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Cameroon soccer club coach kidnapped in restive Anglophone region

YAOUNDE, April 5 Xinhua | — Head coach of Cameroonian first division club PWD Bamenda, Augustine Choupou, was kidnapped on Friday in Northwest, one of the two war-torn English-speaking regions of Cameroon, club officials said.

“Augustine was abducted this morning (April 5) by unidentified gunmen. This happened during a training session at Big Mankon Catholic School Field,” the club president Pascal Abunde said in a statement released Friday evening.

“We strongly condemn this act which is detrimental to peace building and bonding. We call for his immediate release,” Abunde added and stressed that football remains apolitical and should not be used by “whosoever for personal gains”.

Choupou just assumed duty as head coach of the club five days ago.

The abduction of Choupou came barely weeks after Emmanuel Ndoumbe Bosso, head coach of another first division club, Young Sports Academy (YOSA) was kidnapped in the same city.

The clubs are based in the city of Bamenda, chief town of Northwest, where separatists have been fighting government forces for close to 3 years in a bid for independence.

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  1. No, separatists, are not fighting gov`t forces. This is a distortion of facts. They are
    defending their roots and inheritances from predators, who are out to overthrow
    us to claim what is not theirs. Can you imagin, how much land their gov`t officials,
    have grabbed over time? Find out facts, please. The press, is bowing to threads
    from the likes of Peter Essoka, so as to have some money entering their pockets.
    Money, money, money and the soldiers, are killing generations of Anglophones, for
    selfish reasons only. There is alot of lies telling and cover-ups, for them to achieve
    this plan, that has gone on for close to sixty years now. Where is PMO, CAMBANK
    etc etc today? Or does making an Anglo a PM, ever helped the neo-colonization to
    end? Think about it and cross check the facts.

    • Kumkum Pas Garri

      The separatist terrorists are not defending their roots. In fact the terrorists do not even know their roots!

      The terrorists are unable to defend themselves from mosquitoes yet you think they can defend themselves from the government of Cameroon! You do not defend your roots by hiding deep in the forest while your so called predator has full control of cities.

      Where is the money that you conned Cameroonians to donate for you trip to Buea? You heartless terrorists continue to send children to go fight the military with dane guns and amulets and when they are rightfully annihilated you run here and cry that generations of anglofools are being killed.

      Where dem dey? BIR dey for Buea, Limbe, Bamenda, di wait to kill wuna. Kumkum Pass Garri! MKPD alias kumkum massa di wait wuna!

      • The truth is, Amba supporters are just as misguided as Biya supporters. What is also true is that Biya’s 37 yrs in power and trashing the constitution created this situation. Any fair-minded person should know this. If Amba is an acute infection, Biya is the chronic disease. Anyone who doesn’t call for actionable dialogue with concrete solutions like federated states and just believes that Biya’s annihilation and Amba incursions will work is just simpleminded. None of us will be free to walk or do business in that part of the country. I met Buea mayor in January at a funeral accompanied by five gendarme officers and he wants to punish businesses for not staying open. I was amazed. Tough talk and grandstanding does not work. Bouteflika heard his people and he has avoided bloodshed.

        • Kumkum pass Garri


          The truth is this is not an issue of amba supporters versus Biya supporter!

          The fact that I do not support the amba terrorists does not mean that I am a Biya supporter!
          No fair minded person should expect the government to dialogue with terrorists!. The government can only dialogue with the legitimate representatives of the people. Ayaba, Sisiku, Ikome, Akwanga, Booh, and the other terrorist leaders do not have the mandate to negotiate on behalf of the people . You do not earn the mandate to negotiate on behalf of the people by abolishing education, ghost towns, decapitations, kidnappings, raping etc.

          The government is ready to negotiate a concrete solution like federated states with legitimate leaders and not terrorists!
          Amba terrorists must be annihilated!
          Kumkum pass garri!

        • @ Kumkum,

          I maintain that the government should seek concrete solutions and that is not hard to do. The government should start the process of dialogue without pretending that people like Mukete, Atanga et al are leaders. Personally, I do not see the guys you mentioned as leaders. Who mandated them? But be realistic, they have a following. Reps should be selected by the people from well-meaning individuals at home and from the diaspora. Eric Chinje, Ndiva Mbua?
          The language of terrorists is Biya’s and that’s what he is pushing. And it is on your lips. Separatists is the UN designation except perhaps you have a soft spot for Biya. I have strongly blasted many ideas of Amba some of which you mentioned. I will never take their route or support Biya. I maintain my independence and sanity.

        • Kumkum pass Garri


          Terrorism is defined as the use of violence or of the threat of violence in the pursuit of political, religious, ideological or social objectives.

