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Cameroon separatists fire on passenger jet in northwest

DOUALA, Cameroon Reuters | Separatist rebels fired on a Cameroon Airlines passenger jet as it approached Bamenda airport in the northwest of the country on Sunday morning, their leader told Reuters.

The scheduled flight from Douala landed safely and there were no casualties, Cameroon Airlines said in a statement confirming the attack. The airline has grounded the plane while it assesses the damage.

“Thanks to the bravery of the captain, the aircraft was able to land smoothly despite the impact on its fuselage,” it said.

The English-speaking west of Cameroon has been a battleground since 2017 between the army and rebels seeking to form a breakaway state called Ambazonia.

Civilians have been caught up in the conflict from the start. More than 400 people have been killed and half a million have been forced to flee their homes.

However, Sunday’s incident appeared to mark an escalation in the danger they face travelling to and from the richly forested region.

Cho Ayaba, one of the separatist leaders and president of the Ambazonian Council, said that commercial planes were being used to transport soldiers and weapons and he had warned Cameroon Airlines and its passengers that planes will be shot at if they do not provide flight schedules ahead of time.

“If we cannot confirm, we will consider all planes coming in as a security risk,” he said. “This is war.”

What began as peaceful protests in the southwest, calling for greater powers for English speakers in the largely French-speaking country, have degenerated into near daily violence.

Despite tentative efforts to sue for peace, fighting has continued, with both sides accused of atrocities, including the use of bombs and kidnappings by separatists and indiscriminate killings by the armed forces.

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  1. The question is, what will be the reaction of younde?

    • yaounde claims everything is under control..
      Peace is back in the NW and South west region..
      These mad people have refused the reality..
      A mad man of 86 plus leading a country with a youthful Population..
      Yoaunde want to make the future genaration- beggers, and inferior citizens..All they can offer is bread and sardine..The Generation now believes only white men can help us..They will grow lazy and only look at France..The old despot on diapers thinks he can only talk with MACRON about a cameroon problem..

      Let all young people get up, go to the streets and chase all these old people from yoaunde..Francophones should atleast stand up..Throw your bread and sardine and clean camewroon for good..Francophones are too scared..Join the revolution now and free cameroon from the GANGSTERS…

      • @ Biko, “Let all young people get up, go to the streets and chase all these old people from yoaunde..Francophones should atleast stand up..Throw your bread and sardine and clean camewroon for good..Francophones are too scared..Join the revolution now and free cameroon from the GANGSTERS…” This is what Cameroonians should be doing instead of trying to shoot down planes and killing innocent people. There is no country in this world that will support an organization that tries to shoot down commercial planes, it is even against international law. Ambazonia folks try and use your brains, you will never ever have any support or sympathizers when you commit such atrocities.

      • @Biko

        just shut up your dirty mouth “ambasonia is a terrorist organization ”

        yes everything is on control.

        • @BAMENDABOY:_ where have you been hiding?..
          You have the lowest brain in african history..
          I dont know if you have become so stupid because of too much bread and sardine..Talking to you is a waste of time because you dont seem to have a functioning brain..
          @BOBJAZZ: – unfortunately many countries have put down civilian aircraft..Russia did, Ukraine did , North Korea did, the USA did and even many western countries did..
          When this problem started, these Amba boys were running with CHAK WUM , today they can bring down aircraft. What next tomorrow?.
          Why cant we talk?..Why cant we look for solutions for our problems?.Why wait for the white man?..The arrogance of these mad people governing cameroon have damaged the economy and brought division in Cameroon.
          Its time to stand up and say no to WAR

  2. Did the warning shots turn back the plane or did it land in spite of the warning? 2 for 5 Franc (armchair) journalists never give the full picture.

    • The gangstars, have bought them over with cash and intimidations.

    • Is that how u describe the reputable Reuters news agency?

      • @V, if your reputable Reuters news agency deserves any respect or
        reliability, it should tell the truth and only the true story. The numbers
        they are quoting, is a distortion of the whole truth and it doesn`t tell
        about the Biya / France genocide in SC – AMBAZONIA. Check the facts.

