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Cameroon troops kill 15 armed separatist fighters in crisis-hit Anglophone region

YAOUNDE, Sept. 11 (Xinhua ) — Fifteen armed separatist fighters were killed in Chambo, a locality in the Northwest, one of the two crisis-hit English-speaking regions of Cameroon after government forces raided a building where the fighters have been camping, the Cameroon army said in a statement on Tuesday.

According to the army, two separatist fighters were captured and eleven hunting rifles, two hunting pistols, one revolver and ammunition were seized during the operation.

“No soldier died in the clash. Two soldiers sustained minor injuries during the operation,” a security source told Xinhua.

Since November last year, government forces have been clashing with armed separatists in the Northwest and Southwest, the two Anglophone regions of the country where about 80 percent of population are native in French.

The armed separatist forces have declared an independent state in the two regions called “Ambazonia.”

According to the government, over 100 security personnel and an unknown number of separatist have died in the clashes; some military officers estimate that more than 200 armed separatists have been killed.

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  1. This is a Serious Crisis of bad leadership. A Good Leader listen to his people’s grivances wether you have the solution or not .It doesn’t matter even the leadership do not plan on resolving the grievances, most people who complain , do so just because they want someone to listen, for them to airout their concerns and their worries but in Cameroon , when people complain they get killed or locked up indefinitely. Am just wondering! what Good is the cameroon Parliament , the senate and Constitutional counsel if none of them is allowed to debate the main issue facing the country , the Anglophone Crisis and resolve the matter once and for all.Why has this matter not been discussed by the representatives?

  2. C’est une grave crise de mauvais leadership. Un bon leader écoute les sentiments de son peuple, que vous ayez ou non la solution. Peu importe que les dirigeants ne prévoient pas résoudre les griefs, la plupart des gens qui se plaignent le font simplement parce qu’ils veulent que quelqu’un les écoute. diffusent leurs inquiétudes et leurs inquiétudes mais au Cameroun, quand les gens se plaignent. Ils sont tués ou enfermés indéfiniment. Je me demande juste! qu’est-ce que le parlement camerounais, le sénat et le conseil constitutionnel si aucun d’eux n’est autorisé à débattre de la question principale du pays, de la crise anglophone et de le résoudre une fois pour toutes? Pourquoi les représentants n’ont-ils pas discuté de cette question?

    • Korak ,mauvaise gouvernance mais surtout les actions de ces villageois qui se disent leaders anglophones. Le gouvernement de Biya est sanguinaire , nous le savons tous, mais comment des gens qui se disent conscients peuvent manipuler les jeunes pour aller mourir pour une cause completement illusoire? Ils sont contents de tuer quelques militaires et policiers , mais ä quel prix?
      Depuis qu’on tue ces jeunes , on n a pas vu un seul leader aller combattre au pays.
      Cet article qui dit 80% des camerounais sont francophones, vraiment du n importe quoi.
      Et ceux qui ne parlent ni francais ni anglais sont de quel pays?
      Alors qu’il etait plus simple de s’unir au SDF ou autres et combattre ensemble ce vieux malade de Biya.
      Tristes images!

  3. This is shameful for those in the diaspora financing desperate youth to go to the slaughter.
    This is a lots cause and too bad some are so egocentric and are ready to sacrifice some lost souls for their frustrations.
    Kamerun will remain one no matter the cost.
    Terrorists will be eliminated.

    • @Mbappe! It more shameful when you look at Ignorant people with their Hunting Guns and Farming tools being killed , arrested and locked up without Judgment. How do you look at those weapons and conclude that they came from the diaspora? Me I see guns that have been passed down from father to son for generations. This is their means of survival being taken away fromm without judgement. How do you distinguish who was fighting and who just had a gun in their home and got arrested for possession of one ?

      • Africans For Donald Trump


        These are the guns that we see on the ambazombie videos that are being circulated on social media!
        These are the guns that are being used to shoot and kill police and military men!
        These are the guns that are used to kill kidnapped citizens of the North West and South West who do not agree with the ambazombie terrorists!

