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Cameroonian gov’t outraged over murder of woman in troubled Anglophone region

YAOUNDE, Sept. 17 Xinhua | The Cameroonian government on Tuesday expressed outrage following the “barbaric” murder of a woman in Momo, a department of Northwest Province, one of the two troubled Anglophone regions of the country.

The woman was “buried alive in a shallow grave” by “armed secessionist group” on Monday in a village called Guzang, local prefect Absalom Monono Woloa said in a statement.

While “condemning in very strong terms” this “extrajudicial and despicable” killing of “a member of our community we call on persons of good will who may have information that may lead to the arrest of the culprits for them to face justice to report to the army,” Woloa said.

He made the remarks after a video of the sad incident went viral in Cameroon.

Separatists have denied such allegations and blamed the government for staging the murder to tarnish their image internationally.

Since November 2017, government forces have been clashing with armed separatist forces who want the two English-speaking regions of Northwest and Southwest to secede from the majority French-speaking nation and form a new country called “Ambazonia.”

Cameroonian President Paul Biya has called for a national dialogue to end the separatist conflict.

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  1. “The Ground Zero Defense Council-GZDC says a video circulating on social media in which a woman was purportedly gunned and buried in Guzang is typical of French Cameroun comedy move
    Guzang is a village in Batibo Local Government Area, Momo county of Ambazonia.
    In the said video, a woman was forced into a grave by unidentified individuals who later staged a scheme which appeared as though she was short and buried even though no reaction from the shot woman was noticed.
    The actors of the video who prided themselves as pro-independence fighters have been revealed to be impostors hired to sabotage the quest for the struggle of Ambazonia’s independence.”

    • “In a communique signed by the SG and spokesman of the GZDC on Tuesday, September 17, the GZDC denied the responsibility of the act, stating the scene was staged by the Biya’s regime.
      “We are all aware of the fake militia sponsored by the Biya regime under the command of their Minister Atanga Nji Paul who has been using these boys to carry out such acts so as to tarnish the reputable image of the Ambazonia Forces all over our territory,” the communique stated.
      “We want to let the world know that our defence forces don’t carry out such inhumane acts against our civilians and soldiers. Such acts are typical of the regime of French Cameroun who has been beheading Anglophone civilians and inhumanly torturing and executing them from the day their president declared war against Southern Cameroon”

    • * MY TAKE *

      LRC has become EXTREMELY desperate.
      That is the reason Ex-convict Atanga and his FAKE Amba boys have been increasing their dirty tricks to deceive the international community.
      That notwithstanding, the Anglophone Question will be resolved this time come rain come shine. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing Dictator Biya or France can do to prevent the resolution this time around.
      The so-called Grand National Dialogue is a NON-EVENT to Southern Cameroonians and some Francophone. The party of Prof. Kamto has today, the 18.09.2019, described the BIYALOGUE as a FARCE. They will be boycotting the sham dialogue.
      Pa Che has accelerated the supply of modern weapons to Amba boys. Amba boys will now intensify the war of the liberation of SC from the evil hands of LRC.


      • Very sad. Fact!

        We were better off before the struggle. Fact!

        Nothing will he resolved via armed conflict. Fact!

        Southern Cameroon will one day assume semi-autonomy under one country Cameroon via a political movement. Fact!

        The lives being lost now are for nothing. Fact!

        History will remember only keyboard warriors orchestrating the struggle from the comfort of their homes in the diaspora. Fact!

        Southern Cameroon will be one of the most insecure regions in Africa for years to come. Fact!

        When a peaceful resolution to the conflict will be obtained, southern cameroonian will start fighting amongst themselves for personal gain. Fact!

        Black man stupid. Fact!

        We are dying because of a history that was forced upon us in the first place. Fact!

        I can continue…

    • @ VICTORY

      your mami pima big time , see me this idiot “monkey ” you need some banana “monkey ” in the west.

  2. @L’enemie, I am pretty sure you dipped your fingers into this savagery. After beating our women with clubs you have now gone a step further to burry them alive. Chopping off of arms was not enough, of course.

    If ah ever meetup you, ah go chuck da ya small Kansas for tandong Muea soya stick, then feed dogs dem witham.

