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Cameroonian Opposition Party Calls For Unity In Elections

Prensa Latina | Yaounde, Aug 8 (Prensa Latina) The opposition Social Democratic Front of Cameroon (SDF) appealed today to a union of what it considered the forces of change around their candidate, Joshua Osih, for the presidential elections of next October 7.
Joshua Osih
The aspirant of that party began last May ‘a frank exchange with the people under the sign of closeness, listening and collaboration,’ adds a statement from the SDF.

The opposition organization called to create around its candidate ‘a union of forces, the broadest possible that brings together the living forces, associations and personalities of civil society.’

The SDF leaders consider that party the only political force of the opposition, ‘which was successful in its generational transition and is able to confront the established regime and impose the will of the people reflected in the ballot boxes’.

The statement recalls that he met with personalities and elites from all corners and horizons, with representatives of professional associations, civil society and political forces ‘to listen and join forces as much as possible.’

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  1. Elections in Cameroon is just a wastage of tax payers money as there is no democracy in Cameroon. The country has wallowed into a pseudo state waiting for explode at any moment because of a hyper centralised system that has neglected the local population.

  2. How can you be going to a fight when we all know the winner. I believe most of These presidential candidates are just there to collect their their electoral bugets. That election is of no interest to Ambalanders, so Keep it there.

    • Truth and Facts

      Reading both comments above says it all.
      Biya has been able to rule Cameroon for so long because we Cameroonian let him to.
      We Cameroonians are cowards, wick, disorganized, believe extremely in tribalism, mostly incompetent, full with ego and worst of all we only think with our stomach.

      Don’t blame Biya for ruling so long. Blame yourself for letting him rule so long. Why should he give up power with practically no tangible challenge?
      Burkina Faso did what we cannot do. DRC has forced Kabila to finally stand down. We are only good in making empty noises, calling people names and throwing insults.

      Take a look at this forum for example. Apparently most here just Cameroonians back home think Biya should be kicked out but again the only thing they can do about it is to come here…

    • Truth and Facts

      … throw insults and call people names. No constructive dialogue, no coming together to find a common solution. Ego won’t let us. By the way, once we have a couple of beers infront of us… all problems are immediately temporary solved. Why worry anymore? Put two full bottles of beers before a Cameroonian and s/he is transformed. All worries are instantly cleared.

      I just came back from Abidjan, Ivory Coast & once again I am only full with shame. Our very best city will qualify as a slump when compared to Abidjan. Yet we are still busy calling each other names instead of coming together to make a change.
      If courageous people start something, the cowards will come in & start discrediting it. The egos will try to hijack it to something else and the mass will just mostly sit quiet.

      • Nothing to add to this. The absolute truth about Cameroon. Those Ambazonians are good in killing and rape while drinking mimbo. Instead of having a big mouth they can just go to Yaoundé and remove Biya from his palace but they don’t have the balls to do that.

        • @Korup broke balded ass. Keep Ambazonia out of your yellow teeth. Kunt

        • Yes the Ambazonians are good at raising money (taking action) to liberate their Home Counties. Let’s hope larepublicans can do the same. By the way, I am not holding my breath on that one.
          Ambazonia must be free, Wata na wata

        • @ Korup Forest. Right on point buddy. These Ambazonia thugs are weak. They don’t have the strength to confront Biya so they take on innocent unarmed anglophones who disagree with their foolishness.

      • Truth and Facts
        Thank you for pointing out what is really wrong with Cameroonians.
        We wouldn’t have been here in this chaos today if Cameroonians could put their big ego aside.
        These loosers who hijacked this fight who was legitime from the beggining,have made it very easy for Biya to continue to destroy Cameroon.
        We could have been very far today if the right people did the right thing at the right time.
        This was our chance to a great revolution, but idioty,greed and madness took it all over.
        The worst thing is people are continuing to support that madness.
        Kids are still not going to school, refugees all over, death and horror everywhere…and some are getting richer overseas and going on with their lifes, making babies and stuff…
        What a waste!

        • Ambazonians are not Camerounese you smelly pussy prostitute. You idiotic frogs will not reap from our blood again like you had the BAC board and your over 2000 political parties today. No no no. Your men with big pussies must stand up and fight your fight. Ambazonians are not concerned with your presidency. They want their country back and they are going to get it. We are not losing our men, women and children just to chase Biya out of a yaounde quarter. We are after kicking the French, British and UN Mafia out of our country is what we will get. Take your ashawo smelling lass and go vote in your forest. Dirty for rice!!!!!!