        The origin of the gun is irrelevant! Whether or not the gun used to be used for hunting before the ambazombies in the diaspora brainwashed the poor locals to start using them to shoot and kill police and military men is irrelevant! Whether or not the gun was handed down from father to son is irrelevant!

        If you truly believe that these ambazombie fighters should be judged before arrested then you are either extremely naïve, a terrorist or a terrorist supporter!

        • Mt question was how do you look at Thoes guns and conclude that they sent from abroad ? Secondly how are Cameroonians in the diaspora brainwashing this villagers do anything against their own wills? This people are simply frustrated citizens who are protesting for basic rights. The right to go court and be judged by a language they can understand and the right for self governance. How hard is it for each Region to Elect its own Governor and Representatives. Instead of everyone being appointmented from Yaounde. In most cases the appointed do not have tge people’s interests at heart. They just come and execute orders from Yaounde and no projects or development is realized on the ground.

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          Who said the guns were sent from the diaspora?
          They are locally made guns loaded with bullets that are bought and shipped to them with contributions from losers in the diaspora!
          They use solar panels supplied by losers in the diaspora.
          They are motivated by rhetoric from losers in the diaspora whom they call leaders.
          The grievances of the teachers and the lawyers were addressed by the government in 2016 and are still being addressed and the lawyers and teachers are happy to go to work. However the entire population is being terrorised by the ambazombie terrorists.

          If the people want change they have to follow the political process and not resort to terrorism!
          You sound completely ignorant and naive! These terrorists will be annihilated as they rightly should be!

        • I’m number one TRUMP supporter thanks God, I’m living his presidency.

          take care.

      • These kinds for guns show how frustrated and desperate people have been or treated by the regime. People are frustrated,we are frustrated under this regime.they should let us go???????

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          These kind of guns show how brainwashed the people are!
          These kind of guns are proof that the people are intoxicated with marijuana and tramadol and buoyed by their silly beliefs that the amulets they hang on their necks make them invinvible to bullets from an AK 47.

          These kinds of guns proof that when the people wear their amulets and are under the influence of drugs they are completely incapable of accessing the consequences of their actions.

          Only a fool will attack a military man with an AK47 with a dane gun.

    • @Mbappe
      Let me make this clear to you. Tell the people you see here tied do they look like Ambazonian fighters? We have to be true to ourselves because gone are the days when we use to fall for the dirty tricks that the current regime has been using. They have failed in their attempt to get the culprits of this crisis hence the reason why they just look for escape goats to massacre. We have a heartless army that have been given the orders to kill. Most of the civilians killed are innocent. This has been the tactics of the La republic military to take its frustration on civilians. Shame to mankind and shame onto you for supporting the slaughter of innocent civilians.

  4. hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaahhaha just wait after october 7 , you will see your mami pima .

    • And what is funny about that? This craziness need to stop.
      It is about time for Cameroonians to stop talking and act. We all need to take our responsability and find a way to stop this.

    • There is no need to rejoice over this Bamenda boy, both the soldiers who are being killed and these rebels are our brothers, that means they are us. This war is not necessary, the sponsors of these kids must be punished. The present government must be punished. We need cameroonians who love Cameroon.This war is just an experiment caaried out by the enemies of Cameroon on to the people of Cameroon.God helps us.

  5. IG, shame on you !


    You would definitely pay for our Anglo youths you’re sacrificing, DEVILS…

  6. These are not Ambazonias they are Atanga Nji gang
    How many soldiers have we killed the gang regime is so excited to come and tell the media how they killed few Atanga Nji boys here
    Let wait and see if all this will make Ambazonia be part of LRC again let my people go or your illusion of one and INDIVISABLE LRC is a solgan

  7. The terrorist of today is the freedom fighter of tomorrow.Terrorism is the by product of corrupt and incompetent govennment.

