Cameroon Shuts Out Ireland 12-0 at CISM’s World Military Women’s Football Championship

DVIDS | Cameroon dominated Ireland 12-0 during CISM’s World Military Women’s Football Championship in Spokane, Washington, July 15, 2022, the fifth day of the 11-day tournament.

Cameroon scored seven goals in the first half. Scoring goals were Leslie Eto at 9 minutes, Alice Nkomodio at 10, Eto again at 13, Bongben Confidence at 20, Ebika Tabe at 31, Brigitte Mbomozomo at 44 and Sandrine Lavngeh at 47.

At the start of the second half, Monele Nnanga earned an extremely fast hat trick for Cameroon at minutes 63, 64 and 65.

Cameroon continued racking up goals, with Guylaine Weladji scoring at minute 73, Suzie Mbiandji at 80.

Other teams competing are United States, Belgium, Cameroon, Canada, France, Germany, Mali, Netherlands, South Korea and the United States.
In coming matches, Cameroon plays Germany July 17 and Ireland plays the United States July 19.

In all 140 nations participate in CISM. For every soccer player, their first mission is serving their country as members of the military and their second mission is being an athlete.

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