Cameroonian women hold maiden peace conference amid security challenges

YAOUNDE, July 29 (Xinhua) — A peace conference dubbed National Women’s Convention for Peace grouping over 1,000 women from Cameroon’s 10 regions opened in the capital, Yaounde on Thursday amid rising security challenges in the Central African country.

The three-day conference, the first of its kind, was organized by grassroots leaders in collaboration with the German-based organization Friedrich Ebert Foundation. It targets essentially women peace activists, displaced women and girls, victims of war-related violence, female traditional and religious leaders, female soldiers and women from civil society and political parties.

“Women have a very important role to play toward achieving a sustainable future and peaceful societies. The majority of women have continued to be neglected during sustainable discussions and meaningful peace-building processes,” organizers said in a statement.

The conference will send a strong collective signal that Cameroonian women are longing for peace, it said.

The conference comes in the wake of recurrent attacks by terror group Boko Haram in the country’s Far North region and separatist raids in the English-speaking regions of Northwest and Southwest.

At the end of the conference, the women will make a historic declaration for peace in the country and this will go further to create space for women in peace-building processes, organizers said. Enditem

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  1. It is common knowledge that PEACE and JUSTICE are “one and indivisible”.
    A peace conference therefore can NEVER EVER restore peace in the country since INJUSTICE has become law in the country.
    Only the truth can set the country free.

    Case study: The Anglophone palaver.


    For the benefit of ignorant citizens of LRC, the correct equation is:

    SC + LRC = SC + LRC = two states EQUAL IN STATUS
    There can therefore never be PEACE in the INFORMAL VIVRE-ENSEMBLEsince the country is ruled by INJUSTICE, FALSEHOOD and TERROR.

    Therefore the VIVRE-ENSEMBLE between SC and LRC is considered as ” unwiederbringlich zerrüttet”.

    LRC is only interested in the abundant natural resources in SC.


    • When women peace activist convene in the lrc capital to discuss separatist raids,while avoiding any topic on the terrorist activities of the lrc military, it really calls to question whom the real sponsor of the conference permission will ever be granted for a conference in that kangaroo republic if anything negative is to be discussed about its regime.
      Peace can only be achieved when lrc’s terrorists forces pull out of our territory,and the bulu thieves in yde know this.

      • Everyone is talking about peace, but reality, is that the definition of the
        word peace, is still not understood. In the context of Cameroon, it means
        total and undisturbed separation of Southern Cameroon, from slavery from
        LRC. Learning from other examples, we don`t want half baked peace eg,
        the Nigerian civil war, which ended since 1970, but today, there is Biafra
        agitations. If Biafra had separated like the US separated after the war with
        colonial UK, there would be good neighborliness, between the two former
        enemies. This is a fact.

  2. It would be nice to invite women in the Department of Justice to come and listen to how the miscarriage of justice has undermined peace everywhere. Take just one example: Retired Supreme Court judge and former Member of Parliament has his retirement payment blocked and his savings account frozen for four years. What peace can he or his family enjoy????

    • What I find funny dear John, Is the attempt to smuggle in another Grand National Dialogue, only this time its a women only dialogue.
      I thought they said they were done with dialogues?
      They are real jokers.
      They will have to drink their medicine sooner or later

  3. Ambafools it is easy to seat in the comfort of your homes in the diaspora and write nonsense. if you want Cameroon to separate then come home and fight. dont seat in america and write nonsense on facebook and deceive youths to die. there’s no perfect country in the world. Cameroon will never separate. we for limbe and buea donc wise this wona nonsense say amba. it will end in b’da. keep suffering and kidnapping your parents in b’da with that amba nonsense. what nonsense revolution with 100 presidents?. a revolution that kidnap and kill the people they are fighting. b’da people when wona finish separate cameroon then wona prepare second with we for SW since weh wona like na separation so.