    • @ Hanike Gregoski. Not when they are kidnapping and beheading the people they claim to be fighting for. These Ambazonians are real terrorists and not freedom fighters like the Mandelas. Mandela and the ANC took the fight to the racist white south Africans and not to the black South Africans. The Amba terrorists are fighting for their own cause which has nothing to do with the majority of the anglophones. They are fighting to create a separate country with an Eastern European name called Ambazonia using a brief colonial British fabrication called Southern Cameroons. Look at how things are falling apart in S Sudan. The center cannot hold there because it is an American fabrication from Sudan to exploit the oil in that part of Sudan. It is not God’s creation. South Sudan was fudged by the US.

  8. @ Massa Kongosa,

    see wuna handwork, wuna di fool small pickin dem witi banga.

    CHINEKE no go ever gree mek wuna plans for become anoda Etoudi work.

    We MUSTO create a counter-Amba group for cut wuna road…

  9. @ Massa Kongosa,

    see wuna handwork, wuna di fool small pickin dem witi banga.

    CHINEKE no go ever gree mek wuna plans for become anoda Etoudi work.

    We MUSTO create a counter-Amba group for cut wuna road…

    • massa ohhh ! I go be the first to join the groupe.

      • Africans For Donald Trump

        I am in support of the anti-ambazombies group! It is time we take our destinies into our hands. We can not leave the futures of our children in the hands of losers like Boh herbert, Ayaba Cho, Criz Anuz, marak Brekete barat etc.

        We are getting organised and we are coming for you! Shameless coward terrorists! Enough is enough! Our children must go to school! Our farmers must sell their farm produce!

        People have worked all their lives for the little they have and we will not let you destroy our lives and property just because you are dumb and lazy losers!

        • Getting organized behind your brother Nji Atanga right? I go turn you into worm food. Smelling mouth Trump. Bumbuh.

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          It will take me only a minute to destroy an intoxicated fool like you in a face to face battle.

          Your amulets, marijuana ad tramadol only make you a delusional, dumb and stupid terrorist!. They do not make you strong or intelligent!

  10. 15 civilians killed in Chomba.
    Once killed by the rogue militia called army the automatically label them terrorist because the dead can’t defend themselves.
    Women and children in their farms in Chomba were executed and here the government calls the terrorist.
    The military of Cameroon is on video executing women and children with the false accusations of being wives of Boko Haram.
    The killings in Anglophone Cameroon are from the same playbook.
    Were are not fooled by the Tchiromarization of the events by the state sponsored media.
    About 10,000 Anglophones have lost their lives in this war declared by the tribal Yaoundé government on them.
    English in Courtrooms and classrooms in Anglophone Cameroon was the initial request by the people in 2016
    Today war is the government’s solution

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      You think you are the most informed Cameroonian on earth? You have news and statistics that even media organizations with a national network do not have!

      When ambazombie terrorists kill police/military officers, you celebrate!
      When ambazombie officers kidnap/rape students you celebrate!
      When ambazombie terrorists kidnap business people for extortion you celebrate!
      When ambazombie terrorists destroy the personal property of hard working Cameroonians you celebrate!
      When ambazombie terrorists burn down schools and abolish education for the poor you celebrate!
      When ambazombie terrorists are killed/arrested you claim they are innocent!

      Lum you are a clearly part of the communications team of the ambazombie terrorists! You are a terrorist!
      Shame on you! Nyamfukah! Dirty Akwara woman!

      • @Lum is his pseudonym. He may still be a Dirty Akwara but I think he is just a silly vagabond celebrating his stupidity!!

      • @Africa for the Trojan
        Why would anyone celebrate the killing of another innocent human being.
        You may not like and believe in facts but you will have to kill everyone of us for the atrocities of today not to be recounted.
        More than 40 children were summarily executed in Menka Pinyin by the army, we can categorically state that if those kids were born in Francophone Cameroon the army would have treated they differently, they may have called them delinquent but they will never kill 40children in south province of Cameroon and CRTV/Vision will call them terrorist.
        Language and tribal discrimination is a government policy in Cameroon.
        The minority Anglophones aka Les Bamenda are treated with scorn by the government.
        70,000 refugees in Nigeria
        400,000 displaced
        Keep denying!

