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Cameroon’s amateur child engineer build miniature bulldozers from recycled materials

africanews | A 16-year-old engineering apprentice, Awa Bless Chi, who fled the violent English-speaking Cameroon, finds home in Douala and explores his talent of building miniature bulldozers from recycled materials.

His creativity is captivating, generating amusement in his fans and passerby who enjoy watching him ‘‘cruze’‘ in his bulldozer or a miniature tank made from recycled materials.

In spite of his enthusiasm towards creating theses miniature machines, his biggest dream is to go back to school to continue his education.

“I couldn’t go to school anymore because of the crisis. To do something useful, I made things. In Bamenda, there were no activities because of the dead cities (imposed by the armed separatists, editor’s note), so I decided to move to Douala, which is more secure,” he said.

In the country’s economic capital, where he has been living with his brother-in-law for a month, the teenager recovered cardboard remains, plywood pieces, bamboo pieces and a little scrap metal.

He then carefully assembles the materials to make small machines branded “Chi Style”.

These are set in motion when the young prodigy connects them, with electrical cables, to batteries.

On a side street in Nkoulouloun, a working-class district of Douala, Awa Bless Chi sets up her works for a small demonstration. Immediately, a crowd of curious people gather around him.

Applause accompanies the demonstration. “He’s a genius,” cuts off a curious man. “You’re strong as a child! You don’t belong here in the country,” said another. “Get the plane off the ground,” says another one.

Something that fascinates his audience, with some donating money to him as a form of encouragement.

“It’s a brain, to do that at his age. But it’s not certain he’ll make it here. We need special training centres for this kind of young people,” pleads a spectator, Pierre Nguemné.

Through his work, the teenager also wants to sensitize his classmates who have remained in the English-speaking area, urging them not to forget their dreams.

Although over 600,000 children are deprived of education as a result of the crisis in Cameroon, this has done little to prevent young Awa Bless Chi from being productive and taking steps towards his dreams.

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  1. Chi Blaise (Bulldozers) Collins Gbah (Google African coding award winner) Akumbu Elvis (Kedjom Radio Station), Boma Mohamed Chi (Biogas digester), Zuo Bruno ( Sms car tracker and transmits data without internet) Churchill Nanje (Njorku – self thought world class programmer created the biggest job search website in Africa), Lukong Godlove (Hydroelectricity Kumbo later on banned and was arrested), Vanessa Zommi (High end Biotechnology Moringa Tea – curing diabetes), Victor Anoma Ngu ( Vanivax – HIV 100% curing), Alain Nteff (Gifted Mum), etc all children of Ambazonia with cutting edge technology from nothing, yet all have suffered repression from the brutal Beti-Bulu lazy thieves destroying such projects with war and internet shutdown at infancy. Ambazonia is destined for greatness.

    • Well said. The ideas will be stolen and given to camerounese children who will not use it. Remember silicon mountain the pattern was stolen and applied in Yde using the name silicon river

      • Stolen? What can an illiterate possibly do with the book he steals?
        Ours is a great aberration in many ways. One has to empathize with the young creative minds among a population that sits on the lid of reforms and allows them suffocate underneath. It is a strange world where intellectuals are used and tossed away like toilet tissue. It defies logic.
        A common mantra of Arab origin states that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Thus Israel and America are friends because of a shared Islamophobia. But in Cameroon, where Anglophones and Francophones share the anti-Biya sentiment, are they friends? Ever hear any Francophone mention Julius Ayuk Tabe by name?

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @Pa John Dinga

          The proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW will never want to be associated with people from the Delusional Republic of Ambazonia.

          Do not pretend that you do not know that amba terrorists are trying to kidnap/kill me. Do not pretend you do not know that amba terrorists consider all proud Cameroonians from the NW/SW to bbe black legs who can be killed/dismembered and the streets litteres with their body parts while you and Eyallow cheer!

          Do not pretend that you do not know that thousands of proud Cameroonians from the NW/SW have been labeled black legs by the ambazombie terrorists and slaughtered while ambazombie supporters cheer!

