Cameroonian PM says life gradually returning to normal in war-torn Anglophone regions

YAOUNDE, Aug. 5 (Xinhua) — Cameroon’s Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute said Thursday that peace and stability are gradually returning to the country’s Anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest that have been ravaged by over five years of armed separatist conflict.

Cameroon’s Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute said Thursday that peace and stability are gradually returning to the country’s Anglophone regions of Northwest and Southwest that have been ravaged by over five years of armed separatist conflict.

“Schools in most of our towns and main suburbs have gone operational. We have also observed so many cultural jamborees. Fresh vegetables, fresh groundnuts and other food products from the Northwest which had completely disappeared from the market have returned. This clearly shows that many of the farmers in those regions are beginning to feel more comfortable, more confident in going to their farms,” Ngute said in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon, during a meeting to evaluate strides made since a national dialogue was held in 2019 to find solutions to the conflict.

He said economic activities have resumed, many of the major roads were now passable and separatist fighters were dropping their arms to join disarmament and reintegration centers in the regions.

“This shows that life is steadily returning to normalcy and we must together work to consolidate this,” Ngute added.

Separatist fighters have been clashing with government forces since 2017 in a bid to create an independent nation in the two English-speaking regions.?

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  1. this is what so called francophone anglophone schools produce zoombie administrators detached from reality,worste mentality alien to the land.

  2. As usual Mr Ngute is behind the curve of La Republic.
    While his “superiors” have moved to make it clear that La Republic is a “francophone country” he is busy “reviewing progress in the anglophone regions” completely oblivious he is a paradox! “Head of Govt” who is lower ranked that oter members of “his” govt!
    Does he know he is the window dressing while the complete assimilation or is really the anglofool orignial?
    If he knows and is willingly acting as such …

    • GULL IBLE,,,,,,, why can we not do like Vietnam? they eraced occupation identity and imposed Vietnamese as language. they are doing very well 500 billion economy.

  3. @BAH ACHO:-who should do this?..You francophones love france to the extend that you dont even want to hear the english language in Southern cameroons…You are so in to france that your president is proud to call himself the best student of a french president..You adore and admire france that your miniters will take a day to officially open a french super market in Cameroon…
    We from southern cameroons are tired of this primitivity..
    We are tired of this your inferiority complex..
    We dont feel like slaves to the white man in 2022 ..

    All we want is to send our France from our territory…
    @BAH ACHO:- cna you imagine to live without french wine?
    Without french suits and goods in Cameroon?..
    Keep fooling yourself with such stupid examples like Vietnam and dont accept the truth..

    • BIKO,,,,,, we must take things at hand and do it than waiting and complaining or fighting and killing to defend slavery called francophonie and anglophonia.sorry i dont drink french wine. for your information it is chemical products not wine. my point is Vietnam, south Korea Japan and China maintained thier identity language spirituality and grow fast. we should do better and get rid of slavery.

  4. Foolish b’da people donc de wise say amba na scam. wona for continue de fight de kill and kidnap wona selves. we de SW de enjoy wah 33 export.

  5. Speak for yourself “nelson”! The place where Mr Bilai donned his zazou jacket to go ain install a new “chef de terre” to the bushes is in where you call sw… Nice try though! Just remember “divide and rule” is passe and does not work since “dignity” became a better currency! SW and NW have a new nickname and that is NOSO, which deminstrates the one-ness more than any Ambazonian could if they tried! Same as internet blackout confined to the territory of Ambazonia and the matching shootings of school children in the the areas of NOSO – that is Ambazonia – that you are some unsuccessfully trying to divide! Wait! You are being sarcastic!

    • I see how you are united just like your Sako IG fraction and Chris anus fraction. I see your unity in kidnapping your brothers and sisters in NW for ransom. confused people.

      • I will pardon your ignorance about reality.

        The prime minister said this and the minister of defence said he was embarrassed that those fighters are still very active and doing a lot of damage.

        Who is fooling who?

        They should keep exposing innocent people to be killed.

        There will be time for accountability very soon.

        I come in peace.

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