        • Why don’t you just go ahead and declare the Independent of Republic of Bamenda?

        • Africans For Donald trump

          @Lum – The dumb terrorist coward conman!

          You can nontinue to live in delusion just like your coward leader sick-seku and his friends that were caught in Nigeria and transported like shumbus to Kondengui!

          You are an enemy of progress! You are a catalyst for the destruction of our children! We will no longer seat back and watch you guys destroy the future of our children!

          You do not have monopoly of intelligence or strategic thinking. Your comments show that you lack the ability to think critically and that you must be a wretched akwara man or woman in life!


      • she is right my grand ma was shot and killed was she a fighter,you go around and kill innocent people and labeled them as terrorrist what did my grand ma do to u guys,kill and see if it will stop,rubbish

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          Your grand ma must have been providing cover for the ambazombie terrorists, feeding the ambazombie terrorists, providing the ambazombie terrorists with intelligence or collateral damage!

          You should have warned your ambazombie terrorists not to make their base around your grand ma’s house thereby making her a target!

          Given that you ambazombie terrorists are so intoxicated on marijuana and tramadol, I will not be surprised if you personally ran for cover behind your grand mas house after attacking the military making her a target.
          You ambazombie terrorists are responsible for grand your grand mas death!

          Craze people them! You run around shouting dumb slogans “wata na wata”.
          Well for your information AK 47 na AK 47! Bullet na bullet!

          Nyamfukah! Shegue! Shumbu!

    • This is a loose- loose situation.
      Isn’t not about time to ask the jobless delusional missled youngests to put the guns down ? We are all loosing in this stupid war and the ones paying the highest price is the population of the NW and SW. The State of Cameroon will continue to kill as long as they feel attacked. And there is nothing no one can do about it. Not even the so called international community.
      These young men and women in the bushes need positiv leadership and people who can guide them out of the mess. They surely feel trapped and don’t know the way out.
      Mothers need their sons back home to rebuild the land.
      We the people must take our responsability and demand the end of the atrocities.

    • @ Lum. Stop associating your Ambazonia terrorist foolishness with the great people of the SW and NW provinces. We will follow the wisdom of the great Martin Luther King to liberate ourselves from the ruthless Biya regime and not your Ambazonia foolishness. War was declared on Ambazonians and not on the great people of the SW and NW. How dare you call us Ambazonians when we are not from Eastern Europe.

    • @ Lum. Go to you tube and listen to the Boh Herbert interview 4 months ago. Even though I don’t support his idea of separation, his idea is how you do it. He is the type of person I call a wise man. He is genuine and I believe the reason the con men Like Sisiku disagreed with him. I believe Boh Herbert’s stupid minority (as the con ones call it) would have had more sympathizers than Chris Anu’s intelligent majority that is out to destroy the anglophones with their madness. Thank you zammy for letting me watch Boh Herbert expose the Ambazonia leadership.

  11. for those who want to know how the current situation will evolve,ask yourself the following question.what is the strategy choosen by younde concerning the current situation on the ground?once you have an awnser base of logical reasoning, not indeology.you will see clearly how things will be in 5, 10 ,15, years or more.
    long term thinking is a trait common with all champion nations.what count is not one or two police officers being killed here and there,but the final outcome.any other way of looking at things will lead to collective sucide.

  12. @Mbappe! It imis more shameful and sad when you look at Ignorant people with their Hunting Guns and Farming tools being killed , arrested and locked up without Judgment (Extrajudicial killings) and you conclude that they are sponsored by the diaspora. How do you look at those weapons and conclude that they came from the diaspora? Me I see guns that have been passed down from father to son for generations. This is their means of survival being taken away from them without judgement. How do you distinguish who was fighting and who just had a gun in their home or their fatm and got arrested for possession a weapon ?

    • What about the solar panel and electronic equipment?…

      • Do you even understand how many millions of those Panels are in use in Cameroon? Some streets are lighted with panels. Just because you see one panel in the picture doesn’t mean they know how to use it or that they used it. The army and police have thoes for emergency lighting as well!