          That is exactly what the ambazonians are doing! They have abolished education for the poor, they burn down businesses that do not agree with them, they kidnap, rape decapitate, dismember, anyone who does not agree with their objectives.

          The government is seeking concrete solutions. However the government will only work with legitimate leaders of the people and the amba terrorists do not want the government to work with the legitimate leaders of the people. Legitimate leders include – parliamentarians, traditional rulers, business elite

          Eric Chinje and Ndiva Mbua do not have the mandate to negotiate on behalf of the NW/SW people.

        • @Kumkum,
          Your analysis is swayed, tilted & lopsided. You give textbook definitions of terrorism and you forget about semantics. Mandela was called a terrorist (armed struggle) by the S.A gov’t & the US, but the UN & other nations did not.
          Any equable person, fair-minded & unbiased will tell you that both Amba & Biya regime are guilty of the ills you stated. You are being intellectually disingenuous. When students, teachers & lawyers were protesting, when Kamto supporters peacefully protested, the regime’s response was deadly force, arrests & incarceration. Didn’t you see the video of the cop shooting down an innocent Kamto adherent in Douala? Did you cry “terrorism”?
          Concrete solutions? Isn’t that doublespeak? Eric & Mbua are just examples. Good arbiters by the people is all you need.

        • Kumkum pass Garri


          Any equable person, fair-minded & unbiased will tell you that the government of Cameroon did not use violence or the threat of violence to get the people of the North West and South West to vote to join Cameroon.

          Any equable person, fair-minded & unbiased will tell you that:
          – the ambazonia separatists are terrorists as they are focused on using violence and the threat of violence in the pursuit of their secessionist objectives and not on winning minds.

          -The govt of Cameroon has not abolished education for the poor. -The govt does not burn down churches and hospitals.
          -The govt does not chop off the fingers of CDC workers.
          -The govt does not burn down busineses premises of innocent business men
          Eric and Mbua? Who do they represent? Do they command the amba terrorists?

        • kumkum pass garri


          Below are headlines of recent stories of arrests at peaceful demonstrations in the USA.

          – U.S. arrests religious leaders, activists at border protest
          – Almost 600 arrested at Washington protest over Trump immigration
          – More than 80 arrested during Sacramento police shooting protest

          Note that if any of the police who made the arrests felt that their life was at risk he/she will not hesitate to kill the protester!

          Cameroon is an internationally recognized nation with national boundaries and a government! Anyone who attempts to cut off part of Cameroon should expect to overcome the Cameroonian military.

          Ambazonia does not exist on any map. It is a US 501c corporation. It does not have the mandate of the people! It is a terrorist organization!

        • @ Namondo
          Great job and thorough assessment of the situation in Cameroon. I also like to see the issue resolved without further bloodshed. I am usually apolitical but I see a lot of people not putting forth good ideas. One federated Cameroon is a great idea and we can fix this with the right mindset. Kudos Ma’am!

          @Kumkum pass garri,
          I am trying to make sense of what you are saying and it seems at times that you are deluded by this government. I do not like the secessionist idea but the government has made things worse or so it has been for a very long time. By the way are you a CPDM contractor or Biya lover? Amazing how people lose their minds and regurgitate uncanny theories to make a bad government look good. Huh!!!

        • Kumkum Pass Garri


          You must have very low reading comprehension skills!

          My communication is very clear and if you can not understand what I wrote I can not help you! Go improve on your reading and comprehension skills first!

    • @ Joshua, I have asked you several times to show me a world map with a country called Southern Cameroon and you have never found one as there was never a country called Southern Cameroon. Southern Cameroon was just a brief fabrication by Cameroon’s colonial masters for their national interest and not the interest of Cameroonians. As for Ambazonia, it sounds eastern European and not African. Cameroon boundaries will and can never be decided by the Europeans or their languages but by what God created.

      • @ kumkum pass garri, The Biya regime and the Ambazonians don’t represent Cameroonians. The majority of Cameroonians don’t regard Biya as their legitimate president just as the majority of anglophones don’t regard Ambazonia leaders as their leaders. What Cameroonians need to do is to unite and march in Yaounde and take out the old dictator as the Burkibes and the Algerians did. We need to get rid of the Biya regime and the Ambazonia foolishness for our children to have a brighter future.

        • @bobjazz
          The issue I see with you is that you speak from both sides of your mouth. Words and more words without action come to nought.
          Tell us that you have organized and are leading the march on Etoudi effort so we can follow you. Don’t come here and spew invectives on people who are actually doing something. Where we are today is not an exclusive happening. There is a well documented sequence of events that led to this. If everybody was like you, we’d just come here and throw around big grammar and that’ll be it. Action speaks volumes, not big and useless grammar.
          Organize, and I’ll be the first follower. If you can’t, then let people take whatever approach they think can bring change. Talk is cheap, but action is what we want.

