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Cameroon War Victims: Casualty Figures High Because Fighters Are Well Armed

YAOUNDE VOA | Elizabeth Etimu, 62, is inconsolable. Her son, Eric Etimu, a 27-year-old police officer, was killed Monday by separatist fighters in the English-speaking southwestern town of Mamfe.?

Dozens of family members and well-wishers have been visiting their Emumbo, Yaounde, residence to console the widow. Eric’s uncle, 50-year-old military man Bruno Azegue, acts as spokesperson for the family. Just returned from Mamfe, says God saved him from the devastating war that killed four of the nine troops with whom he fought against the separatists for three months.?

He says his wish and prayer is for the government to immediately negotiate an end to the war so that their disgruntled English-speaking brothers, who have taken arms and are not ready to lay them down until their grievances are attended to, return home and stop the loss of too many lives. He says the war has affected so many French-speaking Cameroonians either by killing, wounding and incapacitating their loved ones or ruining their economies.

Wounded French-speaking troops and their family members are asking the government of Cameroon to negotiate a peaceful end to the separatist war in its English-speaking regions. The soldiers, who have been flown to hospitals in Yaounde and Douala, say within the past two months, many of their peers are dying because the fighters have acquired modern weapons of war and have a mastery of the environment.

Currently at the Yaounde military and police hospitals, there are 32 wounded soldiers brought in within one month. The military says there are 14 in Douala.?

Martial Monthe, 34, was part of the forces fighting separatists in the English speaking south west region is a survivor. He says for the first time since the war started, he saw separatists fighters using modern war weapons when they were attacked at Eyumojock.?

He says one of their vehicles was pulled down by a bomb planted by the separatists. He says as they struggled to evacuate him and his wounded colleagues to the nearest hospital, they detected many other land mines and could not continue, and some of his already exhausted and wounded colleagues died from excessive bleeding as they were not able to treck to the nearest hospital that was 10 kilometers away.?

Monthe said although he is a soldier ready to defend Cameroon all the times, he thinks a negotiated deal could spare the lives of many, especially now that the fighters seem to be importing more war weapons.?

Cameroon’s police head, Martin Mbarga Nguele, visited the wounded policemen and the families of those who died in battle. He says all survivors and victims will be taken care of and Cameroonians should be proud of people who die defending them.?

He says although the agony has been almost unbearable, Cameroonians should be proud they have heroes who agree to serve their beloved country by defending it and its people from every aggression even if it means paying the ultimate price. He says Cameroon will always remember them as people who died defending its territorial integrity and will also support their families.?

Mbarga Nguele said the government will supply what it takes for the forces to crush the fighters.?

Security analyst Christian Ndongo, consultant with the peace commission of the six member state Central Africa Economic and Monetary Commission says the fact that wars have persisted in central African countries for the past 12 years is an indication there is illegal trade and proliferation of arms that supply armed groups.?

He says Cameroon and its neighbors, especially Nigeria, Chad and the Central African Republic, need to put in place permanent structures to examine and control the proliferation of weapons in their countries. He says the Boko Haram crisis, and the carnage in CAR are indications there are massive illegal movements of weapons across porous borders. He says the separatists in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon may be getting supplies from existing illegal suppliers.?

The crisis in the northwest and southwest regions of Cameroon — now three years old — escalated on October 1, 2017, when militant secessionist groups symbolically proclaimed independence of an English-speaking state called Ambazonia.?

The United Nations estimates at least 1,800 people have been killed and more than 530,000 displaced since fighting broke out. It says about 1.3 million people are in need of assistance.

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  1. some idiots will come out here and say – No dialogue with terrorist..
    All you non creative idiots can do is just hide behind your Computer and write anything..
    Listen to the soldiers sent by the mad despot to fight a useless war..
    The troops are tired of the deaths and want peace..
    peace can only be achieved by an exclusive dialogue..

    Seat behingf your computer and make noise , sing dirty slogans like cameroon is one and indivisible till the day the Amba guys will kill one of your family member…
    The mad man in Etoudi wants only power and dont care of the deaths..
    His master France dont want to see a united cameroon and some mad men here keep saying no dialogue with Amba forces..Cameroon Army is too weak..
    We will see how long you will be writing this shit- Backward retarded idiots..

    • Monthe said he thinks,a negociated deal could spare the lives of many,while his boss(the delegate) is asking them to go out there and pay the ultimate price.
      The guys on the field see no need for the war,but the delegate and the rest of the top thieves want to keep on making millions from a senseless war.Amba will never lay down their arms,the earlier you come to the negociating table the better.
      The next phase of this war will not be good for lrc.our boys are getting more sophisticated,and begining to think out of the box.yaounde will never win this war that they started on the battle field.

