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Cameroon: Video Shows Separatists Torturing Man

Human Rights Watch | Video Shows Separatists Torturing Man
Kidnapped, Beaten, Burned in Abandoned School

Screenshot of the video, at 05:41. Writing on a school desk suggests that the video is filmed at the Government Technical High School in Bali, North-West region. © 2019 Private

A video viewed by Human Rights Watch shows armed separatists torturing a man in an abandoned school in the North-West region of Cameroon in mid-May, 2019.

The video, verified by a dozen sources including five people who recognize the school and its location, corroborates previous accounts of torture and occupation of schools by armed separatists documented by Human Rights Watch.

“Once again material is circulating to support allegations that armed separatists are abusing civilians,” said Lewis Mudge, Central Africa Director at Human Rights Watch. “Separatist leaders should immediately direct their fighters and followers to halt attacks, including torture and other abuse aimed at civilians.”

The footage shows at least four separatist fighters threatening and torturing the man, who is wearing only his underwear, forcing him to sit on burning pieces of paper and beating him with sticks and machetes.

An analysis of the dialogue in the video reveals that the victim is a driver from the village of Bali who had been transporting products for Brasseries du Cameroon, a state-owned company the separatists oppose. They have banned the marketing, purchase, and transport of its drink products within the areas they control.

Screenshot of the video showing the victim being forced to sit on burning pieces of paper. © 2019 Privat

Separatists can be heard accusing the driver of selling Brasseries’ products in the Bali and Batibo parts of the North-West region. The victim, who has yet to be identified, begs his torturers to stop, but they instead threaten to “wash him with gasoline,” implying they will kill him.

The attackers and the victim speak Mungaka, a language common among communities in Bali. The video appears to have been filmed at the Government Technical High School in Bali, as the writing on a school desk shows at the 05:41 mark in the video. Five people from Bali who know the school well told Human Rights Watch that this is the school in the video.

They also said separatists hold and abuse hostages there. The school, which had a capacity of over 800 students, has been closed since mid-2017 due to violence and the separatists’ boycott of education to make the area ungovernable and to signal that the situation in the Anglophone regions is untenable.

The separatists are most likely from a group that controls Bali, whose leader was known as General Koraman. In March, a video surfaced of Koraman declaring that he and his men would intercept vehicles from the Brasseries du Cameroon. Sources suggest that the video was filmed in the first half of May. Reliable reports indicate that Koraman was killed on June 1.

Since late 2016, the Anglophone regions of Cameroon have been gripped by deadly violence, claiming the lives of over 1,800 people and forcing half a million to flee their homes. Government forces have killed scores of civilians, torched hundreds of homes, and used torture and incommunicado detention against people suspected of belonging to separatist groups, with near-total impunity. Armed separatists have killed hundreds of members of security forces and assaulted and kidnapped hundreds of people during their increasing attacks and growing calls for secession of the North-West and South-West regions.

Since the crisis escalated, armed separatists have used schools as bases, deploying fighters and weapons and holding people hostage in and near them. Separatists have disrupted normal life in the areas they control by enforcing strikes, consistently targeting school buildings, and threatening education officials and students with violence if they did not comply with separatist demands to boycott schools.

In one case, armed separatists kidnapped two children, ages 16 and 17, from their home in Nkwen, Bamenda, North-West region in the morning of June 8. Their father told Human Rights Watch that the separatists accused the children of studying for the General Certificate Examination: “They arrived with motorbikes, they entered the house with guns and threatened everyone. They said my kids were defying the ban on education. Then, they took them away. They called asking for a ransom. I don’t know how I will find the money. I am scared my girl might be raped.” The children were beaten and released three days later, following a ransom payment.

Armed separatists have also tortured dozens of people. In the past year, Human Rights Watch has documented numerous cases of torture by armed separatists against workers of the Cameroon Development Corporation, who work in the company’s banana plantations near Tiko, South-West region. The workers have been beaten or maimed because they refused to participate in a general strike called by the separatists.

