Cameroon streets crowded despite COVID-19

africanews | Despite preventive messages and recommendations announced by the Cameroonian government in dealing with the rising cases of the new coronavirus, many are not adhering to these measures.
Notwithstanding the ban of more than 50 people at public places, this is not the case in Cameroon’s economic capital,Douala
Few respect the hygiene rules announced by authorities in an effort to curb the spread of the disease.

“The government must take tough action against stubborn people. I, on the other hand, I am a shopkeeper, I respect the standards, I clean before opening’‘, a shopkeeper Olivier Ndogmo, said.

In the economic capital, where the informal sector accounts for more than 80% of economic activity, the vast majority of the population refuses to remain confined to their homes. Many feel that they cannot make ends meet and feed their families at home.

Sylvain Tchokoga ,
“We feel these measures have not taken into account the specific character of Cameroon an economist Sylvain Tchokoga, said.

‘‘We have put in place exactly the measures that other nations have taken, but those nations – or those countries – have the coercive means to enforce the measures taken by the government”, he added.

Cameroon has so far recorded 20 new coronavirus cases, the second highest figure in Central Africa after the DRC with 23 confirmed cases.

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  1. Cameroon-LRC does not have streets. They have jungles. Do you call what you see on the post, streets? Go to Rwanda-Kigali , SA, Abuja Tunisia, Egypt, Malabo, Cote D’Ivoire and Morocco to mention but a few progress countries in African and you would see what are called streets.

  2. Well those 20 unfortunate people should be taken to a wide open space plain surface and live in tents 50 meters apart from each other in complete isolation for the next 25 days with one or 2 doctors and nurses in full biological warfare gear and some appropriate medicines and oxygen tanks (airport should lend them ,since its closed .Anyone else on that flight ,same treatment .its in the national interest.Any guy like the shop keeper interviewed should be mandated to supply water , soap to wash your hands in to any person who happens to pass by ,its called community spirit .All hawkers should be repositioned 3 meters apart from each other further down the roads f to spread out the sales .tape the ground with the measures .take indoor markets out and do the same .

  3. who ever was on that flight from Europe knew ,by now ,full well that quarantine is mandatory in a lot of countries and notified quarantine if someone was posative on your flight so they can experience camping in a large field in the middle of no where .at least they will get free medical attention ! Whereas it can cost a pretty packet else where.

  4. With the high rate of ignorance at home, i fear greatly if the coronaV, hits had.
    So, let them avoid crowds especially and rampant movements.

  5. If Cavaye Yeguie Djibril cannot set the good example from the top, what does anyone expect below????

    • With 27 cases already positively identified, it is sheer folly to be going about as usual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This thing is for real and is spreading fast.

  6. Firstly they can get hold of the passenger list of all flights in the last 20 days ,pass it over to a police investigative squad and test each and everyone of them ,within 48 hours ,interview (take a call list with time and dates off their cell provider ,which they probably don’t do in Singapore but we can go an extra mile ,,to back that up )and then test anyone else these people have stayed or been in contact with ,just like they do in Singapore .The preventative action in doing this avoids a lot of hardships in the future .It could give n early indication on where lockdowns should be aimed at more than other areas .

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