Cameroonians Join In Peace Walks, Call for End to Conflict

allAfrica | Thousands of Cameroonians participated in peace walks on U.N. World Peace Day on September 21, 2021. They called for a cease-fire between the military and separatists. Citizens who marched in several cities and towns said they were tired of burying civilians caught up in the fighting. But the conflict is not likely to end soon.

Similar peace walks took place in Buea, Bamenda and Kumba – cities in western regions – where armed separatist groups are active, and the northern towns of Maroua, Garoua and Ngaoundere – close to Cameroon’s border with Nigeria – the site of many incursions by the militant group Boko Haram.

The song, “We Want Peace,” by Cameroonian performer Salatiel, blasted through speakers in capital Yaounde. Esther Njomo Omam, director of the non-governmental organization Reach Out Cameroon who organised the rally, said “Cameroonians should give peace a chance”.

The government said a majority of people who took part at the peace walks were women affected by the crises. Some of them said they lost family members in the crises.

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  1. This are initiatives guided by emotions not rationally thought.peace has never been worn through protest and will never be.the only think that work is force. Either you possess the capacity to impose it through absolute force or don’t start it. Once started it is too late.what permit humans to prevent tragedy is rational thinking. It enables people to think through every decision and its consequences before taking any action.any other approach lead to tragedy. all uptions must be weight and different scinarios envisaged first.

  2. PEACE and JUSTICE are ” one and indivisible”.

    It is therefore a waste of precious time and emergy to march for PEACE in a country ruled by INJUSTICES. Atypical example of INJUSTICE is the FALSEHOOD disseminated by the CPDM CRIME SYNDICATE that:

    SC + LRC = 0 + LRC

    • It is common knowledge that In the face of hopelessness, fear, oppression, discrimination, and injustice, the victims are obliged to fight back.
      Simply put, to use the words of Thomas Jefferson, “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”
      Southern Cameroonians therefore have the right to resist injustices.

  3. It is not the matching in all the towns and cities, that will bring about a cease
    fire or an end to this war. This only makes it worse, cause Biya thinks and hides
    behind this, and have his day. The million man match to Etoudi directly, is
    the magic wand.

  4. Peace talks while genocidaire tanks are rolling in. There shall be 1000 Gen NoPity and he will send them terrorists back in empty caskets. This time their corpses will be burnt and desecrated. Genocidaires

  5. If a faction of the dumb military decides to rise above all odds and face Etoudi,
    this war will come to an end. But the clamour for Ambazonia, shall still be good
    for a meaningful round table, somewhere outside.