, governor of Cameroon’s North West region, says at about 1 am on Wednesday, roadside bombs exploded near a convoy of government officials being escorted by the military.

Tchoffo says the delegation was returning to the town of Mbengwi from the Njikwa and Andeck districts, where the officials went to officially install administrators recently appointed by President Paul Biya.

Tchoffo said the attack was carried out with improvised explosive devices planted by separatist fighters on a road near the English-speaking northwestern town of Mbengwi. He said the three people injured were government officials. Their injuries were classified as life threatening and they were rushed to hospitals. He said three troops are still missing and that there were huge material loses. Tchoffo added that the military has been deployed to the area to search for the perpetrators.

Fouda Etaba Benoit Nicaise, the most senior government official in the Momo administrative unit where Njikwa and Andeck are located, was unhurt. The government says he was the main target.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack. A statement from Cameroon’s minister of communication Rene Emmanuel Sadi blames separatists.

The female journalist killed was Liwusi Rebecca Jeme, who was also the highest government communication official in the Momo administrative area.

Her boss, Louis Marie Begne, North West regional delegate of communication, condemned her killing.

He said Jeme will be remembered as a committed and highly professional journalist, adding that it is unfortunate that an innocent individual should be killed under such circumstances.

Jeme’s death has prompted condemnation from journalist associations, churches and NGOs.

Rosaline Obah, coordinator of the Cameroon Community Media Network, said it was imperative for both the military and the fighters to end the separatist crisis in the English-speaking regions, which has killed more than 3,000 people in the past four years.

Obah said journalists should never be targeted, neither by fighters nor government troops.

“We are there to report the news and say it as it is and in no way should we be considered as parties or actors in conflict. And so we condemn in very strong terms the killing of our colleague. We are by this encouraging a peaceful resolution of this crisis, using a non-violent approach and call on the parties to take to the dialogue table so that the casualties recorded that has involved one of us should be a thing of the past,” Obah said.

Armed separatists have been fighting in the North West and South West regions since 2017 to create an English-speaking state.

The separatists complain of marginalization by Cameroon’s French-speaking majority. The U.N. says more than 500,000 people have been displaced by the crisis.

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  1. Wow this is good news, its time for the separatists to manufacture thousands of this IED and deploy them in every county in West Cameroon , the terrorist rapist soldiers of la republique will be rewarded for all the thousands of innocent people has died in cold blood from the guns of dis cowards animals morons soldiers, too the journalist making noised because of d is woman should served as a warning follow the wrong crowd in the battlefield can be a fatal mistake during war time

  2. 2021 will surely be considered by historians as the BLOODIEST year in the history of the two Cameroons.
    Blood, much blood will flow. This is so because bombs have replaced AK47 as the weapon of choice of Amba boys. A single bomb will neutralise a truckload of LRC terrorists.
    The blood of LRC terrorists will change the colour of rivers in SC to red. Dictator Biya will regret starting a war he can NEVER EVER win, stop, financially sustain or control.

    Believe me or not, the final chapter of the INFORMAL VIVRE ENSEMBLE is now being written.
    Simply put, the IMBECILE NONSENSE equation,

    SC + LRC = 0 + LRC = LRC,

    will sooner than later be thrown into the dustbin of history.



      “Cameroun – Terrorisme: 14 morts dans un attentat kamikaze dans la localité de Mozogo (Extrême-Nord)”

      ** MY TAKE **

      All the BIRs have been sent to SC to fight for Ndian oil.
      The Far North region has no oil. That is the reason the GOC has no interest to protect the people.
      The troika, Amba boys, Boko Haram, and rebels from the RCA, will teach the so-called “one and indivisible” LRC a bitter lesson in 2021.

      MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!

    • 2021 will be the BLOODIEST year in Dictator Biya’s war. Amba boys are determined to kick out LRC colonizers from SC “Koste es was es wolle”.
      Dictator Biya will soon understand that Southern Cameroonians really mean business. He should therefore go to the negotiating table and stop buying time with COSMETIC “solutions”.

  3. As I write, corpses of military terrorists raping looting and extorting our people are littered in Matazem Santa, Atanga Nji’s village next to the terrorist governors office. This is just the beginning until you all pack up and leave Ambazonia.

    Where them de? Wata Na Wata…

  4. No one went to her home and shot her.she was travelling with well armed military men,in a military truck,in a war zone so she was fully aware of the risk she was getting into.

    The boys were taking some time out to learn new tactics,which made lrc to think they had an upper hand in the war.that was just the calm before the storm,the real dance is about to start lets wait and see.
    I think we all do remember that Ambazonians didn’t fire the first short in this whole charade,neither did we declare war on any party,we are just defending ourselves and trying to survive.

  5. Miss Jeme was my classmate and a friend, RIP. Your blood was spilled by vile and despicable terrorist cowards, sub-human scum whose course is a fools errand. You will loose in a war of attrition.

    • @Bueapickin

      And so? The blood of my entire family that was shot and burnt half-death; Mother, Auntie, 2 Sisters, Brother, 4 Cousins was murdered by saints and peace patriots I guess?

      Your mami yi red Pima say Bueapickin. Go and join MojaMoja and wait for the chop to take you at the right time. All traitors, sellouts, enablers and traitors like your smelly mouth shall die by the hands of the brave Ambaboys. Ewake for bush. I’m sure you too are still under the spell of the drunk-BIR Mojamoja that Graffi pipo are your slaves to toil with. Idiot. Kill all traitors…., all of them.

  6. Ahead separatists defending fatherland. David beat his opponent with his small size and weapon.
    Thank you our great fighters. We are like spartans, who die without a surrender. LRC, is just so

  7. @L’enemir, my condolence, sorry for your loss. I’ll keep praying for peace in Cameroon, you should too.

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