        • @kedioh,

          would you follow him, really? No, you’ll rather stagnate on your position and claim it is a Franco issue.

          Don’t worry, that LONG MARCH is inevitable, with or without you!

          Kamto has tested the field!

          It would be a LIBERATION battle for all children of CMR. Not just a group of children, whose relatives in USA/EU/SA are fooling them for selfish gains.

          The FINAL BATTLE to free CMR of its leeches would take place on the STREETS, not in the forest.

          O’yes….it is in the making already.

          Time will tell…

        • @zam zam,
          The problem with you is that you talk faster than you even have time to think.
          The so called march has already taken place in your mind, just like the Southern Cameroonian leaders in the diaspora being judged in Yaounde. Remember the plane that is bringing them from the United States and Europe?
          You people (Camerounese) epitomize the meaning of chicken.
          Which Kamto? How many of you are advocating on his behalf? A few gunshots and you people being the cowards you are folded like toilet paper. Where are the demonstrators going to come from? The same people who were out on the streets for a couple of hours and gave up?
          Paul Biya has your number, that is why he is playing you ckickens like barracudas.
          Talk is cheap. If you think I’m wrong prove it, get out on the streets…

        • @kedioh,

          it has always been a proof of great courage to hide in the West, drug youths in CMR-forest, shut down business for 2 good weeks and beat the breast for a brave job accomplished. Hasn’t it.

          Your selfishness has brought nothing but calamity to a people, a curse that will take centuries to exorcise.

          The small income you earn from washing some white piece of s### 24/7, has transformed you into a zombie that thinks it can break the day with a few coins.

          Shame for misusing youths as human shields to avenge your anger towards a people you call Francos. Shame on you for betraying your country that gave birth to that mid-get brain that thinks it can destroy CMR. Shame for being unpatriotic.

          CMR would spew ur body out of her bowel and send your rigid body to be buried in USA…

  2. Les forces de défense et de sécurité du Cameroun ont incendié des maisons et des magasins en AMBAZONIE. Nous avons la liste de ce qu’ils font en plus de leurs actes barbares.

    Ils pillent, ils brûlent, ils tuent, ils mangent des chiens,
    Ils fouillent des poubelles, ils s’habillent en civils pour se faire passer pour des Ambazoniens.
    Ils s’habillent en clochards dans les rues et cachent des armes.
    Ils infiltrent les églises, les écoles, les universités pour écouter ce qui se dit.
    Ils se prostituent() pour glaner des infos
    Les nanas se prostituent() pour glaner des infos
    Les fonctionnaires vivent dans le chantage permanent
    Ils volent les pc, les téléphones et tout ce qu’ils trouvent.

    AMBAZONIANS, STAND FIRM. We are winning the battle in all aspects of te HUMANITY.

    • All These animals know where to unity palace is located why are they frightening defenceless individuals just to provide financial support their moronic followers on this platform?

      • @ Colby
        You don’t have to be mean all the time, especially if and when you think you know better than others. Whether you are using elite metaphors (pot calling the kettle black) or African lore (three fingers always point back at you each time your index finger is directed at someone), the facts remain the same. Cameroon’s president declared war on 30/11/2019 on the SW and NW, facetiously alluding to “entrepreneurs de la guerre”. Guess who are the most enterprising warmongers???? His own entourage!

  3. Father of love

    Ambazombians are the most confused and frustrated terrorist group in the history of mankind

    • and so what,if you were nt confused more than them,why are you people is still backward ,cant even keep your house clean,more confused by selling your selve for mere bread and sardine.

  4. Father of Love,i hope you are not one them. because if you are one it means you are included,then we are all confused. Whether you you support the struggle or not,it is on-going and it is sending a signal to the world at large. One day our cry would be heard. Even before LRP gained independence from France, many were killed. Same with other African countries. Their colonial master resisted the idea of self determination for a long time before finally yielding to their pressure. Eritrea, South Sudan and many others passed through what we are in: before they were granted independence. We will have independence and be free

    • Kumkum pass Garri


      The struggle can go on for the next one thousand years but that does not mean you will succeed. The struggle will continue to fail no matter how long it goes on for because the struggle has n plan , no strategy and is led by a bunch of terrorist con men!

      However, if your goal is to make the people of the North West and South West to live in fear and misery forever then you will succeed. The only guaranteed outcome to continuing the so called struggle which has absolutely no chance of success is death, fear and misery to the people of the North West and South West! It is for this reason that the amba terrorists must be annihilated!

  5. the other team in the picture is dressed in the Ambazonian flag. BLUE white

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