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Cameroon unveils strategy to curb unemployment

YAOUNDE, July 10 Xinhua | Cameroon unveiled a plan on Wednesday to reform the nation’s employment system to facilitate access to jobs.

The new strategy intends to enhance the creation of small businesses, promote decent employment within macro-economic framework and boost vocational training.

“We have hundreds of thousands of our youths who do not find jobs because they don’t have the skills. They don’t have the skills because they have not been trained. That is why we have to focus on vocational training,” said Cameroon’s Minister of Employment and Vocational Training Issa Tchiroma Bakary.

The Priority Action Plan of National Employment Policy was made public in Yaounde during the third Session of Employment Monitoring Inter-ministerial Committee.

“We have to come together with national and international experts to validate this document which will enable us create jobs for the youths,” Bakary, who chaired the committee, told reporters.

According to government statistics, unemployment rate in Cameroon stands at slightly above 4 percent.

In February, Cameroon’s President Paul Biya said the government plans to create 500,000 jobs for young people in 2019.

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  1. the only thing people need to do is going from where everybody starts.that is the farm without which no industry is possible.all what is done in the city with silicon blabla bla is pure diversion.real economy is base on production capacity through industry.
    are we ready to go to the farm?

  2. Issa Tchiroma Bakary from spin doctor in Chief to empty noises, just talking without emplementation. We have heard this million times before and nothing happened.

  3. Strategy to fight unemployment when the country and the people at the helm dont have any job themselves…
    TCHIROMA knows what he can do best- tell lies..
    Biya and his Gang know what they can do best:- steal money and hide in the west…
    The majority of cameroonians – our francophone brothers know what they can do best:- talk , make noise and then get bread and sardine, eat drink, dance and sleep..
    Cameroon is the only country in the world that is governed with Slogans..
    Patriotism, National feeling, love cameroon, one and indivisible but yet nothing is done to bring the nation together, nothing is done to encourage investment and innovation, nothing is done to encourage agriculture..
    This nation needs a clean up from TOP to bottom…

  4. they don’t have the skills because your schools dates of the 16th century. what can an 86 years president do to help a country with majority millennials? the is a big social gap. poor Cameroon

  5. `they don`t have the skills because they have not been trained`. 37 years after
    fooling the people with fake stories and false statistics, here they go again.
    Biya Paul, in his youth day messages, had promised the youths with training to
    be good benskin riders by offering training schools for them. This created the
    mad rush for benskins. Then the dumb military, jumped in with madness and
    pursued the carnage of burning of as many and at everyone of it they can spot.
    This gov`t of Biya, Tchiroma, Atanga, cpdm etc etc, can never deliver anything
    good for the populace. They should be flushed out.

  6. we will get you former prisoner in tcholireI wish they can tell me when you will be in europe again and we will see you and me. I will grab you I swear and until they freed Kamto and Ayuk and all arrested in cameroon I will not let your throat free from what I will have in my hand.

    promise is promise I will do jail in europe better after I sort you out. Evil! Like I said soon we will look at your kids around

    But I know that when the time come shiroma you will be the first to take guns against the beti that killed all your peoples i know you wadjos peoples well..revenge is in the coran

  7. Jobs are usually created. It takes a creative mind that looks around, assesses needs, resources and brings them together.
    Politics? Nein.

    • Camer believer (Colby)

      Jobs can be created by both the government and individuals unfortunately they all failed money desperate lazy drunkards thugs in the US, UK, China etc.. have been raising to by dane guns would have helped create some jobs back home the minister is singing the song they gave him what do you expect?

  8. According to government statistics, unemployment rate in Cameroon stands at slightly above 4 percent. Issa Barkary, which gov,t statistics is this?

  9. Full of empty talk. Just the business registration process takes weeks. They tell you its 7 days and once they take your money you have to stat visiting their office.Go at the beginning of the week they tell you to come on Friday. Go on Friday and they tell you to return next week. Talking of training? this is a silly joke. Those their vocational training schools are filled with empty heads. What will they teach?

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