  4. @nelson ”Cameroon will never separate. we for limbe and buea donc wise this wona nonsense say amba. it will end in b’da”…..We are not surprised with the statement u are making.That is how CPDM has always function.It is now that some francophones who were deceived to hate Amba have realised.When the Ambasonia agitation started,francophones pushed the narrative that it is people from NW and some Bamilike were been manipulated to accept the narrative.When BAS started being hostile to Biya,the same francophones,especially the ones from CPDM came up with the narrative that it is people from an ethnic group in Cameroon,the Bamileke.It was then that the Bamileke realised that CPDM had deceived to believe that it is only the people from NW that are clamouring for Ambasonia.

    • @KONGOSA. CPDM is not an angel but it does much better than your kidnaping and beheading ambazonia movement. Ambafools keep singing the same song since 2016 that we are wining while innocent youths die every day. the funniest thing is ambafools kill themselves more than the rate Cameroon army even kills them. keep suffering your brothers and sisters in B’da in the name of independence. Most B’da people are now investing in Dla and Yde and improving the economy of the said regions because of your ambafool stupidity. so who are you fighting. you can clearly see the rate of development in Limbe and buea compared to B’da because they have realized your ambafool stupidity is taking anglophones no where. Africa is trying to unit not divide. B’da people wona shine eye.

  5. @nelson That politics of stigmatising a community in an effort to run away from the issues is no longer working.Try something else….

  6. @nelson La stigmatisation d’une communauté dans l’espace politique camerounais ne marche plus.

    • shameful you make NW and SW ungovernable and you prefer your brothers and sisters to go and suffer in Y’de and Dla. this one really pass me.

      • How different is the suffering from the one Anglophones in CMR have always faced as 2d class citizens? Resources siphoned from their communities to enrich French Cameroon. It is time we sit up and think of the source of this conflict and bring a solution to it rather than pushing the consequences of it in people’s faces. What caused a fraction of people to take up arms and start to fight for separation? There is no smoke without fire. The fire is on and you are trying to put it out wth kerosene. This is the problem in Cameroon and usually if someone criticises the silly Biya regime with respect to this conflict, one is immediately labelled as a terrorist. Fact is the Francophone-led cabal in Yaound and Anglophone sellouts are to blame for this madness, not Amba youths or the diaspora!

        • what ambazonia proponents dont understand is not all anglophones support their separation agenda. if someone’s view is different from that of ambafools they call him a blackleg. the governemnt of cameroon is not perfect but i thing they are much more better than what this ambazonia is all about. where are the teachers and lawyers who started the strike? why are they not fighting with you?. they know cameroon will never separate. only gullible youths are been deceived to go and die. also what that is going on is not called a revolution. it’s just a kidnapping busines and score settling. b’da wona shine eye. buea and limbe donc wise.

  7. EYALLOW,,,, have you ever heard of the word power balance? If it was the case, then before encouraging naive children to take up arms to fight younde. You aught to have ask yourself if you have the SLITEST chance to come out victorious base on your military capability compared with that of younde.when this problem started, I said no matter how long it takes there is only going to be one winner, and it’s younde because they are in a stronger position.i said looking at the geography of the region with nigeria and EQUITORIAL GUINEA on the other side. if younde block you from there then they will squeeze exhoust and smoke you out. was I right or not?

    • @Bah Acho your comment reflects the unhealthy mindset I pointed at in my comment. You’re quick to accuse me of encouraging young children to pick up arms, on what grounds? I am a Biya critique, I don’t sponsor murder. The carnage in Cameroon is fully the cause of poor governance. The people who picked up arms to fight for separation do so for that reason. If all was remotely good in the country we won’t be here. I also hope you think of balance in wealth distribution and the exercise of power. Poor power management in Cameroon, imbalances in resource distribution because of nepotism, tribalism, etc, led to disgruntled people putting their lives on the line for their freedom. A military solution won’t work. Five years counting, no end in sight. Doing same thing expecting different results.

