Cameroon separatists kill mayor in restive southwest region

Aljazeera | Mayor of Mamfe, Ashu Prisley Ojong, killed in the Anglophone region facing rebellion since 2016.

Separatists in the English-speaking southwest region of Cameroon have killed a local mayor in an ambush in which two soldiers were also wounded, the region’s governor has said.

Ashu Priestley Ojong, mayor of Mamfe, approximately 500km (300 miles) from the capital Yaounde, was killed by the “terrorist secessionists” on Sunday morning, Bernard Okalia Bilai said in a statement on Monday.

The attack on the mayor’s convoy happened as he was travelling from Mamfe to the nearby village of Eshobi, state broadcaster CRTV said.

They went there after receiving a tip-off that some rebels would be laying down their arms, the report said.

Ojong is among a few senior elected officials to be killed in the conflict between Cameroon’s army and the English-speaking militias.

He was elected in February in legislative and municipal polls the separatist rebels wanted to be boycotted.

English speakers account for nearly one-fifth of Cameroon’s population of 24 million, who are majority French-speaking.

The conflict began after the government cracked down violently on peaceful protests by lawyers and teachers in 2016 who complained of marginalisation by the French-speaking majority.

Years of grievances at perceived discrimination snowballed into a declaration of independence in the Anglophone regions in October 2017, which was followed by a government crackdown.

The declaration has not been recognised internationally and President Paul Biya, in power for 37 of his 87 years, has refused demands to return to a federal system.

However, the government has lately decentralised some of its powers after a “national dialogue” on the anglophone crisis which was boycotted by the separatists.

Rights groups have accused both sides of atrocities in the conflict, which has left more than 3,000 dead, closed schools and clinics and forced 700,000 people to flee their homes.

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  1. The handiwork of Ayaba Cho—exterminate Anglos…

  2. Who voted him mayor and in what election? Others, should receive same treatment.
    The example, of a stubborn fly.

    • @ Joshua, I hope you don’t complain tomorrow when your Ambazonia thugs are killed by the BIRs. How do you succeed with your separation bullsh’t by killing more anglophones? Don’t forget .” He that lives by the sword dies by the sword.”

  3. **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

    „Si vous voulez la vérité, sachez donc ceci : si le Gouvernement persiste dans sa répression et son entêtement à maintenir les Anglophones dans l’Etat unitaire, c’est l’Etat du Cameroun qui va s’effondrer et non la Sécession Anglophone“.

    Dieudonné ESSOMBA

    • The killing of the Mayor should serve as a warning and a wake up call to enablers and traitors of the Revolution. They include the so-called traditional Leaders, parliamentarins, Senators, Mayors, councilors, LRC informants, etc.
      Amba Boys have instructed to use all available means to stop the above-mentioned persons from undermining the legitimate struggle of Southern Cameroonians to free themselves from slavery.
      Any contractor who participates in the scam referred to as the “RECONSTRUCTION OF THE NOSO” will be neutralised withoutprior warning.


      • I agree with you ?%, Ambazonians will never surrender because their causes are justified separating from french Cameroon while lrc can never justify declaring a war of assimilation,no dictatorship has won determined, resilient people,no justice in Ambazonia no peace in Cameroon,lrc must pack and leave,they are terrorists baby killer rejects,they cannot force people with a different culture to live with them as slaves period!

  4. It is difficult to imagine the purpose of the Amba tactics. It is difficult to understand why Biya, a despot, in the twilight of his life is still clinging to power.
    At the end of the day, one wonders if the Amba tactics of killing their own would move the goal post forward. The truth is Biya and cronies do not care about anglophones even Atanga Nji (errand boy) and they don’t feel any hurt as long as their wealth and power is untouched. Until the Owona’s begin to fall, Yaoundé won’t budge and it’s doubtful if Biya would even care. It’s all about him.
    These are extraordinary times and I wouldn’t advise anyone to be tempted in taking elected office lest they get this unfortunate fate.
    Now, Biya seeks a successor and the scramble for power is rife in the Ewondo-Beti-hausa-bulu conspiracy.

    • The PM of Lisotho, will leave office this may 22nd, instead of the june
      date that he gave on grounds of retirement, after so much push and
      calls for him to resign. In Cameroon, this is a far away dream. Even on
      Biya`s disappearance, live is just the living and the people don`t care.
      It is a dead man`s land.

      • Sam Nujoma of Namibia, a freedom fighter who was jailed, then went into exile, lost his father(locked up in South Africa) left office even though his people wanted him. He paved the way for democracy. It brought much peace to Namibia through change of power, change of personality at the top and ensured governance by Namibians.

        When a country is in this type of chaos as in Cameroon, Europeans love it and are ready to exploit. So far, Biya has spent billions on outdated weapons from France & Spain, towns & property destroyed with the cost of human lives. It would have been spent on re-establishing PowerCam in Muyuka, Menchum Power Plant and restart the NPMB Marketing Board.

        The $2million collected by Amba could’ve been used to set up small projects in our areas as we seek federation.

        • The only way, that that country can be redeemed now, is by way
          of a coup. And then one would say the military, is matture enough
          and is a contributing factor. But this frog military, is a shame and
          a good for nothing.
          If they take over and ban the cpdm, crtv, arrest all those fake
          regime barons etc etc, that is when sanity, shall reign. Other than
          that, the country, is going to recover only after 100 years+.

  5. Ambazonia stupidity. killing and kidnapping their own brothers as usual. Biya and French people are there enjoying their life. amba continue your killing until you kill the last anglophone. make people no dull like amba.

  6. @Zam-Zam Who do u want Ayaba Cho to exterminate? francophones? My goodness,until u called that mayor an anglophone.If that mayor was an anglophone,then he would do things in the interest of anglophones.But from the best of my knowledge,he is doing things in the interests of francophones-reason why francophones are crying him more than anglophones.
    Was Ahidjo,a Cameroonian? no,he was not.Ahidjo was a French citizen.Let the mayor rest in peace.This should serve as a deterent to others.

    • Tomorrow you’ll be accusing me of being indifferent when CMRs are murdered, no be so Kongosa?…

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