Cameroonians pay tribute and last respects to Cardinal Christian Tumi [+video]

Africanews | Many people gathered at the Douala Cathedral in Cameroon on Monday for one of the last tributes to Cardinal Christian Tumi — the beloved bishop who died at the age of 91.

His death in early April moved the hearts of the entire country — in particular those of many Catholics, as he was a fervent advocate for peace in the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.

Mballa Dimitri, a funeral attendee and local businessman, remembers the Bishop with such reverence.

“For the people of God, this is a great man who is leaving. A multidimensional man, we have seen the intellectual with his numerous teachings, especially in philosophy. We saw the pastor, he was archbishop of Douala, we saw the builder. ”

Jacques Mbong, a local Catholic priest recalls the social impact the bishop had on the entire country.

“I remember him as a man of truth, a man of sincerity who loved his country very much and who wanted peace in his country. That’s why he was looking for all the ways and means to resolve the situation we are living in now and unfortunately, he left. He left us with this. I think that where he is, he must be praying for the country.”

Cardinal Christian Tumi had fought to highlight a process of dialogue between the government, separatists, political actors and populations of the northwest and southwest regions of the country.

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  1. No, he failed when it came to `thinking and talking peace` for the Anglophone / lrc war.
    Moses, the devine example in the Bible,fought for peace for his people, first killing someone,
    then he went to pharoah and got his people out of Eygpt.
    For the Cardinal, he still wanted his people to remain under Biya, who told him and the
    world out there in France, their intentions to assimilate Southern Cameroon. He sold out
    his people for 30 pieces of silver. This is shameful and unimaginable.

  2. “Cameroonians pay tribute and last respects to Cardinal Christian Tumi” not indigenous Ambazonians because the man of god never stood for his people like man of God Desmond Tutu.where ever he is he failed as a role model christain, he lived, breath, took part by staying silent in the assimilation process of his genocide people, french cameroon regime of deceit, gross human rights abuses, lies, War against his so call people all his life