      • EYALLOW,,,,for all those who can at least read and try to understand what you write. There is evidence that you sympathise with those who took up arms to fight younde.even if the government was one hundred times worse than it is today, such an act is still a tragic irrational strategic mistake. The consequences are here for all to see.if we look at the situation in a calm cold blooded rational none emotional way. We all agree that the first thing to do before confronting an enemy is carefully weighing thier capabilities, comparing with yours analysing rationally before taking a decision. If they are SUPIRIOR then it is in your interest to try another strategy because you are sure to lose.

        • Before talking about wealth distribution it first has to created.i do not see any wealth in younde that can be distributed, they have no industries, not even elimentary industries like foot wear and clothing.we know that wealth accumulation is only possible through the establishment of manufacturing industries that créât added value with machines, reducing cost of production while improving the quality of finished goods. It is in this process that jobs are created for designers, engineers, technicians etc. all this I do not see in younde. Drawing oil from the ground and exporting is not wealth creation because the money is used to import finished products, medicine.nigeria imports 500 million dollars of flour a year.why not start from here?

        • @Bah Acho, let’s be real my frbecause you sympathise with Biya, I don’t call you a dictator or a terrorist. I direct my anger to Biya & those who have ruined Cameroon. Perhaps you are one of them. You have to respect people’s opinions. AMBAZONIANS are fighting a legitimate course. This is not an invented story. LRC disrespected the agreement that was established decades ago. Take this matter to a true court and let true justice unfold. Anglophone Cameroonians have been systematically discriminated. You don’t need to be too wealthy to distribute wealth equally, the small you have you share and it will create more for everyone. Yaounde is made of greedy non-patriots with an agenda to loot from the people. We need a Sankara, Kagame, not tyrants and thieves feeding off the backs of the poor

  8. ****** “A ONE AND INDIVISIBLE CAMEROON “- a myth? ******

    Dictator Biya is, by design or omission, ignorant of historical Facts.
    History has proven that the Slogan of a ” ONE AND INDIVISIBLE COUNTRY ” is a myth.
    Dictator Biya is not the first to claim that the Country will remain “one and indivisible”. Many dictators before Biya have used such slogans to cling to power.
    1. Dictator Josef Wissarionowitsch Stalin vowed that the Soviet Union will remain “one and indivisible” ad infinitum. However, the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 resulted in the creation of 15 independent countries.
    2. Dictator Josip Broz Tito promised that Yugoslavia will remain “one and indivisible” forever. Today we know that he was only day-dreaming

    • 3. Dictator Umar al-Baschir swore that Sudan was “one and indivisible”. Today we know that he was simply playing to the gallery.
      4. Dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam pledged that Ethiopia will remain “one and indivisible”. Today Eritrea is an independent country
      5. Dictator Edvard Beneš swore that Czechoslovakia will remain “one and indivisible”. Today there are Czech Republic and slovakia as independent couintries
      6. General Suharto vowed that Indonesia will remain “one and indivisible “. However, today East Timor is an independent state.
      7. etc.

    • The truth of the matter is that a country can never be maintained “one and indivisible” with the help of the military. The Soviet Union was the second most powerful nation in the world but she disintegrated into 15 independent states.
      The only guarantee for a “one and indivisible” Cameroon is the dismantling of the SYSTEMIC marginalisation of the minority Anglophones.
      Consider every citizens in Cameroon as equal, with equal responsibilities and opportunities and Cameroon will remain “one and indivisible” ad infinitum. The BIR can never guarantee a “one and indivisible ” Cameroon.

    • Dictator Biya dismantled the INFORMAL VIVRE-ENSEMBLE in 1984 by withdrawing his country from it. Simply put, when Dictatzor Biya changed the name of the country to LRC he technically and legally withdrew his country from the INFORMAL union. From 1984 to date, LRC terrorists have therefore ILLEGALLY occupied SC.
      Thank ALLAH that Dictator Biya FOOLISHLY declared an UNWINNABLE war on SC. His war opened the window of opportunity for Southern Cameroonians to end the ILLEGAL occupation of their fatherland by LRC.


