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Cameroon seeks Chinese financing for three road projects

Business in Cameroon | On the sidelines of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum (Focac) which started September 3, the Cameroonian President Paul Biya pleaded for China to fund three highway projects underway in Cameroon.

The announcement was made during a meeting with his counterpart Xi Jinping when Paul Biya applauded China’s multifaceted support for infrastructure projects in Cameroon.

The projects include the 2nd phase of the Yaoundé-Douala highway financed by Eximbank China, whose works are underway on the first 60 kilometers, the Yaoundé-Nsimalen highway whose works on the urban section (10 km) are awaiting, and the Edéa-Kribi highway, set to join the 32 km stretch of highway between Kribi and Lolablé, which serves the deep-water port of Kribi.

Let’s note, works on this section which are carried out by the Chinese company CHEC are being completed.

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  1. China to finance 10km of road ??


    “One and indivisible” LRC is in severe financial trouble. That is the reason her borrowing appetite increases by the day. Almost every Project in LRC is financed with foreign capital.
    However, a country cannot be governed by borrowing.
    Simply put, LRC needs to make a forward step in reducing dependence on borrowing-
    The root cause of the financial predicaments of LRC is easy to understand:

    LRC has always been Living beyond means

    1. the President with his bloated suite always squanders astronomical sum of taxpayers money at Intercontinental hotel
    2. The bloated cabinet of 69 ministers is the largest on planet earth
    3. buying 500.000 laptops for students qualifies an entry into the Guinness book of records because no other country has ever done that
    4. Fighting multiple wars is expensive

    • After 100yrs of France rule in Cameroon why should the Chinese finance every project?
      For those who support the killing of Southern Cameroonians because of their francophonization recolonization agenda?
      How does French and recolonization benefit anyone in southern Cameroon when you need Chinese to finance every project!
      Maybe China should be bold and braggadocio enough like Trump and request that all African nations begging for financing from China must use the Chinese language as official language and Yuan as currency.
      The government kills southern Cameroonians because of French and France but ask Chinese to build Cameroon!
      Who is fooling who?
      Mr president you squander money in Switzerland on vacations and health but ask Chinese to build Cameroon, why not vacation in China?

    • Very true what you have said and in addition. The LRC IS Buying 15 cars for 700,000,000frs for a useless Commission of no added value. Refusing the ADB grants to finance the Ring road and many more. Granting sole source contracting to a firm to contract a less than 10km road in Douala for more than 50 billion frs! What a country that is totally upside down. SC must leave this diabolical Union with LRC. No one has heard of the billions of CFA collected from several thieves for the purpose of helping Cameroon refugees or displaced people of SC. Atanga Nji (Ex-Convict) must be laughing all the way to his private bank in the USA.

  3. Very interesting,
    Anglophone Cameroon is too unstable to benefit from any of the loans from China but is stable enough to be militarized for elections next month.
    How very decent.
    If larepublicans had any decency they would have remarked to their gerontocratic leadership that Xi Jin Ping doesn’t spend any time in Switzerland on visited privées. Perhaps since most of our money is stolen and kept in Switzerland, the Swiss should be paying for some of these projects?
    Larepublique is a failed state which Ambazonia ,must abandon

  4. Other countries are negotiating 100 year bonds and the location of the headquarters of Alibaba to sustain jobs into the future. Our senile larepublicans are begging for money to build 10km roads, if Larepublique is not a curse on Ambazonia I don’t know what it is.
    Ambaland must be liberated from these nation wreckers.

  5. I’ve never seen any highway in Cameroon but need to say that apart from Douala I’ve only been to the Anglophone part of Cameroon.

  6. Those who shamelessly support this regime may come to terms that the regime has become too mean to the extent of borrowing funds to construct a 10 Km road. What a disgrace?

  7. The precious wood trees on the areas to clear for the roads are at such a high price per metre ,if certified as conforming to international regulations , that is more than sufficent to self finance the projects and Cameroon workers can do that whole process of the wood to port ,without any help from forigen companies .
    The national army can prepare the areas in the second phase at a much cheaper rate than private companies charging the goverment and its a good exercise for it to do with their engineers involved ,so if unfortunate natural disasters happen they will be better experienced to handle them .
    Goverment resources should overlap each other when serving citizens ,they should not be rigourusly compartmentalised its a massive waste of money and human resources.

  8. I dont get this ,everyone else is sometimes being pretty rude to each other ,then i make a overly normal suggestion of bettering public services and …my comment got blocked!!?

  9. It is called, a fools paradise. From independence untill today, where is all the borrowed
    or gifted money? And when will the majority of suffering peoples of cameroon, stop
    behaving stupid?

  10. Why not mention even a fake project in SW/NW in those projects?

    Me ah tire me dis Biya matter…

  11. @ZAMZAM: this is the shameful part of the story and our history..
    We have been raised to think that you need to obey to get something..
    We dont have any sense for economic development, have no strategy in place to encourage economic growth..
    If you criticize the King of Kings Mr Biya , there will be no reads and your region remains underdeveloped..
    Its just too shameful..
    All cameroonians have to stand up and protest against the system..
    we need a free cameroon where all cameroonians have equal opportunities…
    Where we are free to move, free to develop our country, love and respect one another and take initiatives to make our nation great…
    We dont need yaounde to be responsible for the air we breath…

    • “All cameroonians have to stand up and protest against the system..”

      Biko, this is exactly what pple like Mme Walla and Libii have sacrificed their small energies 2 make CMRs understand your line above. They did it that way coz it is very clear that the tchavem way can never work, as long as the BIR is behind Biya—the BIR is 100x more powerful than the whole CMR army—CMR army don’t even have common bullets to sustain a war 4 a week.

      That’s why the only strategy that could have yielded a lasting solution was to register massively and vote opposition, not like in 1992, but in a new 2018 manner. That is, once the Supreme court reads the rigged results at 11am, at 11:01am we’re all on the streets 2 storm that court, we know where all ministers, senators, MPs, Cpdm barons, are hiding.

      • Arrest all of them and gather them all at one private TV station for others who are still dreaming that the system is still alive to see, and not just see but surrender themselves if they wish to be free.

        Once BIR sees such a determination coming from the pple, they’ll call their boss and ask him to pack his stuff and they are coming to get him to fly him out to free the country.

        But, the idea to carry on that fight in a solo manner scattered all plans. That idea is too simplistic to topple a system that has got BIR, US, EU behind it. The worse IG can do is to send Anglos back to stone age. But the status quo will still be there.

        Now, Biya is sure to get the North in his pocket, parts of Centre, East and South too. And that is it, no rigging is necessary. SW/NW can stay at home.

        • That is part of the Biya plan—keep NW/SW out of the electoral game, so as not to get most feared Anglo youths involved the collective action that Mme Walla and Libii were planning. So, that is why I still believe, strongly, that what we’re seeing in SW/NW is far from being a simple work of chance.

          Were it even the work of chance, Biya would have long used his ruse to set the Musunges against the Yangs, and on and on. He did it when SDF was in control of SW/NW. What is stopping him from doing that today?

          My answer is very simple, all has well been planned to secure Biya a win by creating a crisis for distraction. While we’re being distracted and killing each other, we’ll wake up on 08.10. and say, “what”?

          Biya has won again…