On June 18, separatists kidnapped at least 40 people, including women and children, travelling in a four-vehicle convoy in Bafut, North-West region. Human Rights Watch spoke with two people who escaped. A 37-year-old man from Wum said that about 20 armed separatists ambushed the vehicles: “They came out of the woods, fired in the air, and stopped the cars. They were shouting ‘Amba! Amba!’ (short for “Amba Boys,” how many of the separatists are known and how they refer to themselves) and were threatening to shoot the women.” The separatists beat and robbed the people, then released them on June 19.

Cameroon’s international partners and the UN Security Council should impose targeted sanctions on separatist leaders who bear responsibility for abuses, including torture and occupation of schools, Human Rights Watch said.

The video of the torture in Bali emerged four weeks before a United Nations Regional Office for Central Africa briefed the UN Security Council on June 4. Nine human rights organizations urged the Security Council to focus on the humanitarian and human rights situation in the Anglophone regions.

“The separatists should know the world is paying attention and those responsible for torture will face the consequences,” Mudge said. “Armed separatists should let children return to their studies and stop using the schools to carry out their campaign.”

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    You will be civilized by the BIR.
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    Si ils sont si barbares pourquoi vous êtes collés sur eux comme le chewing gum?
    We made a mistake in joining you people.

    • Persone n’est “collé ” sur qui que ce soit.
      Par contre le TERRITOIRE Camerounais reste à défendre.
      C’est difficile pour un Ambazonien de comprendre cette différence.

  4. Truth and Facts

    Disgusting! Things like these are absolutely unacceptable.
    No normal human being can find this OK. Who are these so call “Separatists”?
    Camerron, what a country this really is. I have seen horrific videos of the military killing civilians and civilians killing military and now civilians killing civilians. Horrific!

    The most troubling part of all these is that you will always find someone rejoicing after each killing.
    Especially on this particular Forum of imbeciles.

  5. The FAKE Amba boys of ex-convict Atanga Nji are once again in action.

    That notwithstanding the FINAL SOLUTION to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around come rain come shine.
    There nothing, absolutely nothing, Dictator Biya can do to prevent the resolution.

    Pa Che has already supplied enough BOMBS to send LRC terrorists to the hottest place in hell.

    Little wonder, Dictator Biya has now agreed to talk with the “secessionists”

    • Do you have any prove to show that they are fake amba boys? I don’t know the resolution you are talking about, but if you are talking of independent, then you need to think again.

      • I am talking about the commission on bilingualism and the commission on disarmament.
        Sudan, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Serbia FORGOT to create the above-mentioned commissions.
        That was the reason South Sudan, East Timor, Eritrea and Kosovo became independent countries.

        The BIR of LRC is more powerful than the Indonesian, Ethiopian, Serbian and Sudanese militaries COMBINED. that is the reason you people still daydream that Southern Cameroonians are joking.

    • You must be an idiot Elecam. If you think by preventing anglophone kids from going to school, kidnapping and torturing anglophones who don’t support your foolishness is going to make Cameroon separate, you must be the most stupid man on earth. Go and ask the terrorists in the Katanga province of DR Congo who have been using this your same tactics to intimidate their people. They have destroyed the lives of over 2 million of theirs for over 30 years now. The world doesn’t give a damn and DR Congo is still moving on and there has been no separation. You animals should stop destroying the future of anglophone kids. Though I don’t support the Biya regime, I hope the BIRs should start castrating your Ambazonia thugs before killing them. You evil men want to take us back to the 19th century.

  6. Ambafool should be exterminated by force . Where is the international community, the un , Eu and others

  7. And so what? Does the gov`t not quote a certain constitution to perpetuate
    it`s own evils? What is bad following suit for a traitor? The Ngole Ngoles, Atanga Njis,
    Ekemas, etc etc, deserve this kind of treatment, when the dust settles with lrc.

  8. These freedom fighters just learned this primitive and barbaric ways from the retarded BIR and the cameroon Army ..
    We have seen them humiliating university students during peaceful demonstrations, we have seen them kill poor women in North Cameroon with children on their backs brandishing them as terrorist…
    If any one is honest here, he or she will accept that this type of brutality and primitivity can only come from these forest Gorillas.. This is a typical Biya tactic that have been used to keep the majority of cameroonians quiet..
    This is the reason why the majority of francophones just ended up eating bread , sardine, drinking and dancing because they are afraid of this brutal militia..
    If the freedom fighters do it, its just like revenging what have been seen from Biyas Killers..

