Cameroonians Displaced by Separatist Conflict Need Support [+video]

VOA | Ongoing clashes between Cameroon’s separatists and the military have affected nearly two million people, leaving thousands dead and hundreds of thousands displaced. Many of the displaced have found refuge in the neighboring town of Douala, where they live crowded into small rooms and struggling to get by. Moki Edwin Kindzeka has this report by Anne Nzouankeu from Douala.

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  1. 14 Billion FCFA was collected for the so-called “Plan d’urgence humanitaire”.
    Ex-convict Atanga Nji was appointed to manage the Money.


    • How much did you contribute stupid fool!!!

      • Your sh*thole dictator has died like a pig.
        He promised to neutralise southern cameroonians. However, he was NEUTRALISED by COVID-19.


      • @ Pogba

        Is it not better to remain silent and let those around you guess that you are stupid than to open your own mouth and confirm so?
        Of what use is a Christian who focuses on the finger of a priest instead of what the finger is pointing to? By which law of nature or man is he supposed to comment only because he contributed? Must everyone contribute? Can everyone contribute?
        How does your retrograde remark help pave the way forward?

  2. @pogba is a sh!thole citizen of a sh!thole country.

  3. Short man, l’enemi-e, come and watch what ur contribution money has done to ur own pple!

    Those are the pple u tried to fool that Francos are their enemies, to the extent that the large mouthed Chris anu-s was warning them not 2 go to Dul and Y’dé, for they’ll all be exterminated by LRC. What a bunch of pathetic diasporians!

    At first I hardly believed in the force of SATAN, but ever since u guys contributed money to destroy ur own country and/or people, I firmly believe that the DEVIL is too strong. Wow!

    If not, how could abt 5 million intellectual Anglos not 4see all this? When this sh## started, it took me not more than an hour to figure out that it was a well-planed hoax. But how could the maj of Anglo dokitas in Diaspora not 4see this?

    Whenever I see them, I want to vomit on them…

    • It is clear that Ambazonians have contributed to the strive in Southern Cameroons. That said, as a free thinker, unbiased and impartial, I’d state firmly that the long road to destruction began with Biya’s long term dictatorship; rigging of elections in ’92 & ’97 and the absence of legitimate elections thereafter.
      I’m not an Amba adherent, have always advocated for a return to pre 1972 federal status or a ten state federation with well defined anglophone minority protections but Biya has neither the will or love of country to do so.
      Long term dictatorships create problems down the road-Mubarak, Ghadaffi, Saddam, Ben Ali, Mobutu, Putin, Ceausescu, Pinochet, Abacha etc. J. Kabila and Gen. Aboubakar did the right thing and brought sanity.
      Biya’s “Me Alone” mentality was a recipe for chaos.

      • “Strife” not “strive”, yeah the noun, not the verb. It just seems odd at times. Not being fastidious !!! 🙂

      • CMR cannot escape federalism, that is the only system that can bring us back 2 rails while keeping the house 2gether.

        Etoudi knows that just too well, but they have sold us 2 France in return 4 protection to secure power ad vitam aeternam. That is why they are ready to destroy CMR b4 giving up or b4 tasting the fate of the Ceausescus, Ferdinand Marcus, Mubaraks…but it is unavoidable.

        CMRs have just got to be wise not to fall into their traps, 4 their best joker is to ignite ethnic tensions so we completely destroy ourselves while some of them will sit back and say, “ah no bin tok”?

        They have tasted the field with Anglo-bamiphobia, very few felt into the trap. Even their Kamtophobia is no longer holding. Proofing that CMRs are becoming wiser everyday.

        We’ve got just 1 enemy, ETOUDI…

        • —They have tested the field with Anglo-bamiphobia, very few felt into the trap. Even their Kamtophobia is no longer holding. Proving that CMRs are becoming wiser everyday.—

        • ZZ
          Kamto est déja à Etoudi?
          Il avait dit vendredi non?
          Kamto n’est pas un politicien, C’est un traitre. Tu me donneras raison un jour.
          Son entourage alors C’est que la merde, à partir du moment où ils ont tribalisé le MRC, ils ont eux meme creuser leur propre tombe.
          Ceux qui suivent encore ce guru aujourd’hui sont un peu comme ces gens des églises réveillées, des abroutis.
          Tout ce qu’il a produit c’est la division entre les Camerounais et accentué le tribalisme.
          Rien de plus.

        • Bikut,
          tu as déjà envoyé ta part de don sur Cameroonsurvival dot org? Nos pères et mères o besoins de masques.

          Mbong, back 2 debate.
          Kamto l’homme (ton traiter) ne m’intéresse pas du tt, mais c’est plutôt ses messages pleins de patriotisme ki captivent mon attention.

          Donc, tant q son message de patriotisme convergera avc le mien, je ne pourrai que l’encourager dans sa démarche et le considérer coe un allié. Un vrai patriote (nationaliste) ne tire jamais sur un autre vrai patriote—un code à vie.

          Etoudi se sont arrangés à couper le sommeil aux CMRs en abandonnant les gens en face d’un virus ki peut finir le CMR en 3mois. Mais, avant de nous couper les sommeil, qu’ils retiennent ça “Celui qui s’arrange à empêcher le sommeil à son frère doit s’organiser à ne pas fermer lui-même l’œil”…

  4. Just kept my fingers crossed, waiting for the late crtv announcement of biya`s death
    { how art the mighty, falling}. He, forgot that Ambazonia is a country, not an individual.
    As it stands, where are the likes of Atanga Nji, Ngole Ngole, Ngute, Yang etc etc going
    to hide their heads now? Will it be business as usual?

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