Cameroon: the voting proceeded calmly, but busy

VOA | Cameroonians elect, this Sunday, February 9, their MPs and councilors. The Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) party of President Paul Biya is favored, especially that part of the opposition Movement for revival of Cameroon (MRC), called for a boycott of the municipal and legislative. Voting started peacefully.
In Yaoundé, most polling stations opened at 8:00 am on Sunday morning, with the polling center Leclerc High School which is the largest in the capital. 21 polling stations have been identified. The first voter was recorded just five minutes later, reports our correspondent in Yaounde, Polycarpe Essomba.

In terms of affluence specifically, it differs from one office to another, many voters who chose, as in Douala, to go first in various places of worship. Therefore, at midday, participation was very average overall.

The register of incidents, not much to report, except perhaps if those few voters who do not find their names on the electoral lists which are displayed at the entrance of the polling stations.

Both highly secure Anglophone regions

In both English-speaking areas of western Cameroon – we know that the separatists have openly threatened to attack voters who go to the polls – as there no major incidents to report, for the moment in these regions . The operations of vote it held a fashion but with an even greater timidity than in the rest of the country. It must be said that the military authorities have deployed there, gendarmes and police in large numbers to secure the vote.

In Bamenda where voted the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji, the governor of the region crisscrossed the city early Sunday morning by helicopter to ensure that everything went pretty well.

In the town of Mbengue, however, it was reported that sporadic gunfire had been recorded earlier in the morning, but calm has since returned. It’s the same in the Southwest, in Buea region.

“You can not vote in the middle of a war”

In Douala, a city regarded as the stronghold of the Movement for the revival of Cameroon, the main opposition force led by Maurice Kamto, voting began peacefully, but busy, as our special correspondent, Florence Morice which s’ visited ten polling stations.

In high school Bepanda, polling center deemed close to the opposition where fifteen offices were installed, only ten had voted at 9:00 am, about 4 000 members. Nevertheless, supervisors remained confident, saying that people would come after worship.

“You can not vote in the middle of a war when our brothers are dying”, we explained an unemployed youth outside the school, referring to the conflict in English-speaking regions. Other voters promised to go later in the day, with the hope that the new decentralization law, adopted earlier this year, would be applied and that the local authorities would soon have more autonomy.

Crowded slightly higher in the Joss high school, located in the administrative district where many military and voting officials. At 10:00, the first office here had recorded thirty voters registered 400 including the governor, Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua. The latter emphasized the enhanced security measures, “a security outfit but also civil to say that anyone would think be free to ask a misplaced act, would be quickly caught up,” he said after voting .

Deserted streets

In Douala streets are almost deserted and shops closed. Police vehicles throughout the city. They intervened on Sunday morning to disperse a football game before the Bepanda school and several markets, according to witnesses, to ask the vendors to stop their activity, time of voting.

Polling stations for the legislative and municipal elections in Cameroon are expected to close at 18:00 local time.


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  1. Once again Southern Cameroonians have proven to the world in general and to LRC in particular that their country is now UNGOVERNABLE.
    The phoney elections of LRC were boycotted PANTS ON FIRE.


  2. Until the end of time, only few cameroonians, will know why `voting`, in the first
    place. A poor voting turnout, clearly shows the dislike for dictatorship on SC.

  3. Yes, we took out the lead shooter of the armored car. A careful sniper shot split opened his brains and splattered it on the face of Benjamin Itoe who was shacking in the armored car like a dry leaf. Another bullet tore through the armored car and took off the arm of the criminal woman accompanying them to go and rig elections.

    We are now at the new phase, OPERATION NSALAI 130-130. The objective of this is to supply 130 sniper rifles and 130 rocket launchers into GZ Ambazonia, 10 snipers and 10 rocket launchers for each of our 13 county. By the end of 2020, LRC will be begging to sit down and dialogue. Mark my words Biya and your enabling traitors like Sako and Anu. The time to pay for your corrupt sins is coming.

    • What about Cho, Saa?

      Hahahaha, welcome home!

      Can’t believe it….this is what I have been cracking your numb brain to pour it inside for three good years, but you deliberately refused to face reality.

      Abeg, send your February contribution, Sako owe plenty hotel bills…

      • Zam-Zam the Bamilke cross Mbalmayo product of a one night stand you are no match for the resolute Dr Cho. He understand the working mind of Beast Biya more than anyone else and has been the most consistent with his approaches from day 1. See how your other Bamilike kins like the fraud Momo asserting power upon himself and getting power drunk with Longe Longe passpoert, while Kamto in his manipulative tendencies is exploiting the Ambazonian struggle to advance his dirty political career. How can Kamto claim to be against the war and refusing to grant audience to the people being killed. Anyhow Ayaba Cho had warned us to stay away from you filthy enablers. Before the end of 2020, you creepy genocidaires will beg for a dialogue to pack out in one peace. Mark my words slimy punk.

  4. Kikikiki, you go meng me witi laf…small time na so-so you go blast Cho for here. Da petrol wey yi bin want for sellam so for on top nguntah road for London nova teach you sense?

    Anyway, ah trust da short man, sep for nyong’o hass, yi go so-so ntum all wuna movement.

    Kamto dan tell wuna movement hoha sey yi no dey yi for inside da wuna loss sense. Wuna want see yi for tok wukan tok ana yi?

    Eske clocky di waka witi dorti bird?

    Learn book from Kamto then turn back for reality.

    Warm sun liké you…

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