  2. @biko

    “Cameroon Army is too weak” kikikikikikikikikii “laughing” you need to take your psych medication. Ambas will be irradicated pls don’t drop your weapon. water nah water.

    who is calling for dialogue? hahahahhahahahahhahaha

    who is living in the bushes ? kikikikikikkikikikikkikikikikki

    every day more than 100 terrorists died in the bushes ” Cameroon Army is too weak”

    • Mr man, why are you barking like a rabid dog? People have lost their loved ones in a senseless and futile war declared by a demented octogenarian thug and you sit behind your old dilapidated keyboard and type trash? Even if all the so callled Amba boys are killed as you wish, how,s that going to benefit your sorry ass? Do you have the slightest idea what it feels like to lose a loved one in a meaningless conflict that can be easily resolved through inclusive dialogue as has been recommended by every international body? You have been deluding yourself and chirping this same nonsense that all Amba terrorists will be killed, yet they appear to be growing both in strength and savviness militarily wise. When are you going to get out of that primitive cocoon of yours and embrace reality?

      • It helps to ignore rude, ignorant dimwits and concentrate on contributors that enrich you. Actually, even the main write-up is problematic. Notice every punctuation is a question mark?

        • I just ignore adrenalized dunderheads parading this forum & spewing the venom of an imbecilic REGIME that has by its poor governance subjected the country to unwarranted suffering & forced it down this path.

          Former German professor Dr. Kai Schmidt on a German gov’t aid to UNIBU accurately predicted Cameroon’s fate in his book:

          “Cameroon: Living on the Edge of a Volcano : the Eruption of Democracy and Its Enemies”.

          This left a kowtowing Dorothy Njeuma sniveling in defense of a despot she knows without a doubt is a rigger of elections and a violator of the constitution, the most high profile criminal not yet at Kondengui.

          The German diplomatic mission simply ignored those futile pleas and asked the REGIME to change course especially as Cameroon was voted most corrupt in the world.

    • Realistic Agenda

      In war there is no winner.Both the government and the seperatists will be in pains.Everybody has asked for dialogue.Why is the goVernment refusing to dialogie with its own people?

  3. Ambazonians will not fall for this LarC concoction to help butcher Pa Biya evade ICC wartantthat hangs on his head like Damocles sword. They cry on Camera and continue to burn our villages, rape out women and burn our children and grandparents alive. Genocidal corrupt criminals. The contender forces is about to make its mark. Until then, we are not settling for anything other than the terms of separation. Keep burning because you’ll be pushed out soon genocidaires!

  4. Delete as much as you want. There is no anglophone problem. Heheheh

  5. Who are the military calling their brothers and want peace with them? Continue to fool
    yourselves because a minister or army delegate, tells you to fight, defend `your`country
    and die honored. Are the thieves in y`de, stealing to be remembered as those who stole
    to make the country prosper? You must really be francofools.
    During the dialogue, we should have on the table, the whereabouts of those who were
    arrested from 2016. The prisons, can not accommodate them all and the rogue gov`t,
    doesn`t have the capital to run a war and also take care of thousands of prisoners. We
    need to start the dialogue from 2016, seeing the mass graves and relatives, coming up
    with lists of lost love ones.
    Cardinal Tumi and Co, are a bunch of wicked individuals, who must stop the game they
    are up to.

  6. Why would the ambazombians all of the sudden want to have a dialogue with CAMEROON when they are saying nothing less than separation.
    Please give an example of a country that will just cède it’s terrotory just because a fringe minority financed mostly by desillusioned “washes up” from the diaspora aspiring to get a payback if the wet dream is realized.
    Please Kamerun all terrorists ought to be eliminated.
    Most brothers and sisters leaving in those affected areas are against those bandits.

    • says the @mbappe genocidal gorilla from the forest of mvogmeka. Your mami yi dirty pima so full of dirty yeast cells. One of these days we will touch your inner circle by doing to those your BIR cousins what they did to bebe Martha Neba in Muyuka. bad breadth bonobo criminal.

  7. 1. The FAKE Amba boys of ex-convict Atanga Nji will soon surrender dane guns and bombs to members of the so-called commission on disarmament.
    2.The situation in SC will then be stabilized by the mighty BIR.
    3. Members of the so-called commission on bilingualism will then start teaching Southern Cameroonians the French language.
    4. LRC has indeed a visionary leadership.

    • “Mbarga Nguele said the government will supply what it takes for the forces to crush the fighters.”

      The hallmark of a mouthy daydreamer.
      LRC terrorists could NOT crush the “secessionists” when they were fighting with dane guns.
      Now that the “secessionists” are armed with AK47 and BOMBS, Nguelle is still hallucinating of victory.