    • Somehow so called educated Cameroonians fail to see that their despot master is the problem for almost 38 yrs, clinging to power and jailing his cronies for corruption that was the very instrument of guaranteeing rigging of elections to ensure his stay in power. But everywhere in the country corruption is rife, 90% toll gate earnings stolen, ENAM is a bribe-in entry for training corrupt administrators, passport offices charge three times the amount. The Douala port is another breeding ground for rogues, no transparency.
      Supporting this infidel in spite of all of this is bewildering and some of my bakweri folks want to be Douala-Sawa. Huh, how deceptive!
      Hey, don’t start shouting anti-Amba rhetoric because I am not an adherent. Save your little brain some energy, or just condemn Biya.

  3. This news is false.Cooked from the palace of hell in Etoudi.There is a whole legion of goverment soldiers at the Bamenda airport and Bamenda is a grassland terrain.How did the seperatists fighters get so close without a pre gun battle with the army?Or are they trying to tell us that the army which is so aggressive became numb during this attack?This is fake news.Stop spreading lies.

    • Nothing is false verify your facts

    • If u actually listened to Chris Anu on VOA today…..u will not know where to hide ur chicken head

      • If I have a chicken head then you have the biggest chicken head.When Ayaba Cho Lucas claimed responsibility for the bombing of SONARA and lrc refused the claim what did you say about that?Those who rush to insult others are people with inferiority complex.

  4. WAR IS WAR!!!

    LRC planes are LEGITIMATE war targets because they are used to transport weapons and LRC terrorists to SC.

    RPGs will soon make it impossible for LRC planes to violate the territorial integrity of SC


      hahahhahahahahhahahahahahha you needs to take your psych medication, propaganda

  5. As we write, the president of the country called Suriname, of a population less than
    one million people, has been sentenced by a court in the Netherlands to 20 yrs in jail,
    for conniving and ordering the killing of his own people – below 10.
    Ahidjo, killed his own in numbers and went scot free. His succeessor – Biya, his busy
    killing, burning down whole villages / humans alive etc etc, and still he too, is on his
    way to also get away with it.
    Cameroonians, we are all celebrated fools.

  6. As we write, the PM of IRAQ, is resigning, following the rioting that is ongoing
    in his country. His resignation has been accepted officially.
    In Cameroon, the PMs, mostly SC, are enablers and stooges and people, who
    represent themselves and family. Imagin Dion NGUTE, calling Paul Biya, Papa.
    Very demeaning of his education and morality. He calls himself a chief.

    • @ Joshua, Iraqis marched in numbers to take down their president without trying to shoot down planes or kidnapping and killing their people. This is what works in the 21st century. What Ambazonia is doing cannot work in the 21st century. Tell your Ambazonia folks to use their f’cking brains. You can’t take out dictators with arms as they have more fire power and in Cameroon’s case, their dictator is supported by one of the superpowers called France. Cameroonians need to get together and march in Yaounde as the Iraqis did even though their dictator was supported by the USA. The Burkinabes, Algerians, the Sudanese and Tunisians all did the same thing without the use of arms.

    • @joshua

      your again, this web site belong to la republic no ambasonia

  7. I suppose it’s better to burn down the Iranian consulate in Najaf than shoot at a plane which is known to transport troops and logistics because the Yaounde government failed to develop other transport routes.
    Very sad. Cursed be the day our parents agreed to join larepublique.
    We will never yield.

    • You must be a very foolish idiot. Cameroon was one before the Europeans came and separated us. The white man’s nonsense can never make a Bakweri man the brother of a Bamenda man instead of a Douala man. These relationships were created by God and not by the Europeans. The fact that the NWesterners and the SWesterners were governed by the English does not make them one. English and French are the colonial master’s languages and not our languages and the exact reason the SWesterners and the NWesterners can never live together as one country. They have nothing in common. They will obviously end up like South Sudan.

    • Hehehehehe,
      Bobjazz , this is exactly why I like to engage mouthpieces of larepublique like you. So you say Bakwerri should not join North West because before the whiteman they had nothing in common. I laugh. Of course you do not know the history of the area. I will educate you about their common travails and the supply routes to Bimbia. I will educate you another day. For now let me expose how silly your submission is because the same mouth you used to distance grassfields from Bakwerri is the same you must use to justify why Bafaw and Ejagham should have nothing to do with Ewondo and Beti or Toupouri…..you see how your argument rather supports Ambazonia?

      • @ED,
        CPDM politicians are very shallow in all their analysis always.
        Their only argument today is ngraffi and Sawa are not thesame people so they shouldn’t stand for Ambazonia/Southern Cameroons.
        This generation has exposed all their falsehoods!
        Southern Cameroons shall be free!