          I am from the NW/SW and if I dare see that scammer called Sick Siku Tabe I will teach him the lessons he did not learn in Kondengui!

        • As usual,

          Kum Kum Crazy !!!! Kum Kum Cuckoo !!!

          Intellectually vacuous, morally bankrupt and an infantile brain. Biya Pikin.

  2. Isn’t it curious that they fine thus fascinating when I remember as I child I and all my friends were building all kinds of sophisticated for toys?

    Francophones are chop broke pan, xenophobic, corrupt, arrogant, and good for nothing people. We must forge forward until we have carved and established our identity of self-determination. This generation has stood up and will not stand down without a solution to Anglophone marginalization in Cameroon.

    Sceptics keep watching and see how we will transform ourselves, despite the military might of lrc, their bullying tactics and intimidation on the internet. When you have known evil and rejection all your life, you will give up everything to destroy such malevolence. That’s why Ambazonians won’t give up, call them insane, call them whatever.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri


      In Cameroon we have Cameroonians.

      Anyone who calls himself an Anglophone is a fool. Anyone who calls himself a francophone is a fool!

      The language a person speaks does not determine their behavior.

      Both French speaking and English speaking Cameroonians live anywhere in the country they chose to and become part of that community and culture. There are hundreds of thousands of French speaking Cameroonians who have lived all their live in the English speaking part of Cameroon and vice versa.

      By the way, I am not a skeptic. I am an enemy of the ambazombie terrorists who are constantly trying to kidnap/kill me because I do not agree with their stupid goals.

      The proud Cameroonians of Pinying just arrested all the amba terrorists in their village this week and gave to the BIR!

      • Yep, there you have it. There’s no Anglophone???

        Kum Kum Crazy !!! Kum Kum Cuckoo !!!

        You may argue that regrettably those foreign designations have divided the country but to state that Anglophone and Francophone does not exist in the national lexicon or public discourse is incurably naïve and mind-bogglingly foolish.

        From your language and emotional display, anyone, Cameroonian or not can tell that you’re naturally not an intelligent person. A terrible character flaw and emotional weakness governs individuals like you.
        I am opposed to Popol and I understand how the current separatist movement happens in any nation.
        Right-thinking individuals will point to the ills on both sides but your primitive display of ignorance and unbridle mind is beyond measure.

        A Categorical Nincompoop !!

        • Nana, that makes a lot of sense. I like the way you explained it. Biya is evil and he destroyed Cameroon.

        • Hmm Nana
          You make me want to chuckle but please take the positive and noble course. I just decided that it isn’t worth it. Life has a habit of rewarding those who take the highroad.

        • @ Kome
          I agree.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri


      It is clear you are more concerned about the impact of me exposing the scams, lies, liars, fools and terrorists on the internet than the fact that proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW are now arresting the amba terrorists and handing them to the authorities. The Pinying people just sent your terrorists to Buea in a BIR truck!

      When I expose your lies, scams, stupidity and terrorism you call it intimidation , probably because you have never been intimidated by an amba terrorist in Cameroon. The day that an ambazombie terrorist will slap you with a red hot matchet you will understand the true meaning of intimidation and terrorism!

      You are not even ashamed to talk about intimidation on the internet. Why are you so dishonest?

    • Kumkum Pass Garri


      The proud Cameroonians of the NW/SW are not evil! We have known each other since the referendum when the overwhelming majority of people from the NW/SW voted to join Cameroon to get independence. We knew each other decdes before the creation of the deluional republic of ambazombies!

      We (proud Cameroonians of NW/SW) have never rejected the losers of the independence referendum. We have not known rejection all our life. We understand that the losers of the referendum have felt rejected since they lost and unfortunately that is just life. You lost and it is up to you to deal with it!
      You losers are free to give up everything and destroy yourselves but you are not free to destroy proud Cameroonians of NW/SW and their property!

      We will not tolerate your terrorism on us anymore.