    • @ Kodak. So who are those killing police officers, kidnapping and beheading anglophones who don’t support Ambazonia foolishness, burning down schools and buses and preventing anglophone kids from going to school. Don’t tell me the law enforcement officers just go to any anglophone village kill and arrest people without any provocation. You are beginning to sound like JD who started by pretending to be neutral until his Ambazonia ass was finally exposed.

      • There is Enough blames to go around but I don’t play the blame game. There’s only one man to be bear responsibility for tye chaotic nature of our fatherland and that Paul Biya. 36 years under his watch and there are not enough courts to handle criminal cases , people getting locjed up for eternity without trial. Law enforcement officials killing with impunity, Armed groups running wild like we are in Afghanistan. Where is the accountability on either sides? Who is acceptable to who? The only Elected official is tge President and he appointed everyone else. From 5he governor to the military General. So he should be accountable for their deeds and for thoes of his citizens , wether they are self radicalized or influenced by the diaspora!

      • @Boob the Jeck : There is Enough blames to go around but I don’t play the blame game. There’s only one man to bear responsibility for the chaotic nature of our fatherland and that is Paul Biya. After 36 years under his watch, there are not enough courts to handle criminal cases , people getting locked up for eternity without trial. Law enforcement officials killing with impunity, Armed groups running wild like we are in Afghanistan. Where is the accountability on either sides? Who is accountable to who? The only Elected official is the President and he appointed everyone else. From the governor to the military General. So he should be accountable for their deeds and for thoes of his citizens , wether they are self radicalized or influenced by the diaspora! They all his subjects

        • @ Korak. I know the truth hurts. JD started by pretending like you until his Ambazonia ass was exposed. Don’t be ashamed “SAY IT LOUD “I AM AN AMBAZONIAN”.

  13. Africans For Donald Trump

    When ignorant people are brainwashed by coward ambazombie terrorists in the diaspora to use their farm tools and dane guns to:
    -attack and kill police/military men
    – kidnap and rape students
    – kidnap torture and extort from business people
    – burn down schools and abolish education for the poor etc
    These people must be arrested , jailed and or killed! It is very easy to distinguish who was fighting, who was providing intelligence to the fighters, who was feeding the fighters etc from the peace loving citizen.
    These people have been brainwashed to believe that when they consume a mixture of marijuana and tramadol and wear amulets a bullet from an AK 47 becomes water to them (wata na wata).
    Anyone who cries foul when these terrorists are arrested is either stupid or a terrorist!

  14. Does not matter bad leadership or not..you should never take arms to kill your fellow because they disagree with your way of thinking….the bamileke and bassa were fighting colonial master not other cameroonians…now just wait after the election you will see what is coming your way trust me i know!

    • Reason why elections should not hold because going by your post you already know the winner of the October 7th elections.

  15. The sad thing is all those poor people who are dying, and the choas in the villages. How can people fight to keep kids out of schools , no matter how useless the system is ? This is evil !

  16. Sad, funny, shameful, unacceptable, unimaginable etc etc etc etc, that Paul Biya,
    can stand in an election in that country now, and be voted even by one voter.
    Cameroonians, still have to evolve more times to become real humans, to do the
    right things and which can be good for them.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @ Joshua the terrorist coward

      Are you intoxicating children with tramadol and marijuana and motiating them to go face sure death to stop Biya from running for another term?

      Are you kidnapping and raping students who want to go to school in the NW/SW as a strategy to eliminate Paul Biya?

      Are you kidnapping and killing chiefs to stop Biya from contesting elections?

      Are you kidnapping business men and demanding ransoms in order to stop Biya from staying on as president?

      Are you burning down schools and business in the NW and SW to stop Biya from continuing on as president

      You ambazombie terrorrists need to evolve to become human beings or face annihilation!
      You ambazombie terrorist are evil and you either stop or be annihilated

      You dull and wretched man! Shumbu!
      Shegue! Nyamfukah!