    • Omg! So you are calling these bandits “freedom fighters ” ?
      You are even worst than I tought.

      • @BIKUTSI:- i dont even expect you to understand the word freedom- U were born in chains and not raised to question..You have been raised in divide and rule, to believe a tribe is better than another- Did u ever complain when the brutal primitive troops raped, burn houses and stold property?
        Today you open your dirty mouth and complain because these people u thought are your slaves are standing up..You idiots use to say- je ne suis pas ton Bamenda- Anglofools. etc , today these upright, cultured and civilized people are standing up against that injustice they have suffered for over 50 years after a fake union..keep dreaming and calling them thieves when the real thieves are in yaounde and BULU land- these are freedom fighters- helping to clean the country from the dirty people like u..

    • @ biko, but those your Ambazonia thugs are destroying the lives of their own people. Where is the sense in that? They have prevented anglophone parents from going to work to feed their families, prevented anglophone kids from going to school and are now using their classrooms as their torture chambers. How can any sane person support these idiots?

      • @BOBJAZZ:what is typical of a cameroonian:
        – rfusing the truth..
        – Always looking for people to blame
        – claiming to be innocent when they are the biggest thives and crimonals..
        Now why do i say so:- Is there anything new to you ?
        What these boys are doing is what has been known in cameroon for years- True?..Did u see what your trained soldiers did in the North?..Talk to your parents and hear what these primitive soldiers did to the Bamilekes..
        I call them freedom fighters till today because:- This uprising has been radicalized by yaounde..They had no solution to a problem they caused thought force was the answer – now they have it..The LRC troops are stealing, raping, burning houses but yet u dont say a world- What a starnge way of reasoning- U are from cameroon- we never accept truth.

        • @ biko Calling animals who behead humans freedom fighters can only be done by a soulless creature. I have no trained soldiers. You Ambazonia idiots are even worse than the Biya regime. You can’t kidnap, demand ransom, prevent kids from going to school and behead your own people and pretend you are doing all this evil on them to free them. As I said before, only soulless creatures do such evil. Don’t try that your nonsense to link anybody who doesn’t support your foolishness with the Biya regime. It doesn’t work anymore. You know very well that in this forum ZZ and myself neither support your Ambazonia foolishness nor the Biya dictatorship. Try for once to be sincere.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Terrorist Biko,

      You and your fellow terrorists have been terrorizing the people of the NW and SW for over 3 years!

      Do the amba terrorists take their orders form the government of Cameroon?

      Why is it a crime to sell brasseries drinks in the NW/SW?

      There are thousands of more gruesome videos of amba terrorists terrorizing people of the NW/SW circulating on the internet. The proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW are collecting and distributing these videos to the world to see that the ambazombies are not only the most foolish people from the NW/SW but also the most evil people on earth!

      Terorist Biko, you have no place to hide! You and your terrorists are doomed!

  9. It is so easy to sit around and pass judgement on this or that culprit, as our fancies carry us. Being a Judge is easy.

    But is it so easy to be a lawyer ZX especially a good one? Creating a stalemate to cover innate weaknesses and biases is very convenient. But it takes backbones to walk down memory lane, right down to the very beginning and then to ask how IMPRESSIONABLE YOUNG PEOPLE learnt such terrible acts. Does anyone care to project the first public display of human torture????

    • Truth and Facts

      John Dinga,

      such atrocities were started by government forces, especially when they bitterly found out the hard way that they no longer have the monopoly of using brute force to answer a political issue.
      However, I think we should condemn such atrocities as it is completely unacceptable wherever they rise from.
      The Cameroon government have done a huge mess in transforming the country to her current state.
      All these killings were really avoidable. Let us just hope that the government have learn a lesson or two.
      Nonetheless, we must condemn such atrocities.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        @Truth and Facts

        What lesson can the government learn from watching ambazombie terrorists torture and kill proud Cameroonians from the NW/SW who do not agree with ambazombie goals?

        The first lesson the gov’t learned is that ambazombie terrorists are so evil and if the government does not protect the proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW from these terrorists they will wipe out over 60% of the population of the NW/SW in no time.