        • @L’enemie

          u re the one the true son of a bitch, therefore your foremothers had been scrub up with a Nigeria man Igbo.

  3. @Korup Forest Ambasonians are not interested in getting Biya out of power,becos,getting Biya out does not change the system.We Ambasonians are interested in restoring a state that have existed.Francos says,they love the system so,they are not fighting to change it.Good for them.We,Ambasonians will not continue to be their fools all the time.We fought and lose lives for GCE board,and the gov’t gave them Office du BAC.We fought and shed blood for the return of multipartism, today,francos have more than 250 political parties.When Agbor Balla and Co,asked for federalism,francos called him terrorist,and he was jailed.Now that the fight is in the hands of warlords who are instead asking for seperation,francos are calling for 10 autonomous region.We cannot continue to fight for others to benefit

    • @Kongosa
      Ambazonians are the greatest enermies to civlised anglophones. Only idiots or fools will stop ´Kids from going to School. Only loosers don’t pause and evaluate before moving forward? Can you with an objective mind tell me the results of ghost towns? Do you know those encourraging you to hold ghost town work daily and seek for extra working hours? Stop being primitive.

      • The idiot here is James2.
        36 years of the rubbish called education in Cameroon, how many graduates are employed?
        Even when they are employed what is their salary? FCFA100,000, FCFA 150,000 and at times way less. So essentially 20 years of education for a monthly income of about $100 /month for a select few (about20%).
        Such a system must be replaced by a more efficient and egalitarian one.
        Surrogates of Larepublique like you do not understand what West Cameroonians refer to as “Returning to the drawing board”.
        That drawing board is 1961.
        Wata NA wata

        • @Epée Dipanda

          u needs medication bastard, learn how to respect people opinion terrorist

        • @ Epée Dipanda. Can you please advise this forum if your children are going to school if you have any.

      • They are indeed the greatest ennemies of civilised and hard working real ‘Anglophone’ Cameroonians!
        The only thing they know is hate! Those in the diaspora are even worst!
        Till date, they can’t even se that they have been fooled by some social media loosers!
        They can’t even unite in their stupidity!

        • Smelling lass akwara ASHAWO. Ambazonia go show you pepper.

        • @L’enemie

          “show you pepper ” hahahahhahaa at least I am not live in the bushes nyamfuka , no medication, no school, no EU, UN, UK KIKIKIKIKIKIKI

          WATER NA WATER

    • There was never any country in this world called Ambazonia or Southern Cameroon. Stop making up things.

  4. Dear Osih we wilsh you well, we pray there is a miracle October 9th.
    We in West Cameroon believe in democracy, in our history we had 2 Democratic elections before committing the blunder of joining champions of no democracy called LRC!.
    We know if the system is truly fair you will win the elections but we are so disappointed in the rigged system that we have concluded it is best to go our separate ways because it appears in our lifetime we shall never see a truly democratic election.
    Yes we remember 1992 with Ni John winning and the Franco-Cameroonian Mafia that changed the results.
    How can we trust that after 57yrs anything will change?
    Obiang since 1979,! Biya since 1982, !Museveni since 1986!
    Where is the future for aspiring leaders like you?
    Keep trying! GoodLuck!

    • @ Sister Lum. We all know the elections will be rigged and Biya will be the winner just as it happened in 1992. The difference is that we have a big weapon today called the internet. The difference is that we can take to the streets if Biya rigs the election à la Arab spring and the world will not stay silent. This would have been the best year to take out Biya even if he rigged the elections but these Ambazonia thugs have wasted this opportunity with their foolishness which is never going to work.