      There will be ZERO VIVRE-ENSEMBLE with LRC in future.
      Southern Cameroonians will therefore simply ignore the “one and indivisible” bla bla bla of LRC and continue with the war to liberate themselves from the evil hands of LRC.


      • Come separate Cameroon let see! All the countries you mentioned in your foolish write up …. ask yourself how did they fight for their independence ? I leave you to those answers.

        • **** HUMILIATED LRC ****

          Morocco…………..4 (1+1+1+1 = 4)
          LRC………………….0 (ZEROOOOOOO-hahahahihihihohoho)


          1. The ancestors of VICTORIA humiliated LRC PANTS ON FIRE for violating the territorial integrity of SC
          2. The ancestors of VICTORIA have vowed to humiliate LRC UNDERWEARS ON FIRE in 2022 if LRC dares to violate the territorial integrity of SC
          3. UNDERWEARS ON FIRE means 8 goals for the opponent to ZERO for LRC
          7, LRC is ruled by the most corrupt, dishonest, faithless, deceitful, arrogant, foolish, stupid, despicable, evil, demonic and insensitive CRIMINALS on planet earth.
          10. Allahu Akbar !!!!

  9. @Bah Acho your comment reflects the unhealthy mindset I pointed at in my comment. You’re quick to accuse me of encouraging young children to pick up arms, on what grounds? I am a Biya critique, I don’t sponsor murder. The carnage in Cameroon is fully the cause of poor governance. The people who picked up arms to fight for separation do so for that reason. If all was remotely good in the country we won’t be here. I also hope you think of balance in wealth distribution and the exercise of power. Poor power management in Cameroon, imbalances in resource distribution because of nepotism, tribalism, etc, led to disgruntled people putting their lives on the line for their freedom. A military solution won’t work. Five years counting, no end in sight. Doing same thing expecting different results.

  10. One and indivisible is a farce.
    It simply is not possible.
    There is no developed or developing francophone country.
    Including the masters of larepublique.
    How do we tie our apron strings to such people?
    Particularly as they refuse to allow free and fair elections?
    It will not happen

    • ÉPÉE DIPANDA,,,, after saying that explain to us how you are going to attain your objective? This is not ideological but simple rational evidence base thinking.what are you going to defeat younde with THIER SUPIRIOR army and military equipment. To defeat America Vietnam RECIEVED massive support from its Chinese neighbors who did not want America to establish an occupied territory close to thier borders. is Nigeria or EQUITORIAL GUINEA ready to back you since geographically they are the closest to us?

      • @Bah
        In answer to your redundant question i have this to say:
        Structural functionalism suggests that society works as a complex mechanism with the different parts jointly creating solidarity and stability.
        The dissonance which the anglophone war constitutes is an open wound that will soon gangrene. Amputation (separation) then becomes the only way to keep larepublique alive.
        Simple isn’t it?

    • @Epee. Also remember there has never been any successful revolution with 100 presidents and 1 million generals. also marked by kidnapping and beheading of the people the claim to be fighting for.

  11. @BAH ACHO Are u still talking this issue? Why are u so concerned if your superior military is winning? We are in the fourth year of this war and we have no winner yet. If u don’t know,we are in a stalemate.All what is going on now is killing,killing and killing.on both sides.ghost town is still alife.Even gov’t officials respect ghost towns. Amba boys are fabricating bombs everyday,we don’t need to import weapons,since Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea is in support of French Cameroon.We are killing the military and cease their weapons and use it against them.
    Let me tell u,if u care u preach from now till tomorrow.So long as this Ambasonia course is a just and legitimate one,Yaounde will not win.U will come back here next year and we will still be in this war.