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Cameroon signs US $20m loan agreement for construction of road to Nigeria

Construction Review (press release) | The government of Cameroon has signed a US $20m loan agreement with the African Development Bank (AfDB) for the construction of a Ring Road which will connect the Northwestern region of Cameroon, to Nigeria.

Construction of the Ring Road

The 357-km Ring Road will cross six of the seven departmental capitals in the Northwestern region. The road project will be in line with the government’s Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP) 2010-2020, to build an integrated and efficient transport network at low-cost that will cover the entire country; opening it to neighbouring countries, and in turn effectively enhance economic growth and also reduce poverty.


The project, which falls under phase three of the country’s Transport Sector Support Programme, aims to strengthen the foundations for strong and sustainable growth by promoting domestic and regional trade.

The project will have a positive impact on transportation where it will reduce travel time, and traffic of passengers and goods. The road will also result in savings on vehicle operating costs; increase in household income and reduction in post-harvest losses. The project will also help create jobs for women and over 30,000 youths.

The project will also include institutional support for the transport sector and related works such as the development of rural roads and the rehabilitation of socio-economic infrastructure in the countries.

The North West Region has a total of 4,200km of road network, 350km of which are paved. Stakeholders which include officials of the Ministry of Public Works, control engineers, road construction and civil engineering companies, amongst others will examine some of the road infrastructure projects being executed.

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  1. The article is talking about which raid to connect to Nigeria? There is already the Bamenda-Enugu road connecting to Nigeria. This article is not precise and is confusing. What type or ring road would cost the small amount mentioned? It must be another political road meant to please LRC slaves in SC who care to believe the story

    • Probably the exact same road you are thinking of…which will means a few greedy people pocket the money…

      • think about it…it cost more to construct the Yde-Nsimalen road….only 20km…
        Road construction costs make no sense in Cameroon….a great source for siphoning and laundering

  2. I was born in 1981 and since I have heard more than 15 different promises by Mr Biya’s government to tar the North West region ring road.Which ring road are you talking about?

  3. What has happened, to the transafrican road project suppoed to pass from
    Nigeria through Mutengene?

  4. Jokers. Now the French want to negotiate with Amba in place of larepublique. We will defend the tombs of our fathers and the inheritance of our children.

    • @Epée,

      ever since Florence was dissected, the West no longer understands what your mov’t wants.

      You guys have fallen into Etoudi’s trap, namely, you have used your own fingers to pour pebbles in your garri.

      Who’ll risk to sit alongside women butchers?…

      • Zam-Zam
        I doubt that Ambazonians killed Florence regardless, anyone with brains must understand that we will not abandon our inheritance to those who were once our brothers but who have now become our enemies.
        We will never yield.

  5. Since I was in Primary school in 1982 when Paul Biya became president of Cameroon, they have been talking about this Bamenda Ring Road. Now 38 Years later they still talking and No work has started, we will definitely believe when we see it actually happen!

  6. Langa Republic of Cameroon today think they can fool the die heart people of Southern Cameroon who support all the Resistance Forces fighting for the RESTORATION OF SOUTHERN CAMEROON, will fall for this dirty trick. I just pity our fathers, mothers, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins and nephews of Southern Cameroon origin, who do not contain the humiliation they are receiving from the Cameroonian and Messe Noire government they get.
    They are considered as second class citizens, you work but hardly get paid. Our RESTORATION FORCES will not retreat from Bulu Intervention Rape. (B.i.r).
    Six more years of war is remaining. Time will tell. I don tuk my own, person wey chop kernel make ei Belle no bite. Happy weekend.

  7. I grew up hearing about the tarring of the Bamenda ring road on the mouth of every CPDM politician camping to be elected. Biya at one point swore in the grand stands of Bamenda how he himself was going to see the supervision of the tarring of the great ring road, some 30 years ago. The tarring of this ring road has been be spoken of so much so that now it has taken on the legend of a confusing mystery!

  8. THis country is really governed by clowns..
    They just keep mentioning projects and are not capable of completing a single project..
    For your information, Biya and his regime never did complete a single project..
    37 years of talking and fooling the people…
    The NWP and Western province dont even have a good road linking them..
    It takes over 3 hours to do 40 kms from Mbouda to Bamenda and this FEH men in the name of the Govt are talking of a road to Nigeria…CLOWNS of the Millennium…

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