  17. @bobjazz U this maquizard from LRC.U keep running your mouth that a majority of anglophones do not support seperation,but u are still to tell us what they support.Is it Etat Unitaire non Decentralise? Are u saying that a majority of anglophones will choose Etat Unitaire non Decentralise over seperation? Tell us what a majority of anglophones support and stop this manipulative tactics.
    ”There is no such thing as Southern Cameroon. That was a brief fabrication by the colonial masters to exploit our resources”…Ha ha ha..Sounds like there is no such thing as Israel,becos even the state of Israel was created by Britain.
    Now,can u tell us the people that created LRC? Did the colonial masters that created LRC not do that becos of their interest to exploit natural resources?

    • @ Kongossa man. I know the truth hurts. I will repeat it again. The majority of anglophones don’t support your Ambazonia bull and the Biya regime. Kappish? Southern Cameroon was just a brief British fabrication from Cameroon to exploit their resources.
      Look at how things are falling apart in South Sudan. The center cannot hold there as it was fabricated by the Americans to exploit the oil in that part of Sudan. It wasn’t God’s creation. A country was fudged by the Americans between 2 groups of people who don’t see eye to eye and with nothing in common just like the people of the NW and SW provinces of Cameroon.
      I have asked you Kongosa man to show me any world map that has a country called Southern Cameroons and till now you haven’t done your homework. You must have beeen a C student.

  18. @uhmm pays Of course,people keep children out of school if the system is colonial.


    8.000.000 – 15 = 7.999.985 secessionists still alive


    1. The war is UNWINNABLE
    2. The Anglophone Question will be resolved this time around, come rain come shine
    3. Elections are around the corner. More “success stories” will be disseminated by Tchiroma and Badjeck. The “success stories” might even include the repatriation of all the WARLORDS to LRC.
    4. LRC has the proven track record of always disseminating lies, alternative facts and half-truths. That is the reason any statistics from LRC should be taken with a grain of salt.

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      This is a war between the progressive people of the north west and south west and the dumb ambazombie terrorists!

      We are getting organised and coming for you ambazombies. You may be tough to the government of Cameroon but you are not tough to us! We are tired of your stupidity!

      We the reasonable people from the North West and South West are sick of your terrorism and we will destroy you before the government of Cameroon even gets to you!

      Your delusion, mbang, tramadol and amulets will not save you! You dumb losers! Coward terrorist conmen!
      Shame on you! Craze people dem! Nyamfukah dem! Shumbu them!


        @United States of Akonolinga,

        You are from Akonolinga( LRC9. You are therefore NOT an Angloplophe.

        You can continue to deceive people who do not know you. Insults will also not make you an Anglophone.
        Proficiency in the English language and/or culture does not make you an “Anglophone”.
        In a nutshell, the title of Cameroonian Anglophone is acquirable by descent (jus sanguinis: the right of blood) and NOT by the place of birth(Jus soli =Latin: right of the soil).

        Your club members are Njomo Kevin, Eric Chinje, Prof. Ngoh, etc



      Look at the picture closely. LRC terrorists arrested a father, his, wife, a son and daughter and tells the world that they were terrorists.

      LRC terrorists should be ashamed of themselves.

      Dictator Biya declared a war without an EXIT STRATEGY. He has now discovered that the war is UNWINNABLE. His terrorist soldiers shoot innocent civilians and boast that they have killed Amba boys.
      The war will soon enter LRC. Our warlords have bought bombs from the Ogoni fighters. Sooner than later ministries in Yaounde will be bombed.

      Dictator Biya made a suicidal mistake to declare war on Southern Cameroonians.

      This UNWINNABLE war will decide the fate of the informal union. Only day-dreamers will ask Amba boys to drop their weapons.

      • Of course it is clear this is a man and his family being denied basic human rights by an occupying force.
        Issa Tchiroma wanted to know why international NGOs are silent, well there goes your answer…you arrest innocent citizens and abuse their rights. Ambazonia is free. Get used to it.


