Cameroon to purchase a rice husking unit for farmers in the Northwest

Business in Cameroon | On April 23, during his visit to the Upper Nun Valley Development Authority (UNVDA) in Ndop, in the North-West, the Minister of Agriculture Gabriel Mbairobe announced the upcoming acquisition of a rice husking unit. According to the government daily Cameroon Tribune, the equipment will help rice farmers add value to paddy rice and consequently sell their production at a higher price.

During his visit, the official also saluted the self-sacrifice of Nun Valley Development Authority’s managers and supervisors who continued their works unabated despite the sociopolitical crisis raging in the North-West and South-West since late 2016.

To encourage them to continue their work in supervising producers, who have already developed 460 hectares of rice fields in this part of Cameroon, Minister Mbairobe handed a truck, four pick-ups, motorcycles, and equipment to them. The overall value of the materials handed over by the official is estimated at XAF2 billion.

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  1. day dreaming French cameroon regime still thinking they own Southern Cameroon,the people of the Mezam, Savanah & Coastal zones Fako NW/ SW does not belong to french cameroon. they cannot be fighting a war of independence since 2017 to allow any fake deals to happen in Ambazonia,Gabriel Mbairobe as you francophone coconut heads does not realise that there is no union Treaty between french cameroon and English cameroon, your forceful union is invalid,all the illegal deals a failed banana french republic is pursuing in Southern cameroon is void,it will never hold,any money / deals your french cameroon government have taken from the buyers is a lost debt will have to pay back as you do not own Southern cameroon,

  2. @l’enemi.e,

    Ndop rice di cam back. We go sécou villagers for wa own small level for boost their farming.

    You go chop mashed potatoes for Etas sotehhhh ya own cam meetup you.

    Now wey Amba dan be defeated, we go do all thing for gee wa pipo dem confiance again.

    At least meik dem know sey no be all Anglos for diaspora dan loss sense, kwat-kwata…

  3. Self sacrifice ?….. they are paid to do a job .
    Tax paid workers are not “supervisors “:or “ managers” they definately don’t have to get up in the morning with the idea in their head that they are “ supervising “ people .It’s their DUTY to SERVE the public with a service to let taxpayers achieve a better lifestyle , production , by ,less burocratic ,extremely efficient public service and in no way be hindered by anyone at all. Job titles should show its a service not a burden ,getta grip .