  5. biya and his dotage weak french puppet regime has been in power for 58 years ,the entire Cameroon is a embarrassing, dirty slum shithole, infested with deadly mosquitoes due to poor sanitation and dirt,cockroaches, rats, snakes,flies and all the deadly bacteria on earth, there is not a single source of clean drinking water in any of the regions nor reliable electricity, all the roads are death traps with potholes, mud, dust, poor infrastructure,no community has any social amenities/ welfare, the hospitals are caskets,poorly outdated, high poverty,youths unemployment,no human rights of freedom, slave beggars relying on developed countries free aid, Cameroon biya’s culture of lies, uncaring, bribery, corruption,embezzlement,unpatriotic black slaves in the 21st century with weak followers

  6. another fat selfish power monger anglophonel slave, Fru, Yang, inoni and all the other Anglophones puppets have held dormant positions with no respect, authority and voice , francophone will never allow you Osih to become the president of colonial french Cameroon,more so never ever in Ambazonia, you lot are sleeping dogs!your people are being killed and brutalised by biya daily while you show no care and compassion, money, power and position is you mind, you will fail

  7. @james2 Ambasonians are not asking children not to go to school.It is AK47 that is now talking.If u know your child will not be caught at the cross fire,u are free to send them to school.Action speaks louder than words.Parents now have a choice to make.It is either they keep their r children at home and they remain uneducated and safe at home,or they risk the lives of their children by sending them to go and pursue a useless education without future,and risk been caught at the cross fire.Don’t say u were not warned.

    • And what makes you different from Boko Haram?
      Do you have kids @Kongossa? If yes, are they staying at home too? Why should other people children be sacrified? Why are you Ambazonians so stupid?

  8. @james2 While we are talking about Federal Republic of Ambasonia,u are busy talking about Etat unitaire non-decentralise.Now,u be the judge,between me and u,who is the greatest enemy to civilised anglophones?

    • @KONGOSA

      u are among the dullest person here man kikikikikiki , I thought ambasonia won already the struggles continues. small war past u now u re here opened your mami Pima mouth.

      what happened to your TV in South Africa kikikikikik

  9. @Bikutsi Everybody in the diaspora,have families back home.As i speak,my village,Kembong is deserted.There is no life there.I had families in Kembong who are now living in the bushes.My mother was in Kembong,but she is now in Mamfe with my two kids.I have told her to keep my children at home than to risk them on the cross fire.
    U guys launched a war against us when u went an arrested Sisiku and Co..And u think u can use this your school thing to make us forget ? there will be no school until this matter is settled once and for all.
    We are not asking parents not to send their children to school any more.It is AK47 that speaks now.If u know your child will be safe,send them to school.

    • And what do you want to achieve with your AK47 politics? You are fighting a regime that only knows AK47 politics and you think you can “win”?
      People are deserting the villages because of your ‘ambaboys ‘ or whatever and because of the army too, you guys invited in your backyard.
      It is about time you come to your senses and change strategies and ask those lost boys in the bushes to put their guns down and stop making life difficult for your owns.
      Listen, Biya will never back off. Things will get worst after the ‘elections ‘ if you don’t come back to reality.
      Do you even know what you are fighting for?
      There will never be anything called Ambazonia.
      Get over it.
      Cameroon will allways be One, with or without Biya.
      Biya is Not Cameroon. Do you get it?

      • Thank you my sister Bikutsi. These Ambazonia idiots are even more evil than the Biya regime. May God bless our beloved country Cameroon and save us from these evil humans.

  10. @Bikutsi ”You are fighting a regime that only knows AK47 politics and you think you can “win”?”Of course we can’t win.Thats why we are fighting.Hav’nt u see how i am shaking?

  11. Call it Tropical Democracy. Call it AK-47 Democracy or any other name. It remains democracy fashioned to suit those who wield power on the land. Here electorate (those who cast votes) is virtually powerless and voiceless since the trump card is played by APPOINTED OFFICIALS sitting in the offices of either ELECAM or the Constitutional Court.

    And do not expect the winner to be whosoever shall go on the campaign trail and visit all ten provinces or regions. The winner is replaced by surrogates/proxies on the campaign trail/radio debates. The winner already has an invitation to visit The Elysee Palace in November 2018. That is democracy tailored to the needs of those who call the shots! And they are well placed to tell the world that it was a legitimate operation with Opposition participa

  12. ambasonia is a terrorist organization, we are going to kill all of them.” especially Igbo descend in Cameroon”

    water na water, you cant hidden we know u .

    fight ambasonia take a gun, put on youtube, facebook, and others kikikikikikiki

  13. Bamendaboy must learn how to work farm.
    Your free food from Ambazonia is finished. Got your village and till the soil you lazy fellow.
    Ambazonia will be free to pursue its own destiny.
    Wata NA wata

  14. @ epee dipanda

    Stops drinking mimbo here man.

    U are still in the republic web side bastard kikikkkiki go and make your own

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