  3. Great work Awah Chi!!! I hope I can have the chance to meet you during my next trip to Cameroon this year. It reminds me when I was your age and some of the things we did. There’s also a young Sierra Leonean boy who generates light from locally improvised materials. He was invited here at MIT School of Engineering. I hope UNIBU/UNIYAO can give you an invitation to showcase your talent and seek ways of improving it.
    I have been working on a plan to encourage UB to have a University Institute to train certified plumbers, electricians and electronics technicians etc., in tailor-made short courses. A lot can be done in this age of information technology. STEM programs are the way to go. We can start using locally made farm and production machines for increased productivity. Kudos !!

  4. Kumkum Pass Garri

    Awa Bless Chi escaped the North West province due to the terrorism of the ambazombie fighters and is now living in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon.

    Awa Bless is very fortunate that his family could afford to end him to go live in Douala away from the terrorism and to continue his education.

    Ngong Bridget a 13 year old girl in Mbaingoh, Kom has been out of school for 3 years now because her family cant afford to send her to any other part of Cameroon to go continue her education away from the amba terrorism. Ngong Bridget is now pregnant and her future is now very bleak due to the ambazonia terrorists who have abolished education for the poor in the NW/SW of Cameroon.

    Can any Ambazombie explain how abolishing education for Bridget will help ambazonia get independence?

  5. Forever young

    Why will anybody want to kill u ,of what importance are u too any society by the way, majority of people reading your comments knows that u are criminal crazy cawordliness humanbeing hide behind a masked on Facebook claiming to be a warrior why justifying genocide committed by the moronic bastards rapist army like yourself, such a lunatic crazy @kumkum pass garri , crazy animals like yourself will die like a chicken in the end trying to cross the road and a drunk driver with to much alcohol in their blood like your crazy system hit and killed u, since are also an alcoholic and a sociopath, the way nature takes care of retarded sociopath like yourself crazy monkey Kikkik

    • @ Mr. F. Young,

      Sometimes it is good to take the high rood rather than feed into negative commentaries. I believe that there are a lot of uplifting & positive commentaries here. Pls, stay above the fray, it takes two to tango. I understand your message . The country failed a long time ago and the state of any country is a direct reflection of it’s leadership. Biya fears his arrest and incarceration should he leave office, so he’s chosen to take down the country. He was given office by succession, he quickly removed the office of vice president and created the worst system of governance ever known; a system of cronyism, marginalization, embezzlement and economic stagnation. He was rejected in every election and he is bereft by that. He is in the twilight of his years and it saddens him.

      • By the way, my congrats to the young and brilliant Awah. Way to go, young man !Good job.

    • Once you spot traits of sociopathic behavior ( commenting on every tweet!!!) you are better off despising/ignoring.

      • Kumkum Pass Garri

        According to Pa John Dinga the ambazonians who killed my brother Animbom Aaron Akiabom former Delegate of Social Affairs of the North West behave much better than me!

        Pa John Dinga and his ambazombie friends kidnapped and killed my brother just because he was a proud Cameroonian from the NW.

        I am not soliciting a response from you or anyone else on this forum. I am here on a mission to show to the world that the ambazonians are scammers, thieves, dumb and terrorists! You killed my brother!!

        I realize the ambazonian internet revolutionaries are intimidated by the truth in my comments. My comments are very clear and my sources of information are ambafools like Dr Nick Santos, Ray Baba, Akwanga, Anuz, Ayaba, Tataw, Akuro, Breketa, etc. The evidence is in videos they have published!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @ Forever Young

      The reason the ambazombie terrorists want to kill me is clearly the fact that there is no logic to their behavior. The ambazombies are dumb and insane people acting under the spell of fake pastors Anuz and Sako!


      Why would anybody want to kill Tantiyo, his father and his Mom?
      Why did you kidnap and kill my brother Animbom Aaron Akiabom – Delegate of social affairs for NW?
      Why would any want to kill a lady in Mutengene and cut off her breasts?
      Why would anyone want to cut off the fingers of CDC workers who want to go to work and earn a living for their families?
      Why would anyone want to amputate the arms of young girls just because they want to go to school?
      Why would anyone burn down schools hospitals and close churches?

