Cameroonian Man Accused Of Exploiting Pittsburghers In Romanian Puppy Scam Appears In Court [+video]

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A man originally from Cameroon accused of running a Romanian puppy scam was in court in Pittsburgh Tuesday.

Desmond Fodje Bobga had his first hearing after he was extradited from Romania.

Prosecutors say he and others created the since-deleted and accepted cash for dogs but never delivered the animals. Prosecutors say the scam used COVID as an emotional weapon.

Four of the six known victims were in this area in Pittsburgh, New Brighton, Marion Center and Cheswick. Prosecutors say the victim in New Brighton lost $9,100 after being told the puppy was to be shipped, needed insurance and was exposed to COVID-19.


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  1. No surprises here.
    Always the same names and the same group of people.
    Scamming is their mantra.
    Bad luck of Cameroun this group of people

  2. Scamming is what Ambazonians are good at. hahahaha

  3. Those buying those dogs should be prosecuted as well—they are no different from the scammers…