Cameroon’s $1bn hydropower dam is taking shape

Global Construction Review | Belgian contractor Besix has released images from its project in Cameroon to build a 1.5-km-long, 420MW hydroelectic dam on the River Sanaga, a rare public-private partnership (PPP) in sub-Saharan Africa.
Besix won the contract for the Nachtigal dam in 2018 with French infrastructure company Nouvelles Générations d’Entrepreneurs (NGE) and Morocco’s Société Général des Travaux de Maroc (SGTM).

The $1.1bn project is scheduled to last 57 months and, when complete, the dam’s seven 60MW turbines will supply 30% of Cameroon’s electricity needs.

The dam is being developed by the Nachtigal Hydro Power Company, a consortium made up of investors including France’s EDF, the State of Cameroon and the International Finance Corporation, a division of the World Bank Group.

The contract involves designing and building a the 14-m-high dam in roller compacted concrete and a 3-km-long supply canal.

Some 74% of Cameroon’s population has access to electricity now, but the cost is high. In 2018 the World Bank said the Nachtigal scheme would save the country $100m a year in generation costs.

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  1. If we take into consideration the fact that cost of energy production, water and transportation is what determines the compétitivity of an economy. We can conclude without possibility of doubt that any private public investment in this strategic sectors is a grave mistake that will reduce the competitivity of the industrial sector. Since private companies are out for quick returns on their investments. They will have to raise the cost of energy to recover their investment. This mean that our industries will have to pay higher energy prices which raises cost of pair of footwear costing two dollars to produce in Vietnam or China where energy is produced and distributed by the state almost free will cost 3 or 4 dollars to produce in NJAH-ETU because energy cost.

  2. This is how we eliminate our self’s from the manufacturing industry because of irrational energy policies.the energy sector is not a sector where income should be made. It’s main objective is to power national industries at the cheapest rate in oder to enable them produce quality goods at highly competitive prices. The objective is drawing in hard currency through exports and reinvesting in more sectors to expand the economy and attain full employment. any country that follow the Caucasian approach of privatising energy, transportation and water will simply end up with an unproductive not competitive economy like that of Belgium. We know that the only way to attain fast growth is through manufacturing jobs. Fortunately in Cameroon one can build his own dam to power his own factory.

  3. allergic to ignorance

    Very interesting take. I`ll have to add internet to that list which I will go as far as to say is as essential as water in today’s economy. I also believe our braking point will happen once we figure out this war of information being played by everybody else but us. Industrial spying alone could save us billions if not trillions of dollars and damn near a 100 years of work. But I`ll have to say a system will need to be implemented that would encourage competition since these are all public service sectors the lack of competition will always hurt the quality of service. but overall I`ll have to agree with everything

    • yes the internet is essetial but when a country does not have the financial capacity to lunch satellites in oder to take complete control of the cominucation sector monopolising and using it to speed up economic growth in all is nearly impossible to impose such a vesion because in terms of power balance vis a vis foriegn companies controlling the sector.this is the reason why absolute concentration on industrial production through manufacturing is essential because it is where resources will be generated to then invest in key sectors like cominucation.export promotion must be held with high regards and promoted continuously;infact some prestige and financial incentives should be put in place to reward top exporters of manufactured products who draw in essential hard currency.

  4. I also believe our braking point will happen once we figure out this war of information being played by everybody else but us.put it this way how can we not only participate in this war ,but participate with a winning strategy?the awnser is one word(money).if we have the fanancial resources necessary;we can creat top quality media groups where only those who understand the cruel game of geo politics are employed or allowed tto christian or muslum should be allowed to participate in such a media group because its objective is to oriented the masses to cretical thinking decephring the propaganda of caucasian media groups.but in oder to have money we must first concentrate on agriculture mechanisation that will guarantee raw materials for the industrial sector.