Cameroon suspends taxation on telephones

APA | Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has ordered his government to suspend the new tariffs planned for telephone devices.

The users and several members of civil society organizations (CSOs) have won their case. They stood up against this measure by the Post and Telecommunications Ministry. This is a reform that was meant to put an end to the fraudulent schemes of certain importers of digital phones and tablets. In particular, it provided for the payment of a customs tax of 33.05 percent of the purchase price of the device.

President Biya then arbitrated in favor of the users. On Monday, he asked his Prime Minister to “postpone the implementation of the digital collection of customs duties and taxes on imported telephones and terminals.”

In addition, the president called for “a more appropriate mechanism for the recovery of such customs duties and other taxes.”

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  1. Cameroon should suspend Paul Biya Or He should suspend himself from the Presidency of Cameroon. He has outlived his Ideas on how to manage a country. He is just playing Trial and error right now . Throwing mud on the wall and hoping some will stick.

  2. Le Cameroun devrait suspendre Paul Biya Ou il devrait se suspendre de la présidence du Cameroun. Il a survécu à ses idées sur la façon de gérer un pays. Il joue juste à cache-cache avec les camerounais. Jeter de la boue sur le mur et espérer que certains colleront.

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