    Ifi dem put Biya and wuna movement for ma befo for choose, ah go baba Biya for ma back.

    Anglo lives no mean anything for wuna, all wuna own na for get wuna own turn for on top honey.
    But guess what, wuna go lick da honey na for on top bottrow soteh wuna hear mwing…

    • It was not a coincidence to chose the hand name @Zam zam.In my traditional language…it means a market fool.Someone who is all over the place with no specific agenda.Your rantings above clearly depicts that.

    • Zam-Zam the Bamileke Mbalmayo swine opening his rotting dirty mouth to spin lies and defend a dying regime. You this German excon exiled and your friend Titus Nkonda Aghen aka Kum-Kum sh%t for dog have raised a band of robbers to go around and orchestrate such scheme that will tag Genuine Amba Boys as terrorists. Listen you dirty swine, the world is already aware of your monkey tricks. The world knows that the first person to release this video was Titus Nkonda and he needs more drilling to explain how he laid hands on the video. The ADF investigating department have confirmed that your octogenarian grandfather Biya who recently sneaked into NewYork UN head quarters with this cooked up video authorized Nkonda to go ahead and publish it. We the twitter soldiers have already exposed you.

  3. fake fake fake fake fake, it didn’t work as planned by Atanga Nji and his assassins. Can LRC try something better and that is call the war off and negotiate a peaceful co-existence with the republic of Ambazonia!

  4. Stop noise Zam-Zam even you know that the video is fake/staged.
    You also know that when “terror”-ists using Dane guns manage to force a sitting government to dialogue it is a win for them. Why would they want to mess up their victory lap with a cold senseless murder?
    We have left, get used to it.

  5. We can all remember, that the military was caught pants down shooting
    and burying people. We saw them in military uniforms. It is not new. That is Biya`s
    new deal to cameroonians.

  6. Cameroon Gov,t, and Atanga nji Paul, keep acting your CAMWOOD, very sonn it will be KONDEGUEWOOD waitibg for the entire Biya,s gov,t.
    They want to decieve the international organisations. Shame on you.

  7. La Ripoublique Quit Ambazonia,

    La Ripoublique, allez ouste,

    La Ripoublique, dehors,

    La Ripoublique bye bye.

    Ambazonia shall be FREE against all ODDS.

  8. A baby called Lucy was shot to death in Moyuka by the Cameroon army and the government till date has kept quiet about it.A drama staged by Atanga Nji fake Amba boys is staged to bury a woman alive and the same government goes making noise all over the place.Why did the government not make thesame amount of noise when more than 40 young men were shot to death by the army?Why did the government not make thesame noise when army went on rampage burning houses and their occupants?Does the Cameroun government think it can escape from the genocide it has committed in the North West and South West regions by staging such dramas?No way .

  9. Still funny, that a people can not stop this mad and trecherous man. Wao Cameroonians.
    He too, will kill over 20,000 people like Mugabe, and will be called a true son of africa.

  10. ZAM ZAM: please dont believe that Fake Video..
    I have seen the woman in many platforms ….
    Is it not really shameful to see our country fall that low..

    We cameroonians are known for making noise..
    We talk alot, think we are the best in Africa…
    We talk and even forget the old man plundering the economy for over 37 years..
    we talk abou polotics in Zimbabwe more than the people, claim to know Ivory coast more than the Ivorians..
    Interven in all african issues with t a big mouth and large voice..
    One old man, half death , and on diapers , worse than Mugabe is there , ruining our lives, our economy and using his divide and rule strategy to make sure Bamis, Anglos, Northerners dont unite…Still we make noise and cant kick this despot out ..
    Im really a shame of our country..CHAI…

  11. Camer believer (Colby)

    Canibals remain canibals what do the government expect from those who can chop off student’s fingers only because they have decided to be educated? Those who can beat up women with breastfeeding kids in broad daylight? Who can slaughter a pregnant woman and remove what was supposed to be a Cameroonian in the future? Those who can chop off the head of a teacher and throw it in the street only because he rejected idiocy inoculation logic? This is the only place in Cameroon with the highest inter- tribal conflicts only the fools can be surprised.

  12. La ripoublique is a big loser

at elit. Donec risus. sed libero diam