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Cameroonian mechanic offers fresh take on second-hand cars [+video]

AFP – In Bafoussam, in western Cameroon, young mechanic Cédric Simen shows off his latest creation: an off-road vehicle made from recovered and recycled parts. His atypical “made in Cameroon” car tends to get a surprised reaction from local residents as he drives around the streets of the city.

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  1. I would buy this. This needs to get into mass production.

  2. Those who want to know more about this type of activity (recovery and recycling of rejected items into new products) should pay a visit to the Mecca of recycling – Kumba in Meme Division, SW Cameroon.

  3. without heavy capital ,it is practically impossible to invest in strategic industries like this.we can’t compete with toyota doing this.the first condition to enter any industry is being competitive.if you can’t compete no need.

  4. Good one mr simen in birmingham the industrial city of england many machanics and engineers would parade their creations of customised cars once a month on a saturday night in the city centre , in the 80s ,dont know if they still do ,but he could try to join a club as a honary forigen member if those clubs still exist, they would be very happy to have him as a member. its a great way to hone in on understanding a cars construction ,he should open up long weekend workshops so other machanics can learn and swap ideas with each other..

  5. This are some of the kills which are conspicuously lacking in our society. Imagine that vocational training is encouraged and you have just 100 guys with such know how to produce such cars. 16 Billion has just been given by colonial masters France. Soon the Beti-Bulus will share amognst themselves and lock the money up in rooms at their houses. Bad-luck people. Enemies to progress, how Ahidjo did not see through you guys only God knows. One day it will come to end.

  6. Brave Camerounais, tous mes encouragements.
    J’ose seulement esperer que lors de ma prochaine visite a Baf, j’aurai l’occasion de te rentrer.
    C’est tres ien ce que tu fais et je suis pret a t’apporter ma modeste contribution (meme si pour le moment ce n’est qu’un ” bravo, va de l’avant”)
    Je susi tres fier de savaoir qu’il ya de Camerounais comme toi au Cameroun

    @ Big John,
    Since we Cameroonians do not travel within our own country {and for those who try to, they are called “halogenes” within their own country} we are not aware of those remarquable thinks going on in Kumba

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