        I predicted on the 12.09.2018 that sooner than later bombs will be introduced in this war. Two days after my prediction, I have been vindicated 100%. A very important bridge has been bombed ba Amba boys:

        “Information filtering into BaretaNews office at Soba street Buea road, Kumba indicates that the Meme bridge at Ngongo Bakundu which separatists Ndian from Meme has been bombed to avoid La Republique Du Cameroun Forces entering or leaving both ends. Reports say large crocodiles in that river Meme have been activated to devour on the enemy. ”

        The next targets on the list of Amba boys are:

        1. the mungo bridge
        2. ministries in LRC

        Citizens of LRC asking Amba boys to lay down their weapons are daydreamers.


      ****La Republique Manipulations****

      “You may have seen a video making rounds about a vessel off the Victoria coast with weapons confiscated by LRC. They claimed those were hard wares to ground zero forces. What they are doing is that they are worried and trying to know how these things get into us, so this frustrated action is only meant to push us. Those Nigerian fishermen are all victims. You must rest assured that after touching base with all structures, none of that belongs or was intended for any unit. All units are safe and ways of getting their stuff in order. LRC failed in his manipulations”.

  20. @Bikutsi There is no need to shout..We are in a war.Lets enjoy it and see who will laugh last…Its as simple as that.For about 9 years before Mandela was released from prison to put an end to the apartheid gov’t,a majority of black South Africans were not schooling.And they ended up conquering apartheid.Today,white South Africans no longer look down on blacks.Wata na Wata….Self Defense is what Ambasonians a doing-reason why they can’t be the ones to drop down their arms.LRC’s gov’t should be the first to drop down their arms.

    • “We are in a war”, which war, Kongo?

      All your fighters are drugged kids. I have even watched a less than 10years-old kid within the ranks of Amba boys, he was smoking banga like a park boy.

      You have opted to recruit mostly kids and illiterates simply cos you can easily brainwash them, adults and literates would definitely figure out your agenda in less than an hour.

      But rest assured, I have told you this before. If we keep on watching you guys, we too would have to answer those Anglo youths tomorrow. We’re not going to sit and watch you damage Anglo kids forever, believe me or not…

      • Why wuna delay so?
        We needed this your hot air to reclaim our independence from larepublique long time ago in Bethlehem wusai you be dey?

        • Africans For Donald Trump

          @Epee Dipsh*t

          So you ambazombies have been drugging kids and sending them to their death so that you can get our “hot air” an reclaim your independence?

          So you ambazombies have been kidnapping and raping kids so that you can get our “hot air” and reclaim your independence?

          That marijuana and tramadol you have been consuming and the concoctions you have been drinking from your amulets provider have made you stupid beyond human limits!

          Your comments are proof that you are to dumb to succeed in any thing in this life!
          Shegue! Nyamfukah! Shameless terrorist coward!
          We are coming for you! Delusional uncivilized monkey!

        • You should have come for us with development a long time ago.
          You cannot use our resources for 56 years without any return on investment in our communities and expect us to stay mute.
          We will no longer take you madness. Ambazonia has risen to fall no more.
          You will tell your children of the determination of Anglophones without whom larepublicans in Cameroon would have been like their brothers in Central African republic….an embarrassment to the continent at best.
          As for me and my house, we shall live free or die trying
          Ambaland must be free

        • Claim which independence, Epée?

          The time for claiming any independence, if at all, was at Foumban. Since we were unable to claim it from Sir Benjamin Cohen, why didn’t we claim it in Foumban? It is just tooooo late, Sir Epée! You better come back to earth and stop sacrificing our innocent children!

          Make no mistake, the Anglo prob must be solved. However, your IG is going to play no role in solving that prob, cos they, like Biya, are part of the prob—they want power at all cost, whereas they themselves are very aware that their approach is not aimed at solving any prob but at engendering other new probs.

          Autonomy of all regions would solve our probs. Biya must reckon with that and act fast. He knows that too, he can’t fool pple again.

          Since you chose to help Biya, deal with it…