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Cameroon to prosecute 7 soldiers over ‘atrocity’ video

Yaoundé AFP | Cameroon’s defence ministry said Monday it would prosecute seven soldiers suspected of summarily killing two women and their two children, a video of which was distributed on the internet to widespread outrage.

“Seven soldiers arrested on suspicion of extrajudicial executions in the Far North region will be brought before a military court in Yaounde… where they will be tried in line with the law,” communications official Cyrille Serge Atonfack Guemo told AFP.

The charges are for joint participation in murder, breach of regulations and conspiracy to commit these crimes, he said.

The date of the trial has yet to be set.

“Cameroon does not compromise over behaviour that is incompatible with law relating to war, human law and the protection of people and their belongings,” he said

The killings occurred last July in a region plagued by cross-border raids by Boko Haram fighters from neighbouring Nigeria.

The assailants in the video accuse the four of being members of the jihadist group.

The Cameroonian government initially branded the video “fake news” and a “horrible montage” but said it would investigate. It made seven arrests the following month.

Amnesty International for its part said it had “credible evidence” that the men in the video were Cameroonian soldiers.

The United States and Britain were among those which called for a probe and to hold those responsible to account.

Cameroon’s armed forces have also been accused of abuses in two western regions where anglophone separatists have launched an armed campaign against the predominantly French-speaking state.

Acts of violence there have been committed by both sides, say monitors.

According to the International Crisis Group think tank, 1,850 people have been killed, while more than 530,000 people have been forced from their homes, according to UN figures.

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  1. There have been many of such unnecesary killings in Southern Cameroon, by the dumb
    military. If just one is cause for concern because the US / Britain raised a voice, then there
    is injustice here. Other cases, can still be investigated and prosecuted.
    In the overall, why is Paul Biya a free man afterall, with so much blood in his hands???????.

  2. All ye responsible for mass killings shall pay. Ambazonia shall be Free.


    Here is a special announcement:

    The 29.06.20019 will be considered by historians as the D-DAY for LRC

    The Brigade Anti Sardinards (BAS) has planned the MOTHER OF ALL DEMONSTRATION in front of the Intercontinental hotel in Geneva on this fateful day.
    The CPDM and the Cameroon embassy in Switzerland have promised to prevent the demonstration.
    The chances of serious confrontation are EXTREMELY high.
    The writer and other “secessionists” will be there in flesh and blood to support the BAS.


    • BTW, serious demonstration and fight have already started today,25.06.2019, in front of the Hotel Intercontinental in Geneva. This will continue until the 29.06.2019 when the MOTHER OF ALL DEMONSTRATIONS will take place.
      Simply put, Dictator Biya will have ZERO peace of mind in Geneva because Switzerland has no DOs to ban demonstrations.

      Rumours abound that Ex-convict Atanga Nji has transported FAKE BAS activists to Geneva. Their mission is to commit horrible crimes, such as the burning of cars parked in front of the hotel, attacking the police, raping of girls, etc. The aim is to discredit the BAS as a criminal organisation.
      BAS is already aware of this diabolic plan of LRC and has already informed the Swiss authorities.

  4. Freedom fighters have kept Biya busy for 3 years..
    The francophones are begining to wake up..
    They are waking from sleep for u cant sell your country for bread, sardine and beer..
    Its time to wake up, chase this Gorilla on diapers and make cameroon clean..
    There have been confrontations in geneva with the guards of the despot as some have been taken to hospital..
    This is the begining of a new Phase..
    Let this old despot die in geneva or be hanged ..
    Let the freedom fighters in Southern cameroon continue the fight…
    We need equal rights and justice in Cameroon..
    Its not a cake owned own by some few gorillas from the forest…

  5. call these young boys in southern Cameroons terrorist, seperationist and seccessionist etc etc..
    What they have achieved so far for this Fake , failed, corrupt and retarded nation under this despot on diapers is far reaching..
    Cameroon will never be the same..
    The Anglophones are now awake, they will never ever accept this form of marginalization and humiliation that our parents went through..
    Its shameful that anglophones are having a big problem but on TV the experts discussing the problems and looking for solutions are francophones…
    When cameroon is changed, the francophones will come up and enjoy as usual..All poiltical changes that had far reaching effects in this country always started in Southern Cameroon..Long live the revolution…

  6. The military tribunal is too busy prosecuting civilians; no time for trying military personnel whose “professionalism” was decided long ago my Issa Tchiroma!

  7. The National Interest

    Finalement vous voulez même quoi?

  8. Biya est un barbare
    il assassine les populations avec sa milice tribale

    • The National Interest

      @Prisca the same tribal militia is made by cameroonians of all horizons that means the whole country is a tribal militia right?

  9. Innocent Ohiomu

    I have seen the horrible video in question, what is wrong with my african people. That was horrible extrajudicial killing. Those men should be brought to Justics fast.

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