Cameroonians hold varied opinions after French president’s visit | + video

africanews | French President Emmanuel Macron concluded his one-day visit to Cameroon Tuesday evening. He is not in Benin before heading to Guinea-Bissau. Following his departure, Cameroonians have expressed mixed opinions.

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  1. to know what we should have done direction vietnam.after french occupation,vietnam cut french language,ban christianity,eliminate the judicial system and replaced all with language,budhism,and judicial vietnam is closer to a one trillion economy while we are still talking frencohonie anglophonie.this is self debasement.

  2. you always come and preach here like a brainless pastor..
    The people of the NOSO are fighting against domination, if you support PAN -AFRICANISM, then start by criticizing your brainless leaders in yaounde.
    Cameroon is a country governed by foreigners..Almost all the ministers have the french nationality..
    They have double nationalities and will be the first to leave the country during war ..
    @BAH ACHO:- you know all this but will only eat your bread, sardine, drink wine, have sex and dance BIKUTSI singing songs of praises and saying cameroon is one and indivisible..
    Keep fooling yourself with your foolish vietnam comparism when you spend all your time in french bars drinking wine and trying to be a french man…