        The use of civilian aircraft to transport military personnel and hardware to attack the indigenes is not new.
        Camair whatever has no ticketing agencies selling tickets for people to travel to Bamenda but somehow they want us to believe they have commercial flights to Bamenda!
        Who is fooling who?
        Very Low IQ approach!

        The Yaoundé war on Anglophones;
        20,000 killed
        650,000 internal refugees
        150,000 refugees in Nigeria
        855,000 children no school
        4M Affected
        10,000 jailed in French Cameroon

  8. Never again.

    La Ripoublique should remove Biya if they regain a courage to do it.

    We the genuine people of Ambazonia shall never join them in doing that as our sole and only target is THE FREEDOM OF THE PEOPLE OF AMBAZONIA.

    • Ambazonia is a minority in the anglophone community of Cameroon. You guys have no mandate and it is the reason why most anglophones who have the means are sending their kids to Francophone cities for education. Read my lips, very very soon, your Ambazonia foolishness will be wiped out not by Biya but by the majority of anglophones who have suffered enough because of your selfishness and foolishness. Biya is the one gaining out of your foolishness. Most of your leaders have old kids above 20 and 30 years living and studying peacefully in the West. Why don’t they send them to fight if they really care about anglophones? God go punish all wuna. Badluck people.

      • For your information the Iranian president was democratically elected unlike the Cameroonian president. They have a supreme leader the Ayatollah just as the British have their Queen who liberated them from dictator Shah who was supported by the USA. The US is doing everything to destroy Iran to put another dictator like the Shah. If you have any brains you should have realized that the US always has problems with countries it can’t control like China, Qaddafi’s Libya, Iran and North Korea and always tries to destabilize those countries. They never have problems with countries like Saudi Arabia that beheads people or Israel’s practice of apartheid in Palestine.

  9. ambasonia is a terrorist organization, therefore, they should be irradicated period.

  10. AMBAZONIA shall be free against all odds.

    The USA can hit anywhere and whenever they wish Ka pige ?

    Blacklegs are doomed forever.

  11. southern cameroonian

    They kill US BURN OUR HOUSES IMPRISONED US AND THEY ARE STILL KILLING TURNING OUR HOMES TO MILLITERY BASE call us names separation terrorist what ever some of u have nothing to loose or have not lost anything is fine God is our helper. But surely the is an end to everyweekendness under the heavens trium cannnot help us macron can’t UN can’t nobody can The God of mercy and compassion the good God will and He is Helping. Ambazonians gives u the glory.

  12. Les gens sont venus vers vous, ils vous ont tendu la main et qu’avez-vous fait? Non seulement vous les mordez et poignardez dans le dos, vous les insultez, les torturez, les massacrez et vous osez prétendre qu’il y ‘aurait pire là bas ? Que peuvent-ils voir de pire avec plus de 15.000 morts, des ressources pillées, des villages rasés, des maisons détruites ? Pour vous, ce sont des rats, des cafards, des Bamenda, des NOSO (maladie, illness), ce sont des ambafools, ce sonts des ambazombies etc… However, la liberté est un droit humain et nous allons etre libre de mettre en expression nos talents, nos conceptions et notre créativité sans avoir à subir votre esclavagisme francophone.

  13. Using civilian planes to transport military equipment and personnel is a crime.By doing this lrc has successfully hidden its atrocities from the world.I am sure those who fired at the plane discovered this and could not let it continue.

  14. Only a bastard, sees lrc doing the right thing.

  15. @bobjazz Are u still talking? Your father went to France and called German Cameroon ”his country”.Talking about Ambazonia being an organisation,.Let me ask u,is CPDM not an organisation? Do u honestly believe that CPDM is a political party? If it is Ambazonia that shot the Camair-co plane,i don’t think they are wrong in doing so.It all depends if they have evidence that the plane was on a military mission.What is a commercial passenger plane doing in a war torn air space,if i may ask?

  16. To be witness and argue for one side or the other, it is important to have the facts.

    Getting angry and threatening to take the self-defense Amba boys to the UN, UK, EU, ICC, ICJ is fair enough. They fired at a civilian aircraft.

    But one must also consider the other side of the story. Officially all Camair-Co planes have been grounded till further notice. So what was a civilian aircraft doing in a battle zone? Which official schedule was it following? We’re military men on board or not? Did the plane transport military arsenal? If so, was that not synonymous to using a human shield to fool the opposing side in the conflict???

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