      The reason na say wuna di craze!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Forever Young,

      I am not here to reason with you because you have been declared insane by the UNSC and delusional by Tibor Nagy. I am here to expose your stupidity to the world!

      There are many videos showing the ambazombie committed genocide on youtube.

      Ambazombie terrorists have cut off the fingers of at least 6000 CDC workers in the SW.
      Ambazombie terrorists killed Asana a few weeks ago, dismembered him and littered the streets with his body parts!

      I encourage all non-ambazonians to visit kontripipo(dot)com where they can see links to videos that show the terrorism and genocidal acts of ambazinians published by the ambazonian terrorists themselves.

      The ambazonian comedy revolution is founded on falsehood. The amba fools and terrorists are more scared of the truth than AK47s!

  6. Félicitations à toi mon petit les terroristes sont rouges de colère quant ils voient de telles œuvres raison pour laquelle ils brûlent les écoles ont tous raté, d’aucuns brandissent les faux diplômes de Dr glanés chez nos voisins alors qu’ils articulent à peine la langue de Shakespeare ils sont contre les gens comme toi mais nous ne laisserons jamais que la racaille viennent nous donner les leçons ça jamais.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      I do not have to convince any non-ambazonian that all ambazonians are stupid dub, delusional and insane!

      I know that the ambazombies are the most inhumane creatures on earth. The ambazombie terrorist killed my brother Aaron Animbom Akiambom just because he is a proud Cameroonian from the NW. The terrorists wonder why I get emotional for the loss of my brother because these inhumane bastards have no sense of emotion.

      They expect me to come out and praise them for kidnapping and killing my brother. They are definitely insane and delusional!

      My job is to expose the stupidity and terrorism of these fools!

  7. Du verbiage inutile.

    98 percent of all in la RIPOUBLIQUE is in FRENCH

    hundreds of hours of data collected. (Web sites, tv channels, newspapers, and all possible media.

    ALL IS FRENCH and you expect people from AMBAZONIA to understand FRENCH. Fake people.

    All the media, the debates, the system, the methods and everything is 98% french.

    My dear Amba landers, make man no fool wuna. Time di come and we go detail all the dicussions, videos and everything. At the end, the 2 countries


    Vous pouvez toujours chercher tant bien que mal à gagner du temps dans votre UNION de façade et des dupes.

    Au final, on va se retrouver avec 2 pays complètement différents.

    Tous ce qui ce fait dans la ripoublique des bananes est en français.

    WE ARE 2 different countries.

  8. 99 percents of the debates are in french and the people are talking about people dem no even know. The people dem di describe AMBAZONIANS as

    -Sodom and Gommohra
    -les Bamendas
    -les Anglofoolish

    Anglophones are second class citizens and slaves.

    I be very sorry for the Anglocaniches and chiwawas doing the ngong dog job for la RIPOUBLIQUE. But, it’s a waste of time. NA 2 different countries.

    Peple dem scatter all over
    people dem dey for bush
    people dem di sleep outside

    About 10.000 deaths and the blood nongers dem di dream. Wuna go organize wuna fete des criminels du 20 mai dans votre ripoublique des bananes. Buvez beaucoup de vin rouge, mangez des sardines et baladez vos queues comme des chiens.

    AMBAZONIA is no longer concerned.

  9. God is always there to shine on US.

    We have so much data exposing that attempt to wipe out the English completely.

    ALL DEBATES SINCE DIS CRISIS don expose the comple ignorance of la Ripoublique concerning Ambazonia.

    ALL is French

    All is French

    The anglophone side no be visible at all.

    Imagine the cutout of internet. That one means say Anglophones dem na second hand citizen wey if dem decide for cut the data transfer, dem go do am. If people dem be di do domotique and a control from distance through digital commands. Imagine interactive learning from a virtual space with data mining.