      Asymmetrical warfare is UNWINNABLE. That is the reason the US is now negotiating with the Taliban
      Believe or not, LRC terrorists can NEVER EVER “crush” the invincible Amba boys.
      The so-called commission on disarmament is therefore EXCLUSIVELY for the FAKE Amba boys created by ex-convict Atanga Nji.
      Only a mad person can now still believe that GENUINE Amba boys will ever surrender their weapons

      • His name is mbarga Ngulle that should tell you everything you need to know. He is another master of thievery that hail from the beti bulu essinga.This people are low lifes that have accepted blood as thier own juice.But we will let them know ici ce ABAKWA.

    • “…. they detected many other land mines and could not continue,…”

      The above-mentioned phrase should serve as a warning to all and sundry. Amba boys are determined to use any available means to defend the land of their ancestors against foreign invaders from LRC.

      Pa Che has already supplied bombs to all the counties in SC. LRC should, therefore, buy enough body bags from France.


  8. Game changer! Landmines. The muddy, untarred roads are proving to be heaven sent. They have become easy to burry the mines well disguised enough. When shouldered mounted Surface To Air missiles, {SAMS} are added to the equation, your last means of bringing in both men and weapons by air into Bamenda will spell your doom. Marginalization does have a silver lining. God bless Ambaland.

  9. The spirit of Ambazonia is deep rooted into the inner heart of Southern Cameroonians.

    We are gradually and surely getting to the top of the HILL where freedom is patiently awaiting.

    Our determination shall never be altered by anyone. We shall prevail against all odds.

    A serious analysis outlines it clearly.

    LONG LIVE AMBAZONIA, the land of the BRAVE.

    • The worse is still to come we promise, Army should be getting ready for more casualties
      We promise and we gu duam
      Long live AMBAZONIA

  10. Papa Mbarga Ngule said “crush the fighters”. This shows that Papa had not learned any lesson at age close to 90

    • Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

      Now AK47 is also speaking from the resilient Amba soldiers, I guess I said it here before that, soon sophisticated weapons will exchange hand with cash along the forest border with Naija.

      More Amba boys are still in Naija training and learning how to make bombs.

      Trust me, more arms will sneak in from the border, with the aid of the border tribes, whom I call sympathizers.

      Soon Yaoude will beg for negotiation, but, complete separation and independence will be the only options.

      Independence will slowly, but, surely it will come.

      • God bless you @Brown Sugar. Ambazonia need all the help she can get from Ground 1. We need our 9ja pals to beat cruel Buhari in assisting Biya and give us the hand we require to protect the independence of Ambaland we declared in October 1, 2017. WE WILL ALL LIVE FREE IN AMBAZOIA OR DIE TRYING.

        • @L’enemie,

          you think BS loves you too much, not so? Their own separatist mov’t is thinking that if you succeed in your macabre plan, they will invade SC and make you 3rd class citizens like their forbears did before.

          Ask him why my own forebears refused to join them in their union?

          We’ll not close our eyes, NEVER.

          You can cross over and join them, all left to you.

          But don’t help them tamper with CMR, we’ll mess both of you up…

        • Zam-Zam

          Smelly mouth idiot. You are an enemy combatant to Amabaland, a Beti light weight and I still have to chop off your big head myself. You will never speak for Ambazonians. Never. Go back and play corrupt thieving politics in your Yaounde Sewage city. smelly mouth thief.

        • Brown Sugar ( Abuja )

          @ ZZ, I hope you didn’t type this gibberish in your dream.

          You hold on to that old notions that Naija will invade SC Cameroon and make them a third class citizen, how will such be possible when Ambazonia attain full independence from the East Side ( Cameroon republic).

          What you fail to understand is that, with full independence Ambazonia will become an Ecowas member state, and stand in a good geophical location to trade with Naija in both agric, petrochemicals and other related products.

          I see Ambazonia becoming the best friend of Naija and vice versa.

  11. This man is outright stupid. He is trying to pay off Amba boys to leave the country and head to Dubai. He never thought we could fight, let alone beat him .His vaunted BIR are in tarters. He is asking anglophone kids living in Yaoundé to visit him at Etundi. Is he asking them to come and hear him ask for forgiveness? The hour of reckoning is at hand. Hang around for round two of total humiliation. Enjoy the hard times Lord Biya. Who would have believed it!

  12. all those lrc terrorists military fighting in the SW/NW regions will face their Waterloo because Ambazonians will never lay down their arms,gone are the days when lrc threatened, killed their forefathers, parents,exiled hundreds, ‘what goes around comes around’ biya declared war,the war will continue until Independence by force,no one colonial slave administrator can stop self defense which is a Human Right,biya must bow down to the terms of negotiations from separatist aka secessionists, lrc has been killing, committing genocide against Ambazonians families for 3 years, as they are uncaring wicked people, let them start feeling the pains too,as long as their military continue to kill babies, young & vulnerable Ambazonians,they will continue to be kill too,revenge is good

venenatis, luctus mi, vulputate, libero. ut in