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Cameroonian man rescued after jumping off Pasig River

MANILA, Philippines INQUIRER.net | A Cameroonian national was rescued after jumping off Pasig River, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) reported Thursday.

PCG said the incident happened Wednesday when Johnson Obi from Cameroon jumped off Valenzuela Ferry Station along Pasig River around 6 a.m.

Obi, who works as a business consultant of a media company, was found handcuffed when members of the PCG-Search Operations Unit (SOU) rescued him from the waters.

According to Obi, he was handcuffed by unknown bystanders at his residence in Makati City but was only able to escape from them.

Following his rescue, Obi was turned over to the Mandaluyong City Police Station.

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  1. I don`t understand the heading and the story, please.

  2. OBI works as a business consultant of a media company..
    This means he is surely a skilled, qualified Guy doing a white collar job..
    With names from a certain region of Cameroon, you will either hear prostitution, alcohol, drugs , FEH manism or caught with large amount of money…We have a dangerous group that happens to be where the brainless despot on diapers comes from..The daughter of the despot is in Dubai, will consume drugs, have sex, partries, come back and get a degree from ENAM..When the despot is gone, we will have a lot of unqualified people from his village still owning big positions..It will take us ove 30 years after his death to remove and clean cameroon from this CANCER of these so call CHOP BROKE POT lazy alcoholics ..Forest thieves …

    • BIKO,,,, what is the connection between the act of growing crops in your village’, and the child of mvondo biya living a lavish life in dubai? I do not see the slitest connection.we have been conditioned in occupation institutions called schools to aspire becoming so called skilled workers. But it is impossible to rebuild a civilization with people who have such limited a limited dream. We need people who will accept the sacrefise to go from the foundation agriculture which gives birth to the secondary sector industry which then creates the third commercialization. It is from here that capital is generated to organise all sectors of the economy,health,education, housing. But our minds are pre programmed to start in air conditioned offices. When it is not possible we turn to blame biya.

  3. We can not generate heavy capital to lunch satellites that will enable us to capture key sectors like comminucation with salaried workers doing so called white colored jobs. the ultimate dream of so called diasporans.even when we need skilled workers, it should be engineers, agronomist, capable of designing and building our factories, roads, farms, research laboratories, etc. Not so called media consultants,english,french,TEACHERS.HADEMESA a Japanese professor insisted in one of his books only available in Japanese that the key to the countries modernization lies in training top engineers. The constant attitude of blaming those from biya, s village is pure ignorance.

mi, nunc odio efficitur. leo diam