    We di live inside 2 different countries.

    There has never been a UNION.

  10. When the dialogue go reach the level wey we go expose details on the nature of things, data go open up and expose all the gaterings. Dem di dare talk about union ? which UNION ?

    ha ha ha ha

    25 years of data gathered all over for our fight for FREEDOM. (ha ha ha, na very long time fight)

    Long Live Ambazonia.

  11. Bonne fete de L’UNITÉ NATIONALE à tous les CAMEROUNAIS.

    Ps: je dis bien CAMEROUNAIS!

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      Happy 20th May to all proud Cameroonians!

      Big party night at Djeuga palace tonight! I will be dancing to the rich bikutsi music.

      I have reserved a tip for the DJ to play the song Yes Bamenda by Kotto Bass.

      If you are in Yaounde and you are a proud Cameroonian from the NW/SW you are invited for a free fun night out. Just go to the bar and order as much as you can consume on KumKum Pass Garri’s tab.

      One Cameroon Oye!
      One Cameroon Oye!

      One Cameroon for ever and ever Amen!

  12. You can well bet someone is a psychopath when they come across as if they know everything, the final answer to the problem. GOD. When they speak as if their opinion is the only one that counts, when they threaten you with death, if that is what it will take to make you listen to them, like lrc has been doing to Ambazonians, using intimidation to silence you. We have been silenced for too long. No more.

    If I were powerful enough to change the situation in Cameroon, I won’t be here exchanging words with people who have no say in what is going on. This is just a platform to express our frustrations. Coming here to spill out garbage and call other’s names, seem to me a useless activity as our paths may never cross, but through politeness we might in a way learn from each other.

    • Kumkum Pass Garri


      Wow, so ambazombie scammer leaders, terrorsts and supporters are not psychopaths?

      Anyone who supports the cutting off of fingers of people from the NW/SW just because they want to go to work to earn a living?
      Anyone who supports the kidnap, killing and dismembering of people from the NW/SW who do not agree with the stupid ambazombie secessionist goals is a psychopath!
      Anyone who belongs to a group that thinks that depriving children fro the NW/SW of education is the surest path to autonomy is a psychopath.
      Anyone who supports the kidnap and killing of my brother Animbom Aaron Akiambom just because he is a proud Cameroonian is a psychopath!
      Anyone who encourages and supports the killing dismembering and littering of streets with body parts of people from NW/SW is a psychopath!

      • Kumkum Pass Garri


        I am nost stopping you from expressing your frustrations.

        I am here to expose the scams, lies and embezzlement of the thieves in the diapora that you amba fools call leaders.
        I am here to expose the stupidity of the ambafool supporters like you. How foolish do you have to be to call Sako Ikome ( a renown international conartist, fake pastor and fake doctor) your leader?
        I am here to expose the terrorism that you and your friends have been dishing out to people of the NW/SW. I am here to expose you for killing my brother Aaron!
        How polite were you when you kidnapped/killed Aaron Akiambom?
        How polite were you when you dismembered Asana and littered the strets with his body parts?
        How polite were you when you labeled us black legs and asked your terrorists to target and kill us?

  13. Kumkum Pass Garri


    You call your friends who brutally murdered brother Aaron geniuses and you call me a psychopath for calling out the murderers of my brother?

    What other name can I call those who attacked and killed brother Aaron besides terrorists, barbarians, idiots, evil and inhumane?

    May be you do not know that Aaron was Delegate of Social Affairs of the NW. Aaron was a very soft spoken guy and gentleman from Bikom in the NW. Aaron was one of the first proud Cameroonians to be kidnapped by ambazonian terrorists who paraded him on several videos before brutally crucifying my brother for absolutely no reason. I have a right to look for answers! Aaron is my blood, I have a right to mourn my brother!

    Ernest, can you please politely explain why you and your friends killed my Brother Aaron ?