        The ambazombie issue is not a political issue. The declaration of ambazombie independence and the hosting of alien flags in Cameroon is an act of war that must be dealt with by the military.

        The killing of proud Cameroonians from the NW/SW who do not agree with ambazombie goals is not politics. That is terrorism.

        Terrorism is not Politics!

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        @Truth and Facts

        The man in the video is being tortured by ambazombie terrorists and not the government!

        The ambazombie terrorists are torturing this man just because he is trying to earn a living as a driver!
        Apparently ambazombie terrorists are terrorizing people from the NW/SW to send a message to the government that the “government does not have a monopoly of using brute force”.

        Ambazombie terrorists should know that they do not have a monopoly of violence. We the proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW aka black legs have been exercising restraint.

        The black legs have risen to fall no more. The Black Leg brigade is on its way! We will identify and kill all terrorists who do not drop their weapons and seek amnesty!

        Amba has fallen to rise no more!


  10. some fools and idots think that Force and brutality is a monopoly of the cameroon force..
    I am proud to say, today they are facing resistance..
    Biya have been using this primitive paramilitary for many years to frightened the people..
    Southern cameroonians are upright people..
    We question our leaders..we ask for equal rights and justice…
    We dont want to work and fed the French Government..
    Paris is not our capital..We dont want to use French currency, pay colonial tax and be answerable to paris when its not our language..
    if BIKUTSI and his gangs of dull chop broke pot BULUS feel comfortable in slavery, then good for them..
    We will resist imperialsm and change cameroon for our children and make it a bbetter place by force..
    Call us terrorist and enjoy liberation later- MONKEYS..

    • @ Biko
      3 years, kids in the NW and SW have not been to school.
      3 years, mothers and children are in the busches living like annimals..
      3 years, the civilians in the NW and SW are living in fears every day..
      3 years, your so called “Amba-boys ” have been terrorising the population, kidnappning, killing….etc
      If you dare to travel to the NW and SW today, will you be more affraid of the Army (who is just doing its job) or those bandits you call ” freedom fighters “??

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Terrorist Biko,

      Suicide is not resistanceA dane gun can not resist and AK 47!

      Amulets (odeshi) cannot resist a bullet from an AK 47!

      Internet terrorist Biko can not help the illiterate misled terrorist fighter in Cameroon to resist bullets fro an AK 47!

      Today the government is facing a bunch of misled illiterates (walking corpses) who are using dane guns to terrorise the people of the NW/SW who do not agree with the amba stupidity.

      Suicide is not resistance!
      Encouraging youth to go on suicide missions is evil. Evil internet terrorist Biko gets a lot of joy when the military kills these idiot terrorists, and that is the reason he continues to brainwash the illiterate youth to think that their imminent death is resistance to the government of Cameroon.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @Terrorist Biko

      We will not only call you a terrorist. We will get you to pay for your terrorism crimes!

      We will continue to kill the brainwashed illiterate walking corpses you call fighters in Cameroon. You celebrate when the BIR kill the amba terrorists in Cameroon. You live off the blood of illiterate youth you have manipulated to pick up dane guns and fight a trained army with modern weapons!

      The BIR is not facing any resistance from the amulets (odshi) cladded, dane gun wielding walking corpses. When we identify them we neutralize them without the least resistance.

      The terrorists are only resisting hunger, diseases and inclement weather in the forests. They die and are left to rot in the forest like wild animals. They will never be remembered by terrorist Biko!



  11. where has these bribe taking, dishonest,bias Amnesty just like the UN with their poisonous food programs recently been since 2016 while the french Cameroon military is committing genocide in the SW/NW regions? ministers in the regime are recruiting their own militia as Amba boys to commit crimes agaist humanity just to win the support of their master buya,they can only show this stage video what about a months old baby shot by the military in SW region while sleeping, testimony by the parents, what about all the killings of vulnerable teenagers, burning of the elders in their villages by the army? social media is exposing these humanitarian international organisations with double standards,racists,fake news,not fit for the 21 century and their continuou support for dictators in the world

  12. Camer believer (Colby)

    Woman like f**k over to you.

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