Cameroon Soldiers Jailed 10 Years For Murder Of Four Civilians

AFP | Four Cameroonian soldiers were sentenced on Monday to 10 years in prison for the execution-style killings of two women and their children in a region where the army is fighting jihadists.

A fifth soldier received a two-year sentence.

A video was broadcast on social media in July 2018 showing soldiers shooting two kneeling, blindfolded women as well as a baby on one of their backs and a girl.

The government initially denied the army’s involvement, dismissing the video as “fake news”.

But after Amnesty International provided credible evidence, the authorities announced that the seven soldiers seen in the video had been arrested and would be prosecuted.

Two were later acquitted.

The military court in the capital Yaounde handed down the murder verdict and sentences after the trial was adjourned several times.

The seven soldiers had pleaded not guilty nearly a year ago.

The killings took place in Zeleved, in Cameroon’s Far North region where troops have been deployed to fight Boko Haram jihadists carrying out cross-border attacks from Nigeria.

International human rights organisations regularly denounce abuses and crimes committed against civilians by security forces in Cameroon.

Three soldiers were charged with murder in June over a massacre earlier this year in western Cameroon, where security forces are fighting anglophone separatists.


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  1. 10 years for killing women and babies. That’s at least a combined 4 lives in prison ie 240 years each but then, the kangaroos can only conduct kangaroo trials and dish out kangaroo sentences as they prefer to give Ayuk Tabe life +5. Ambazonians you must go online and support the ADF’s TTOF. That’s your only way out of bondage. Iron for iron, machine for machine and fire for fire. Ignore the devilish PIGs writing letters to the US senate and LRC begging for ministerial posts and thwarting your freedom cause. Ayuk Tabe despite his foolishness and lack of vision to go and form a virtual government remains one of our own and we will never ever abandon them. Listen to Dr Cho Ayaba who has the LRC regime fall And independence blue print.

  2. No draft or MTTB or whatever, how is this your Dr. Cho Ayaba, raising his money
    and fighting his war? War, is money.

    • I am seriously concerned for you Sakolites. MTTB 1st control, War Draft 2nd Control, Humanitarian Draft 3rd control yet nothing and you all are still following like sheep. All the killings and disarmament of our boys by Sako coordinated sect, the wiping out of 23 of our finest in Bui and their heavy arms seized and handed over to LRC is of no concern to you? The arrest and detention of Gen RK to be murdered on the night his boys broke him out, the sinister killings of Chacha and Amigo to destroy evidences of Biya infiltration means nothing to you? Your IG special forces are still using Dane guns and machetes? If you know the heavy weapons ADF have on GZ you will forever shut up. Thats where our money go. We raise our money from www(dot)ttof(dot)net. We are not a lot but we are committed.

    • War is not only money, its a balance of Strategy, determination and enough funding. Stop empowering the Maryland thieves and destroyers.

      This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil…John 3:19.

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