  14. Kumkum Pass Garri

    I do not know everything or claim to know everything, however the following are well know facts to all honest Cameroonians from the NW/SW:

    1) The ambazombie terrorists have outlawed education in the NW and SW of Cameroon since 2016.
    2) The terrorist leaders in the diaspora have been broadcasting lies since 2016 to students to discourage them from pursuing their education elsewhere in Cameroon stating that UNESCO will cancel the GCE.
    3) Any Cameroonian from the NW/SW who does not support the ambazombie goals is labelled a “black leg” and targeted and killed by the amba terrorists.
    4) The ambazombie terrorists frequently order the entire province to lock themselves indorrs preventing them from access to emergency health care when needed!

    Ernest, you cant dispute any of the above facts!

  15. Kumkum Pass Garri

    I am not ashamed to state that those who brutally killed Brother Aaron must be brought to justice!
    I am not ashamed to state that the scammers in the diaspora who manipulated those who murdered my brother in Cameroon must be brought to justice.

    I am not ashamed to state that the only justice that will satisfy me is for the killers and their leaders to be executed. If this makes me a psychopath then I am proud to be one! There must be justice for Aaron Animbom Akiambom!

    Ernest, I know you are worried about your man Nfor Nfor. Why is Nfor Nfor’s life more important than Broda Aaron’s life?

    Sick Siku Ayuk Tabe must be executed for ordering the execution of my brother Aaron! Aaron was a very nice man who would never harm an ant. Sick iku and Nfor must be executed for justice for Aaron.

  16. Kumkum Pass Garri

    The ambazombies have identified My Kontri Pipo Dem (MKPD) as the greatest threat to their revolution.

    After months of trying to identify and kill MKPD Eric Tataw finally came out and confessed that all attempts to identify and kill MKPD and his family have failed because MKPD is truly a ghost of truth!

    The biggest enemy to the ambazombie revolution is the truth! The ambazombies comedy revolution is founded on lies and therefore the ambazombies can not stand the truth. MKPD has been destroying by posting the truth on his platform kontripio(dot)com. If you want to know the truth just visit that Site.

    All ambazombies are aware of this site and they hate the fact that I am directing others to where they can see true information on the terrorism of the ambazombie comedy revolutionaries.

  17. “The ambazombies have identified My Kontri Pipo Dem (MKPD) as the greatest threat to their revolution.”

    ha ha ha ha

    That KonGossa thing is indirectly helping Ambazonians unknowingly.

    The database is already in the hands of the future of the great people of Ambazonia.

    Luckily, the Ambazonians are permitting you to temporarily exist for a short while.

    The ephemeral is soon trashing away all the parazites.

    Long live Ambazonia

  18. Kumkum Pass Garri

    To all ambazonian scammers, fools and terrorists:

    If I do not respond to your comment it means that the lies and stupidity in your comment is clear for all to see. If you clearly highlight your own stupidity in your comment then you leave me with nothing to highlight.

    I only comment to shine the light on your scams, stupidity and terrorism to the world.

    So to all you extremely stupid ambazombies posting extremely stupid comments here, I do not need to highlight your stupidity because you have done that yourself.

  19. KonGossa Pass Garri

    The sammer scammed

    Sorry for ya brother, but AMBAZONIANS are crying for the masses.

    Self centered people always have problems. Selfish people always ponder

    Egocentrics are loopers

  20. Kumkum Pass Garri



    Hail, Hai,l Hail the Kumkum Massa

    We proud Cameroonians we pledge our loyalty

    KumKum massa Kumkum massa

    You shall free our people from Terror

    And your blessings shall be like the stars above, the most high God shall be your Guide

    Ambazombie stupidity on display above!

    Sorry that you ambas labelled my brother a black leg and kidnapped and killed him?
    Sorry that you amba terrorists are constantly harassing broda Aarons wife to contribute to their struggle or she will be kidanpped and killed?

    Why do amaba have to kill my broda to cry for the masses? Which culture in the NW/SW mourn for the masses by kidnapping and killing innocent people?

    Why can’t you cry for the masses without killing mu broda?

felis dictum eleifend risus mattis leo