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Cameroon separatists to face treason charges

[+video] Aljazeera | Leaders of so-called Ambazonia Freedom Fighters to appear in court over several attacks in surge of violence.

An armed separatist group in Cameroon’s southwest wants the government to be give official status to a state called Ambazonia.

The so-called Ambazonia Freedom Fighters have attacked villages, schools and businesses over the past year.

Their aim is to pressure the government into establishing an English-speaking state, in what is a mostly French-speaking nation.

Al Jazeera’s Victoria Gatenby reports on the effect this has had.

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  3. These morons would have been sentenced to hell long ago , i don’t know why Biya is wasting our precious time and money feeding them , they said they were ready to die for what they believed so just help and send them to hell .
    aucun Camerounais digne de ce nom n’aimerait vivre ensemble avec les gens dont le cerveau est a gauche.
    je serai en paix le jourou tu couperas la region du nord ouest du reste du Cameroun , c’est une region budgetivore , parasite qui ne produit que des parresseux , buch of lazy people .
    Meme le Nigeria ne peut pas les accepter chez lui.
    en conclusion , vivre ensemble = irrecevable , rejected.
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  4. useless Camerounians, Can’t you copy from Algerians? The Algerian people just forced their own old diaper wearing dictator to resign without any kidnapping, beheading and preventing kids from going to school. Why can’t we stop this separation nonsense and tribalism join forces and take out our own diaper wearing dictator like the Algerians just did. Killing has never freed any people in Africa from their dictator as the dictators always have more fire power and sometimes the West to support their stay in power. The only thing that can stop these dictators is the power and unity of the people like the Egyptians, the Burkinabes and the Algerians just did. Anglophones should stop listening to these con men in the diaspora for they will only bring more suffering and destruction.

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